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Photo Lifan Smily (320)

Since 2008, Lifan Smily has been sold in China, where for its resemblance it is called the “Chinese MINI”. Since 2009, the car has been exported to the following countries: Ukraine, Vietnam, Iran, Algeria, Nigeria, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Colombia and Azerbaijan, where the model is also called Lifan 320 just like at home. Russia, when Lifan 320 decided to produce at the factory Derways in Karachay-Cherkessia. Collect the car on a full cycle, with welding and painting since the end of March 2011. Layout a la Classic Mini.

The developers of Smily skillfully used the finds of Alec Issigonis (the author of the “Mini” design): the maximum spaced wheels allow, with a small length, to provide a relatively long base with adequate comfort and smoothness; landing close to vertical, with a good supply of space above your head. The car interior is concise, simple and bright. The minimum number of keys and knobs of regulators, the electronic dashboard is not overloaded with unnecessary information. In the interior trim used hard and rough plastic. The design of the chairs is designed taking into account the structural features of the human body and provides comfortable support for the head, neck and lower back.

Photo Lifan Smily (320)

The rear seats fold down, increasing luggage capacity from 300 to 1000 liters. True, the back is solid and does not form a flat platform. For a smaller luggage fit roomy door pockets. Under the hood of a hatchback is running a 1.3-liter engine producing 89 hp The moment declared in 115 Nm in the range of up to 4500 rpm. According to the manufacturer, the average fuel consumption is 6.3 l / 100 km. The engine is paired with a five-speed manual gearbox.

Special mention deserves Lifan compliance with the requirements of the standard Euro IV. The basic version includes a chrome grille and door handles, fog lights, spoiler, power steering, two airbags, electric mirrors. In a richer configuration there are air conditioning, parking sensors, alarm with central locking, front and rear electric windows, automatic locking of the doors during movement, alloy wheels and ABS + EBD. When designing Smily special attention was paid to security issues. The car is made of high strength steel. Automated boiling of the machine body by 30% increased body strength.

Photo Lifan Smily (320)

The energy absorbing protective cover of the engine during mechanical shock absorbs energy and deforms, thereby protecting the driver and passengers. Front and rear lights are covered with anti-shock inlay, awarded the national patent. In the event of a collision at low speeds, it provides effective protection. This significantly reduces repair costs and increases safety. The special edge on the rear bumper absorbs the impact in a collision. Smily is equipped with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes.

The Russian premiere of the updated hatchback Lifan Smily 2015 model year, which received an index of 330 instead of the previous 320, was held at the Moscow Motor Show MIAS-2014, although in China the model was already actively sold at that time. The popularity of the first generation in the Russian market left much to be desired. If by the end of 2012 a little more than 3,800 cars were sold, in 2013 only 2,220 copies were sold.

Photo Lifan Smily (320)

The Chinese manufacturer hopes that changes in exterior and interior design, better finishing materials, a modernized engine with more modest fuel consumption and a corresponding Euro-5 standard in terms of air emissions will arouse interest in the updated Smily among motorists with a modest budget. In front, the updated version of the hatchback is easily recognized by a different grille, large round headlamps equipped with LED daytime running lights, a bumper with a two-level air intake trapezium and fashionable LED ribbons. The installation of new headlights and a bumper led to a change in the shape of the bonnet and front wings.

The restyled feed Smily received only a slightly modified bumper with a pair of reflectors and one fog in the center. New appearance reflected in the dimensions of Lifan 330 Smily. Due to recycled bumpers, the hatchback length has grown from 3,745 mm to 3,775 mm.

Photo Lifan Smily (320)

The wheelbase remained the same - 2340 mm. The width and height parameters, which are 1620 and 1430 mm respectively, have not changed either. Ground clearance (clearance) is 135 mm. Front wheel track - 1385 mm, rear wheel track - 1365 mm. Curb weight in the basic configuration - 1060 kg.

The interior of the model has undergone a serious revision - in the cabin of the Lifan Slily 330 there appeared another steering wheel with three wide spokes and a trimmed bottom rim, a stylish dashboard with a large tachometer circle and an electronic speedometer in the center, a modern front panel with ventilation deflectors resembling jet engines nozzles, original audio and air conditioning control units, stylish door trim with ergonomic armrests and elegant door opening handles in the form of solid chrome rings. Salon began to look more modern and better, compared with the previous version.

There is no more free space, exactly how the net volume of the trunk, which holds 300 liters of cargo, has not changed either. In addition, the updated hatchback boasts a modernized engine. Under the hood of Lifan Smily New, there was installed an uncontested atmospheric gasoline engine that received an aluminum block, 4 cylinders inline arrangement with a total working volume of 1.3 liters (1,342 cm3), distributed fuel injection, 16-valve timing, variable valve timing, and electronic ignition Delphi with coils mounted directly on the candles.

The power of the motor is 89 hp, available at 6000 revolutions per minute, and the peak of its torque falls on the level of 115 Nm, developed at 3500 - 4500 revolutions per minute. The engine is aggregated with the basic 5-step “mechanics”, or with the stepless CVT CVT, available in top configuration. The dynamic characteristics of Lifan 330 Smily as part of the update have not changed: from 0 to 100 km / h, the hatchback accelerates in 14.5 seconds, while the maximum speed of movement does not exceed 155 km / hour.

But the fuel consumption during the modernization of the motor the Chinese managed to reduce. From now on, a 100-liter mixed-cycle Lifan Smily hatchback requires 6.1 liters of AI-92 gasoline instead of the previous 6.3 liters. The rest of the technical stuffing remained the same. The suspension is completely independent, McPherson struts with a stabilizer bar, front disc brakes and rear drum brakes are installed in the front and rear. In addition, the brake system has received a new two-chamber vacuum booster.

Rack and pinion steering supplemented by electric power. Lifan 330 Smily received three options: "Comfort", "Luxury" and "Luxury CVT". The manufacturer included 14-inch steel wheels, chrome-plated exterior parts, halogen optics, rear fog lights, LED daytime running lights, ABS, EBD and BAS systems, central locking, immobilizer, cloth interior, air conditioning, rear parking sensors, full electric equipment, Radio with 4 speakers, as well as AUX and USB outputs.

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