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Highlander - Toyota's crossover, which is a version of the internal model of the Toyota Kluger for the external, non-Japanese market. This model was originally developed to meet the demands of American consumers, and this calculation proved itself more than worth it - in North America, Highlander gained immense popularity. It belongs to the class of mid-size SUVs and in the model range Toyota occupies an intermediate position between the Toyota RAV4 and 4Runner models. The car was first introduced in 2000. By the way, “Highlander” is translated from English as “Highlander”.

The appearance of the first generation is designed in a conservative style - a strict design with original front optics and “inflated” front and rear wings, powerful-looking bumpers, a rear spoiler with a stoplight, roof rails. All together looks very thoroughly and courageously. When developing the car, priority was given to comfort and safety. Wide side doors provide a comfortable embarkation and disembarkation of the driver and passengers. In the rear seats are quietly located three adults. Legroom is quite enough, especially since the floor is flat (there is no cardan tunnel) due to the low location of the engine.

Photo Toyota Highlander

The driver's seat is adjustable in height, backrest tilt and in the longitudinal direction with the help of an electric drive, the front passenger seat - manually, but both seats have comfortable folding armrests. The rear seat is divided in length in relation to 2/3 and has a sliding and sliding design. Wide windows provide a good overview.

In the luggage compartment has a convenient folding shelf-curtain, which allows you to separate the contents of the trunk from the cabin. Thanks to the modified wheel arches and a large wheelbase, the trunk turned out comfortable and roomy. In the luggage compartment until 2004, there was a place for a full-fledged spare wheel, in 2004 it was carried outside the cabin and secured behind the car. The interior is made of quality materials. The steering column is adjustable in height and allows the driver to choose a comfortable position without blocking the instrument panel view.

Photo Toyota Highlander

The dashboard is made according to the Optitron technology, when the backlight of the scales lights up automatically after the ignition is turned on. And the backlight of the ignition switch is always on, so as not to turn on the lights in the cabin once again, when you need to start the car in the dark. Inside, there are many different pockets and drawers for small items.

Under the glove compartment there is a groove in the form of a pocket for an umbrella. The on-board computer is combined with a touch-sensitive LCD display, which displays information about the condition of the car and the settings of the standard multimedia system. The engine range consists of two units. The first is a four-cylinder inline volume of 2362 cm³ with a capacity of 160 horsepower with two camshafts, four valves per cylinder and a light-alloy head of the block. The second more powerful V-shaped six-cylinder volume of 2994 cm ³ capacity of 220 horsepower.

Photo Toyota Highlander

Cars with in-line 2.4-liter engine were produced with front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, with a 3-liter engine - only with permanent all-wheel drive and a limited slip center differential (LSD). In 2004, both engines were replaced by a V-shaped six-cylinder engine of 3.3-liter capacity of 215 horsepower. Initially, the car was equipped with only a 4-speed automatic transmission "Super ECT", as an option was offered a manual gear shift mechanism. In 2004, a five-speed automatic transmission was installed on models with a V6 engine. Both suspension, front and rear - independent, such as «McPherson».

The car is equipped with smart electronic systems: anti-lock braking system ABS (Anti-Blocking System), electronic brake force distribution system EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution), pressure control system in the hydraulic brake system BAS (Brake Assist System), automatic control system of slipping TRC ( TRaction Control) and Stability Control VSC (Vehicle Stability Control). Since 2004, the tire pressure monitoring system has become standard. The highlander of the first years of release was produced only in the five-seater version, but in 2004 the world saw an extended version with the prefix “L” and three rows of seats.

Photo Toyota Highlander

The second row had a removable central seat, so it can be double or triple. With the center seat removed, there are two separate comfortable seats with individual armrests and a passage between them to the third row of seats, which can also be made in the three- or two-seater version. The second row of seats can move forward and backward, so that the legroom of the second and third row passengers can vary from 740 to 1021 mm. The luggage compartment is transformed using a special system with control levers, for extra easy access to it, the glass in the tailgate opens. All-wheel drive Toyota Highlander Hybrid appeared in 2004.

The car was equipped with a powerful hybrid engine of the new system THS II and an electric transmission E-Four. The hybrid power unit THS II is located in the front of the body, it includes a V6 engine with a volume of 3.3 liters, developing a maximum power of 211 liters. from.

Photo Toyota Highlander

and high-speed high-voltage electric motor with a capacity of 167 hp At the back is another 68-horsepower electric motor, which is an integral component of the E-Four transmission. The power plant provides power up to 272 horsepower, and consumption in 10/15 mode is only 5.6 liters of gasoline per 100 km. The second generation car debuted at the Chicago Auto Show and went on sale in 2008.

The Highlander has grown in size, has received new headlights of an interesting and unusual shape, a new spectacular grille, a modern bumper with a chrome strip at the bottom and stylish foglights. Ground clearance has grown to 206 mm. The car has a leather interior, pseudo-wooden trim, three-zone climate control, parking sensors, rear-view camera, heated seats, a radio tape recorder with a CD changer, electric drives, a color monitor with the “touch screen” function and is equipped with a wide range of active and passive safety, which includes seven airbags, including protection for the driver's knees and side airbags for passengers.

Photo Toyota Highlander

Under the hood is a V-shaped six-cylinder engine with a volume of 3.5 liters and a capacity of 273 horsepower. The engine is paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission. At the end of August 2010, the restyled version of the Toyota Highlander debuted, and it became known that this car will be officially delivered to Russia and become an intermediate link in the chain: RAV4 and Prado. Technically restyled Highlander is almost the same as the second generation car. As befits a “SUV”, it is built on a lightweight chassis and a lightweight platform (in this case from the Toyota Camry).

There are no reduction gears or interlocks in the transmission - Highlander is equipped with a permanent and symmetrical (50:50) all-wheel drive without any frills. No downshifts or locks. Control is at the mercy of electronics. The ground clearance of 206 mm allows not only to move on the asphalt, but also to move to the country road. The front with a faceted false grille trimmed with chrome. Regardless of the performance chosen, bi-xenon headlights illuminate the road. Foldable side mirrors with heating and electric drive are provided for any configuration.

Photo Toyota Highlander

Rear fog lamp relies only adapted for Russia Toyota Highlander and is included in the list of standard options. It is worth noting another feature of the "Russian" Highlander - tougher shock absorbers, allowing you to work out irregularities more clearly and keep your course confidently without swinging. Ergonomics salon at the highest level.

The rate in the design of the cabin is made on conservative values. The dashboard with two wells, framed in aluminum, is informative and can be easily read at any time of the day. The multifunctional steering wheel, covered with soft leather, seats with perforated leather upholstery and interior elements with inserts "under the tree" give particular presentability to the cabin.

The central console housed the main controls, as well as two monitors, one of which displays the data of the on-board computer and the air conditioner, and the other multimedia system and navigation. Automatic three-zone climate control (for passengers of the first and second row) is provided as a standard option. The fabric interior in Highlander is not provided - it is basically equipped with perforated leather. With seven passengers on board, the amount of luggage does not exceed 290 liters. But in the five-seater version, it increases to 1,200 liters, with a folded sofa it exceeds two cubic meters. In all versions of the car has an electric tailgate.

Toyota Highlander is sold in two versions, which differ only in the amount of additional equipment. The first is called “Prestige”, and the second is “Lux”. In both versions, under the hood, there is a gasoline engine with dual electronic variable valve timing system with a dual VVT-i volume of 3.5 liters. and a power of 273 hp The engine is equipped with a 5-speed automatic gearbox. With such a motor, the car can accelerate to a speed of 100 km / h in 8.2 seconds, and its maximum speed will be 180 km / h.

Despite the high power and four-wheel drive, fuel consumption is only 10.7 liters per hundred kilometers when driving on the highway, and accordingly increases by 3.1 liters when driving in the urban cycle. Safe and reliable driving is ensured by: anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) with emergency brake assist (BAS), traction control (TRC), road holding system (VSC), lifting assistance system (HAC) , slope assistance system (DAC).

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