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Kia Sorento premiered at the Chicago Auto Show in February 2002. The novelty from the Korean manufacturer received a non-patriotic name in honor of the Italian resort town of Sorento. The car is a 7.5 cm longer, more solid and expensive version of the famous Sportage SUV. Kia Sorento strikes with its wheelbase - 2710 mm. This is more than most famous competitors such as Jeep Liberty, Nissan Xterra, Opel Frontera and others. Sorento is comparable in size to the Land Rover, Grand Cherokee and Lexus RX-300. The car was originally created with an eye on the European market. Appearance Kia Sorento is fundamentally different from the usual appearance of this brand of SUVs.

Rounded lines and fashionable stamping on the hood of the car, smoothly flowing into the radiator grille, add solidity to the car. The body below the waist line covers a wide plastic lining, turning into massive bumpers, and fog lights are built into the front. Salon Kia Sorento - five-seater, designed in a simple style and pleases high-quality finishing materials. A large internal space is provided for convenient location for both the passengers and the baggage. The driver's seat has eight electric adjustments.

Photo Kia Sorento

All seats are equipped with head restraints. Rear - can be folded in the ratio of 60:40, and in the fully folded state increase the volume of the luggage compartment from 890 to 1900 liters. In addition, the cabin has a large number of compartments, pockets and drawers for various small items, as well as several glass holders. Excellent noise insulation also contributes to the comfort of passengers.

Kia Sorento is equipped with two petrol engines V6 of 3.5 liters 6-cylinder capacity of 195 hp and 2.4 liters 4-cylinder power 139 hp, as well as a 2.5-liter 140-horsepower diesel engine with a common rail direct injection system. Customers will be able to choose the option of an SUV with all-wheel drive or only one axle. The manufacturer offers two types of transfer case: TOD (Torque On Demand) - Full time 4WD and EST (Electronic Shift Transfer). Last system with the disconnected front axle. The first, developed by the American company Borg Warner, automatically distributes the load on the rear and front axles, depending on the state of the road surface.

Photo Kia Sorento

Under normal road conditions, the front-to-rear axle load ratio is defined as 0: 100. With the deterioration of the road surface, the load on the bridges changes as a percentage and can go up to 50:50. The car is offered in two versions: the base LX and the more expensive EX. Standard equipment LX includes power steering and brakes, air conditioning, electric windows and airbags for the driver and front passenger, arc on the roof, headlight washer, electric sunroof, adjustable steering column, central locking with remote control, audio preparation, ABS, immobilizer and much another.

For the EX version, leather upholstery, heated seats, eight (instead of six) audio speakers, side airbags, two-tone body paint, stylish alloy wheels and leather trim are added to this list. In addition, a huge list of additional options is available to customers: a glass hatch, an automatic cruise control, a steering wheel with audio control keys, etc. The Sorento has all-wheel independent suspension: the front two-lever, rear - five-lever. Both axles have ventilated brake discs.

Photo Kia Sorento

The standard tire size is 225/75 R16, and in the EX version, their dimension is replaced by 245/70 R16. For ease of loading / unloading, the height of the rear bumper in the central part is reduced and has a kind of baggage area. The advantages of the Kia Sorento include the use of a double body structure, which significantly reduces the possibility of damage due to road accidents, an improved braking system. Seven years after the debut of the first Sorento, Kia rebuilt its SUV beyond recognition. The second generation was shown at the Auto Show in Seoul in 2009.

This model is positioned as a reliable car, the creation of which took into account all the shortcomings of the previous model. The car was longer (4.69m), wider (1.89m) and lower (1.71m) of its predecessor. By the way, the wheelbase of the car also decreased. European style Sorento created the famous Peter Schreier, who embodied in this car many years of experience of the German school of design. The exterior has become more toned, it has even acquired some charm, gloss and dynamism. Several aggressive, youth style can be traced in almost every element of the design. The frontal part of the car is decorated with brand grille.

Photo Kia Sorento

The shape of the front, rear lights and a nest for protivotumanok, directly tell us that we face a car from the east. Rear lights in size have become larger than the previous Sorento. And they moved a little higher and they were led to the sides. Kia has radically changed not only the appearance of this model, but also its purpose - turning a serious SUV into a crossover. The car has lost the "off-road frame", he now has a bearing body.

The result is a significant weight loss. Lightweight monocoque design created using high-grade steel, it has high strength and rigidity. Special reinforcements to protect against overturning and chassis with heavy-duty elements that quench the impact energy, raise the safety of the Sorento II to the highest level. Interior design to match the modern appearance. The instrument panel is well read, thanks to the bright red light. The devices themselves are made in the form of three wells, which once again emphasizes the sporty style of the cabin.

Photo Kia Sorento

Space in the cabin abound. Ergonomics of the driver's seat and visibility at the highest level. Inside, they installed a new navigation system with a 6.5-inch screen, an advanced audio system with the ability to read mp3 files and connect an iPod. The equipment includes a rear-view camera, keyless entry system and engine start from the card.

The choice of engines for Kia Sorento depends on the market. The 2.2-liter "diesel" produces 197 hp. power and 435 Nm of torque. The power of the 2.4-liter gasoline engine is 174 hp. This is followed by a 2.7-liter engine producing 165 hp. The top will be a 3.5-liter V6 with 277 hp.

Photo Kia Sorento

Transmission - 5-or 6-speed "mechanics", 5-or 6-speed "automatic". Front-wheel drive or 4WD. The important role of the developers have given the car security system. Lightweight bearing structure, created with the use of stainless steel, has high strength and rigidity.

Special reinforcements to protect against overturning and chassis with heavy-duty elements that quench the impact energy, raise the safety of the Sorento II to the highest level. The car is equipped with an ABS system with brake booster, as well as an ESP system providing directional stability, complete with front and side airbags. In addition, Sorento is equipped with active head restraints, protective curtains, locking the rear doors from opening by children, automatic unlocking of doors in a collision, and other means of protection. Kia Sorento 2010 is presented in 8 levels of equipment: “Classic”, “Classic +”, “Comfort”, “Luxe” “Luxe +”, “Executive”, “Executive +” and “Premium”.

Photo Kia Sorento

Without a doubt, Kia Sorento will change the balance of power in the market and force the leaders in the SUV segment to make room. In 2012, the model was restyled. The debut of new items took place in September 2012 at the Paris Motor Show. Among the major changes to the crossover, we can mention the retouched exterior and interior, as well as the upgraded chassis and powertrain line. The exterior of the car has not changed.

Updated KIA Sorento 2013 received a different front bumper with vertical sections protivotumanok, a new grille and retouched optics with LED sections. The crossover feed has changed more: first of all, a completely different form of rear LED lights, which is now made in the new corporate style of the brand, is striking. Rear "fog", as well as the front, changed their shape from horizontal to vertical. Rounding out the list of changes is the new rear bumper and the new tailgate. In the auditorium, a dashboard, a gear lever on versions with an automatic device and a center console, on which a 7-inch color LCD screen was registered, were inspected.

Photo Kia Sorento

In addition, the automaker notes that the Kia Sorento 2013 can boast a higher-quality plastic in the interior decoration, and on the top versions with a panoramic sunroof, the glazing area of ​​the car has increased. Leather upholstery can be either black or beige. Fabric interior is available in black and dark gray versions. It is worth noting that at the heart of Sorento 2013 lies a new platform, due to which it was possible to increase the useful internal volume of the car while maintaining its dimensions: the seats in the second and third row of seats became slightly larger.

The luggage compartment volume, despite the high loading height, is an impressive 1047 liters when loaded under the ceiling. If you add the second row, the net volume increases to 2,052 liters. In the European market, the crossover is offered with three engines.

Photo Kia Sorento

Replacing the 2.4-liter gasoline engine MPI with a capacity of 174 hp A new 197-horsepower GDI engine with direct fuel injection of a similar volume has come. The other two units are diesel engines: an upgraded 2.2-liter turbocharged engine, issuing the same 197 forces as before, but becoming more environmentally friendly (CO2 emissions reduced to 153 g / km), as well as a new 2.0-liter 150 hp diesel engine In addition, according to the automaker, in some markets, the car will continue to be offered with a 3.5-liter six (280 hp) and a 2.4-liter MPI engine (174 hp).

The basic transmission for all versions of the Kia Sorento 2013 is a six-speed mechanics, but as an option, customers can order a car with a six-band automatic. Changes affected the suspension. Its design was not changed fundamentally (in front - McPherson, in the back - “multi-lever”), limiting itself to point changes: they put high-performance shock absorbers and installed longer longitudinal levers in the back.

Photo Kia Sorento

In addition, the developers reduced ground clearance by 10 mm in order to ensure better vehicle stability on the road. The Flex Steer is a variable effort steering with three modes of operation — Comfort, Normal and Sport. The third generation of the crossover KIA Sorento 2015-2016 model year presented in the domestic market on August 29, 2014. The world premiere of the model took place at the motor show in Paris in early October. In the Russian market, it was decided to sell the car under the name Sorento Prime, since the predecessor would also remain in service for a while.

The third-generation SKD assembly started at the Avtotor enterprise in Kaliningrad in March 2015, and the first cars reached dealers in July. Sorento third generation has a full package of the most modern developments in the automotive industry. Starting from the exterior design, interior design, interior decoration materials, equipment options and security systems, ending with the technical characteristics (engines, gearboxes, suspension). Design Sorento Prime was developed in the Korean studio with the participation of specialists from the American and German divisions. The model has a completely concise exterior with classic lines of the body without sharp protrusions.

The smoothness of the body lines is primarily intended to improve the aerodynamics and, accordingly, the fuel efficiency of the model. Unlike its predecessor, the car of this generation has become noticeably more solid. He received a massive graphite grille and completely redesigned lighting engineering with lens optics and stripes of LED daytime running lights. Despite the fact that the car is mainly intended for movement around the city and on the highway, it has an off-road kit. Along the perimeter are plastic lining in black, and on the doors there are lining under chrome.

By the way, door handles are also made in chrome. The body profile is characterized by a high line of side glazing, powerful rear struts and an impressive radius of wheel arches, designed to accommodate tires on alloy wheels R18-R19. The back of the body draws the attention of stylish and original lamps of overall illumination with modern content (LEDs providing a 3D effect). Otherwise, everything is traditional - a large tailgate, a large and massive bumper. The fifth door is equipped with an electric drive and the Smart Tailgate smart opening system (for Premium and Prestige configurations); to open it, just go to the car with the key in your pocket.

Six different body colors are available: Snow White Pearl (white), Silky Silver (silver), Imperial Bronze (bronze), Metal stream (molten metal), Platinum Graphite (dark platinum) and Aurora Black Pearl (black). To ensure high-quality passive safety of passengers in the Sorento Prime body structure, a greater number of ultrahigh-strength steel is used - 52.7% and ultra-high-strength steel produced by hot stamping - up to 10.1%. In general, the Sorento 2015-2016 model year has matured and increased in size compared with the second generation, began to look more solid and personable. The dimensions of the car turned out longer, wider and a bit lower than its predecessor.

The length is 4,780 mm (+ 95), the wheelbase has increased by 80 millimeters to 2,780, the width is 1,890 (+ 5), and the height has been reduced to 1,685 (-15 mm). Front wheel track - 1628 mm, rear wheel track - 1639 mm. Clearance version for the European market is 185 mm (probably the same clearance will be in Russia).

Due to the increase in size, the developers managed to slightly increase the interior, so the new product is slightly more spacious, this is especially felt above the heads, since the new seats have a lower fit. By the way, the car's interior, as before, received two performances with five or seven seats. The interior of the third generation Sorento meets the driver and passengers with a mass of new parts and elements. In the presence of a new steering wheel from the Kia Optima, it is smaller than the previous generation. At the same time, the steering wheel itself is covered with leather, is adjustable in two planes and is heated.

You can also note a completely new instrument panel, a different center console and torpedo, plus the manufacturer says the improvement of vibration and noise insulation. The center console with a large 8-inch display of the multimedia system expands the car visually. The system has navigation, AUX and USB ports, CD, enhanced Infinity audio subsystem with a subwoofer and nine speakers, as well as the possibility of voice control via Bluetooth. At the same time, control through the sensor is duplicated by buttons.

The materials used for interior trim have become better, the crossover can boast a long list of standard and optional equipment in various trim levels. For all configurations, except for the base assembly Luxe, the Smartkey system is available (keyless access) and the power unit is started with a button. On the dashboard placed 7-inch TFT-LCD screen. According to the classic German standard, the control of glass is combined with the control of mirrors.

And thanks to the built-in IMS system (memory settings), two drivers can individually adjust the position of the seat, steering wheel and side mirrors. The climate system is the same for all modifications of the model - a climate control with two zones, ionization and anti-fogging system. An electrically operated sunroof and panoramic roof is available for Premium equipment.

The interior of the model fits well with its appearance - concise, in soothing colors, without unnecessary elements. As for the trunk, in the 5-seater version he is ready to hide 660 liters of cargo in his bowels. In the 7-seater version, the trunk volume is much more modest - 142 liters, but if you fold the third row into a flat floor, you will get 605 liters, and with the two rear rows of seats folded, the net volume rises to 1762 liters. For the Russian market, the technical characteristics of Sorento Prime 2015 are not too diverse, since the machine is offered with only two engines. One of them is petrol and the other is diesel.

The 6-cylinder V-engine with a displacement of 3.3 liters and a power of 250 hp became the representative of the gasoline detachment. at 6400 rpm (317 Nm at 5300 rpm). With an automatic transmission and four-wheel drive, this engine can provide acceleration to 100 km / h in 8.2 seconds, and the fuel consumption in the combined cycle will be about 10.5 liters of gasoline per 100 km. The diesel range is represented by a 2.2-liter engine producing 200 hp. and 441 Nm of torque. He also has a pair of 6-level transmission with automatic gear shifting. This combination allows the car to start from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.6 seconds.

Built Sorento Prime on the basis of a new all-wheel drive platform, while the layout of the suspension remained the same: in front - MacPherson, behind - multi-link. Installed other engine mounts and rear subframe, larger shock absorbers and retuned electric power steering. The changes made it possible to increase the smoothness of the crossover, as well as improve its handling and at the same time improve the comfort in the cabin.

The Sorento Prime basic package includes a package of winter options (heated seats of two rows, steering wheel, windshield), a stabilization system, 6 airbags, leather-trimmed and electric (driver's) seats, sill illumination, xenon headlights, athermal windshield and front side windows , rear-view camera, adaptive shock absorbers, dual-zone climate control (with ionization function), navigation system, 7-inch display, light-alloy wheels and other equipment.

In addition to the basic security systems (front and side airbags, as well as curtain airbags), Sorento Prime has implemented the following systems: active control, traction control in corners, warnings of emergency braking, trailer support.

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