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The debut of the off-road model Sportage took place in 1994. Attractive design, comfortable interior, compact size (3760x1730x1650 mm) and low price made the Kia Sportage one of the most popular and sold off-road vehicles. The car was produced with several types of bodies: three-door with a short base (2360 mm) or an elongated base (2650 mm) and a five-door body with a length of 4245 mm. In addition to the enclosed bodies, the range included a short-base version with a soft awning over the rear part of the cabin (convertible) and a Grand Sportage model with an extended rear overhang, which was not exported.

Body variety was made possible by the chassis design, which is based on a powerful spar frame. The model has a switchable front axle drive and a two-stage transfer case. However, the transmission options are severely limited by the lack of a center differential, which is why the four-wheel drive cannot be turned on on ordinary roads, only for a while, on bad roads and with icy conditions.

Photo Kia Sportage

Patency on the roads is very moderate, despite the relatively decent (200 mm) ground clearance, hillocks and small fords, the car is pretty confident. Kia Sportage has not only the original, fairly attractive appearance, but also a comfortable lounge. A separate console of dark color is perfectly combined with the gray coloring of the salon. The seats are quite comfortable. The driver's seat is equipped with four adjustments, so that the tall driver will be located without problems, but the rear passengers will not have enough legroom. Yes, and the width of the rear seat is small, three passengers here will be cramped.

The line of power units Sportage offers the following engines: 2.0-liter injection capacity of 95 and 128 hp (16-valve), either a 2.2-liter 63-strong diesel, or a 2.0-liter turbodiesel. Automatic 4-band transmission is listed in the options list. The basic version offers a 5-speed manual gearbox. A wide list of standard equipment of the base car includes a remote-controlled central locking with immobilizer, electric front and rear doors, steering wheel adjustment, power steering, power exterior mirrors, automatic antenna, speakers, digital clock, Michelin 205/70 R15 tires.

Photo Kia Sportage

In 1999, the Sportage entered into the Sportage family of compact off-road cars, another Long variant (or Wagon) with a 5-mm station wagon extended by 120 mm. Now the Sportage is a 3-door model with a removable soft top in the area of ​​the rear seats (Soft Top) and two 5-door all-metal wagon on an elongated base with a body length of 4315 and 4435 mm. In the fall of 2004, the second generation of the parquet SUV Kia Sportage was premiered at the Parzha Motor Show. There is no reason to talk about any continuity of generations. The car of the 2004 model year has undergone dramatic changes and is not much like its predecessor. The new Sportage is the twin brother of Hyundai Tucson.

Fully updated lighting optics. The front headlamps have a modern reflector-diffuser, and the glass has given way to a durable and practical polycarbonate. The body used the so-called "zincmetall", which has a high corrosion resistance (in this sense, Sportage in many countries is recognized as one of the best). Ladder frame. The ground clearance is 210 mm, the clearance between the bottom and the ground is much larger, and the bottom itself is completely flat, from which nothing stands out except the rear axle gearbox and the lower front suspension arms. Match the appearance and content. Spacious interior, high level of equipment and detailed forethought in everything.

Photo Kia Sportage

Convenient adjustable steering wheel, perfectly readable instrument cluster, logical and easy to use air conditioning. Standard dial gauges: tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauges and temperature gauges. The trunk is small - 373 liters, but by folding the backs of the rear seats in parts 60:40 or turning them completely to the front seats, you can increase the luggage compartment twice. At the heart of the car is a four-wheel drive platform with Torque on demand (moment on demand).

When driving on good coverage, the Sportage is in fact front-wheel drive, and when the front wheels slip, the electronically controlled clutch transmits part of the torque (up to 50%) to the rear wheels. The front suspension McPherson type, rear - on double levers. Gamma of power units is represented by gasoline engines 2.0 / 142 hp. and V6 2.7 / 175 hp, as well as a two-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 112 hp. All engines are aggregated with a five-speed manual, and for the "six" as an option provides a four-stage "automatic" H-matic.

Photo Kia Sportage

Versions with 4-cylinder engines have front-wheel drive as standard, and the version with the V6 engine has four-wheel drive. Standard equipment includes power steering, power windows, transponder immobilizer, central locking and radio preparation with six speakers and an antenna controlled from the radio, as well as air conditioning and a ventilation system with a microfilter. The steering wheel is equipped with a vertical adjustment. The list of options includes: ABS, traction control, ESP, roof rails, audio system, side airbags and inflatable curtains. Completion of the top version is different from the others by the presence of the hatch, cruise control and traction control system.

Kia Sportage, comparable in its characteristics and size with other cars in its class, is much cheaper than its competitors, which is a big plus. In 2007, the production of cars at the plant in Slovakia began, and the Sportage for the Russian market continued to be made in Kaliningrad. In 2008, the premiere of the restyled version of the Kia Sportage was held at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car has not undergone any major changes. Designers of the company have worked on the front end of the body, which differs from its predecessor with a new bumper, grille and headlights, while the rear of the car looks the same as before, not counting the modified rear lights.

Photo Kia Sportage

Salon got a new dashboard and multiple seat trim options. Expanded list of basic equipment. The line of power units was replenished with a new 2.0-liter diesel engine with a power of 152 hp. Changed a little and suspension. Thanks to the new tighter shock absorbers, the car’s handling has become much better. The Kia Sportage 2011 global official debut took place at the annual auto show in Geneva (Geneva Auto Show 2010). A team of KIA Motors engineers worked on the third generation of the car under the supervision of chief designer Peter Schreyer, who previously worked as a full-time designer at Audi. The design of the car is made in the framework of modern trends in automotive fashion.

Feline headlights, massive grille, new front bumper, enlarged wheel arches, high sill line, faceted shoulder area - now the word “sport” in the title is fully justified. The speakers in the exterior of the car does not hold. Sportage 2011 not only radically changed in appearance, but also got into a higher price group. Sportage 2011 is longer, wider and lower than the previous model - by 90 mm, 15 mm and 60 mm, respectively. Ground clearance is 170 mm versus 195 mm in the predecessor. With such a ground clearance to talk about the off-road qualities of the car is not necessary. In addition, the overhangs also increased: the front one by 10 mm, and the rear one - by all 70 mm.

Photo Kia Sportage

The new geometry of the body makes the car only "asphalt" (especially compared to the first generation Sportage, which generally was a frame). Weight decreased by 91 kg compared with the previous model. The body has become more streamlined - the drag coefficient has dropped from 0.4 to 0.37 Cd. Traditionally five-seater car interior. Interior decoration is fully consistent with the class of the car. Ergonomics driver's seat at a decent level.

Audio and climate control units are separated by different levels. The “lambs” are comfortable, the buttons are large, the numbers on both displays are easy to read. In the unit of the audio system there is a USB-connector, which is automatically activated when a flash drive is connected to it. The seats are tight and comfortable. Leather interior is only available in the most expensive configuration, and heated seats, including the rear, is included in the “base” already in the Comfort version. For the Russian market, KIA Sportage 2011 is equipped with three types of 2-liter engines: these are diesel (136 hp), turbo-diesel (184 hp) or gasoline (150 hp) powertrain.

Photo Kia Sportage

For a petrol engine, either a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 6-speed automatic is offered, for a diesel version only automatic is offered. The model of the third generation in the petrol version can be either fully or monoprivodnom. KIA Sportage "diesel" - only all-wheel drive. Cars for the European market are equipped with the Start / Stop system, which turns off the engine during stops and starts it again at the start of the movement. This solution allows to significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions. For the markets of the Old World Kia Sportage produced in Europe (in Slovakia).

The updated model Kia Sportage was released in February 2014. Restyled version received a fresh design and an extended list of equipment. The modified exterior made the car more attractive and stylish. External changes include a chrome grille, not painted black, as on the previous model, as well as new anti-fog lights and bright vyshtampovki on the doors and the hood.

Photo Kia Sportage

Rear lights have undergone changes. They can optionally be supplemented with special LED elements. Also, for the entire range of specifications will be available alloy wheels with an updated design. Dimensions: length differs from the previous model by 90 millimeters; 15 millimeters wide. The height has decreased in size by almost 60 mm and the ground clearance is now 170 mm. With such characteristics, especially ground clearance, the car is practically not adapted to off-road conditions. Inside the car, Kia has improved the quality of interior materials, plastic has become softer, added steering wheel heating, and the seats are now adjusted in six positions.

The steering column, which varies in angle and length, was already included in the basic package. On the dashboard, the design of the car's function control buttons has changed, and on some Sportage models, a 4.3-inch color multimedia touch screen will be installed. Higher specifications get a big screen with satellite navigation system, which is able to independently plan the route. In Kia Sportage 2014, several new security systems have also been added. Including the system Stability Assist, which aims to improve management during the transport of large loads. A tire pressure monitoring system that alerts the driver to dangerous pressure drop.

KIA Sportage 2014 model year comes with three diesel engines and one petrol engine option. The first diesel version has a volume of 1.7-liter, the power of the power unit 115 liters. from. In this configuration, the car can reach a maximum speed of 173 km / h.

When driving in the city, fuel consumption is 6.3 liters, and about 4.8 liters on the highway. The second diesel variant has a volume of 2.0 liter, the power of the power unit is 136 hp. With this engine, the car can reach a maximum speed of 180 km / h.

Fuel consumption in the city is 8.7 liters, and 5.8 liters on the highway. The third diesel version is a 2.0-liter unit that delivers 184 liters of power. from. The maximum speed of 195 km / h. On urban roads, fuel consumption averages 9.1 liters per hundred, while on the highway it absorbs 6.0 liters. The complete set with the petrol engine offers the unit in volume of 2,0 liters with a power of 150 hp The maximum speed in this configuration is 180 - 185 km / h. Within the city, the average consumption of gasoline is 9.8-10.6 - liters, and along the highway it is within 6.1-6.8 liters, depending on the climatic conditions.

Engines are mounted together with mechanics or automatic transmission. Now, in the basic Sportage model, you can select the all-wheel drive system and change the control mode depending on the terrain over which the car is traveling. In general, the car has not changed much.

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