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The Toyota Yaris is a compact front-wheel drive three- or five-door hatchback that hit the market in 1998. Externally, the Yaris is very cute, trying to look European and something like a Volkswagen Beetle. The interior, in contrast to the exterior, is very “Japaneseized”. However, it doesn’t immediately strike the eye, because attention is focused on the instrument panel. It’s just as organized in the image and likeness of Renault Twingo - a display showing the main information is displayed in the center of the dashboard.

However, the screen is much larger and noticeably deployed in the direction of the driver, to such an extent that a passenger, in order to at least see something, needs to considerably stretch his neck. In general, even a little shocking configuration of devices turned out to be more convenient than the French. The rest should be equal to the Europeans. A “beard” with an on-board computer screen that does not have an overwhelming eye, (deep coasters under it) and reasonably grouped very convenient switches is not a revelation.

Photo Toyota Yaris

But the CD player’s entry into the “staff list” of this class is amazing. Other details of the interior are captivating not so much technical sophistication as a reasonableness. For example, such a number of internal tanks and shelves will be envied by a decent minivan - which is at least a shelf for cards under the steering column or a double “glove box” with individual covers. And at the same time managed to carve out a place for the airbag.

Or such is the prose of life, like the nozzles of the air conditioner. Despite the very modest size, access to the salon is quite convenient. The sacramental “inside is more than outside” is instantly remembered, but ... In its pure form, the volume is sufficient, and the seats are narrow, obviously of Japanese size. In addition, even if the passenger is not very tall, he will still have to make room, otherwise the limbs will interfere with shifting gears; well at least in the doors are quite roomy niches with armrests. And one more absurdity dictated, probably, by national peculiarities.

Photo Toyota Yaris

Yaris is available in 3-or 5-door version, and in the first case, you can get back only from the passenger side - if you fold the back, his seat will move forward as much as possible. The driver's seat does not provide such an opportunity. Arguments that this is necessary, because after that you will not have to adjust the workplace to your needs for a new one, seem unconvincing.

But on the couch itself, with a folding backrest in the ratio of 2: 3, unexpectedly freely “up and down” - together, of course, the middle head restraint does not at all have such a flawed appearance. It can be assumed that the open space, worthy of a representative of the golf class, is achieved through the trunk. This is so - and not at the same time, because the back seat can be pushed forward as much as 150 mm, after which the net volume will increase by one and a half times.

Photo Toyota Yaris

Despite some shortcomings, most likely due not to constructive errors, but to the local specifics that exist so far, Yaris leaves the most favorable impression. There are many analogues of this model on the market, for example: Volkswagen Lupo, Peugeot 106, Renault Twingo, Opel Corsa, Nissan Micra, Hyundai Atos and others. However, this Toyot model is unprecedented - there is no equal in power.

In terms of safety, the car meets the most stringent safety standards for cars of this class. Durable body and shock-absorbing design of the racks help in frontal collision. In the door there are bars, which protect when struck from the side. All cars come standard with ABS and driver and front passenger airbags.

Photo Toyota Yaris

The engines installed on the Toyota Yaris are very good. These are three gasoline engines with fuel injection of 998, 1299 and 1497 cubic centimeters and with a capacity of 68, 88 and 106 hp. respectively. And since 2001, the Yaris began to install a 75-horsepower diesel engine with direct fuel injection Common Rail and turbocharging. In any mode, even from a standstill, even when overtaking engines provide decent acceleration.

And it’s a sin to complain at the maximum speed, but the readings from the blue tape of the digital speedometer are read, despite its unusual location, simply - thanks to the optical illusion, the numbers are not read in their actual place, but somewhere in the hood, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. However, there are options. The standard is the manual gearbox, the equipment with the “automatic” as such is not available at all, but there is a modification with automatic clutch.

Photo Toyota Yaris

In this configuration, the machine is controlled quite simply: on the “neutral” you need to start the engine (the starter is blocked on the gear), and then you just have to move the lever, the electronics will deal with the clutch by its position and pedal position. And nothing terrible will happen if the required “speed” is not turned on in time, - the engine is elastic, and the control light on the panel lights up. As for handling and general behavior on the road, the Yaris is great in this regard.

This is a typical city car with a good sprint potential. Special mention deserves excellent visibility and noise and vibration isolation, again, at the level of the golf class. The operational advantages can also be attributed to the large intervals between planned service visits, a three-year general warranty and a twelve-year body warranty against rust corrosion. The basic equipment of the car includes a fabric interior, power steering, adjustable tilt steering column, extra brake light, rear fog lamp, immobilizer, radio tape recorder, central locking, power front doors, air conditioning and folding rear seats.

Photo Toyota Yaris

Since 1999, the Toyota Yaris Verso five-door minivan, produced on the Toyota Yaris hatchback platform, has been manufactured. Nicholas Covas from the European design center Toyota worked on the design. The model is distinguished by a sophisticated front lighting of a complex construction, setting on the hood and fenders, the original grille made of perforated aluminum and the rear pillars visually combined with glazing with built-in brake lights. The strong body and shock-absorbing design of racks, allow to minimize possible harm at a frontal collision. In addition, the car is already equipped with standard ABS system and airbags for the driver and front passenger.

In the five-seater cabin Yaris Verso with folding seats can change the usable space. To turn the car into a carrier of goods, it is necessary to fold the rear seats and install a special grille separating the driver and passenger from the load. The useful volume in this variant of transformation exceeds 1900 cubic centimeters.

Photo Toyota Yaris

The basic equipment includes a cloth interior, adjustable steering column, power steering, additional brake light, immobilizer, rear fog lamp, audio system, central locking, power windows, air conditioning and foldable seats. Gamma power units are represented by three engines. One diesel volume of 1.4 liters and 75 horsepower, which is paired with a manual five-speed gearbox. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 13.9 seconds. The maximum speed of the car is 160 kilometers per hour.

Fuel consumption in the combined cycle is only 5 liters per 100 kilometers. The other two engines are a 16-valve petrol with a displacement of 1.3 liters and 1.5 liters and an output of 86 hp. and 110hp respectively. Gasoline engines can be paired with a manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

Photo Toyota Yaris

Front brakes - ventilated disc, rear - drum. In early 2003, the Toyota Yaris and the Yaris Verso version underwent an easy appearance upgrade, interior and dashboard upgrades. Basic power units have not changed significantly. The first generation Yaris Verso lasted on the conveyor until 2004. In 2005, the second generation of the Yaris appeared.

The car became a little more than its predecessor, interior details were updated, and engines of 1.0 liter (69 hp), 1.3 liter (87 hp) and a new diesel engine of 1.4 liter began to be installed under its hood. (90 hp). There are two gearboxes: “mechanics” or robotic MultiMode. The latter can work both in fully automatic and in manual mode.

The salon is very spacious for a small car. Enough space and the front seats and rear. Moreover, if before the second-row passengers were forced to put up with the central tunnel on the floor, then on the Yaris 2005 it was gone. Soundproofing salon surpasses most classmates.

The absence of soft plastics, the Japanese were partly compensated by the presence of grooved surfaces on the front panel, two-color trim and decorative inserts "for aluminum". High practicality is another advantage of this model. Places where you can decompose things here in abundance. The cabin showed up a whole bunch of various containers for small things necessary in everyday life. So, in front of the front passenger there are three glovebox at once.

One is at the traditional location, the second is at the top of the front panel, and the third (it is the smallest) is next to the door. Exactly the same is in the area of ​​the left door. In addition, the driver has a large box above the steering column. The amount of luggage in comparison with the first generation model is increased by one third.

If there is a lot of luggage, you can move the back sofa forward (its backrest angle is also adjustable) by 15 cm. In the case when this is not enough, pressing the special lever, you can fold it flush with the floor of the rear seat backrest. The Smart Entry & Start device appeared in the list of additional equipment, which unlocks the door locks when the owner approaches, and to start the engine you just need to drown (with the clutch depressed) on the front panel a special button. When carrying out crash tests by the agency EuroNCAP, the Japanese Yaris earned five stars, showing record results for the small car (35 points).

Since 2006, the Yaris with a sedan (also Belta, also known as Vios) has also been offered in the USA, Canada and Australia. In 2007, at the Geneva Motor Show, the manufacturer introduced the Toyota Yaris RS. In 2009, the model was restyled. Yaris received a new design of the grille, corner moldings of the front and rear bumpers, modified headlamps and fog lamps, LED elements in the lamps.

The appearance of the car was also emphasized by the new design of alloy wheels and full-size hubcaps. The interior has also been updated - the configuration of the center console has been changed, the AUX audio input and Bluetooth protocol support with steering wheel control buttons have been added. In the line of power units, a new gasoline engine with a displacement of 1.33 liters and 101 hp has appeared The engine is aggregated with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a manual gearbox with automatic clutch. The third generation Toyota Yaris (intercompany designation XP130) has been produced in France since 2011.

The car offers new engines, an updated exterior design, a comfortable interior and a complete set of standard equipment. The exterior of the updated model now looks much better. A modern compact with impressively styled front and sculpted sidewall surfaces. A dynamic and somewhere aggressive look. The third generation is noticeably larger than the previous model - although it remains in the size class B.

The length is 3885 mm, the width is 1695, and the height is 1510 mm. The wheelbase is 2510 mm, the track is 1460/1450 mm. Thanks to the wheelbase increased by 50 mm, the third generation Yaris has a more spacious interior. The capacity of the luggage compartment when fully seated is 285 liters. But if you fold the rear seatbacks (divisible in a 60/40 ratio), the loading space increases to 770 liters. The interior of the model has become more stylish, functional and ergonomic.

The instrument panel is now placed not in the center of the front panel, but in its rightful place - in front of the driver's eyes. Ergonomics is at the proper level: the steering wheel is adjusted for the angle of inclination and departure, and the driver's seat moves not only lengthwise, but also in height. The European market Yaris III comes in three versions: Live, Active and Sport.

in the “staff” of a modest bundle of Live, there are radio stereos (CD / MP3) for 6 speakers, front electric windows and electric side mirrors. In the Active version, a Bluetooth headset appears, a multifunctional steering wheel covered with leather, an air conditioner, a rear-view camera, etc. And, for an extra charge, the advanced touch interface Toyota Touch (with satellite navigation), 2-zone “climate control”, etc. are relied on. Under the hood there is a choice of three efficient engines - two petrol and one diesel. Gasoline engines are available in 1.0 and 1.33 liters, and the diesel power unit has a volume of 1.4 liters and is available in a version with all-wheel drive.

The choice is offered as a manual gearbox and stepless variator Multidrive S. High fuel efficiency indicators for gasoline engines are available through the use of an independent timing valve timing system for intake and exhaust valves, and for diesel engines due to the Start-Stop engine management system. Chassis in the third generation without fundamental changes: McPherson strut front, rear suspension on the conjugate trailing arms. Coil springs, transverse stabilizers.

Tires ranging in size from 175 / 65R15 to 195 / 50R on 16-inch alloy wheels. The rack and pinion steering mechanism is equipped with an electric power amplifier: the “steering wheel” makes only 2.3 turns from the stop to the stop. The brakes are disc, ventilated with a diameter of 278 mm at the front, 258 mm at the rear (drums with a 3-cylinder engine). In the "state" of ABS, as well as VSC (proprietary program of dynamic stabilization of the car). About the safety of passengers will take care of 9 "pillows" (including the knee for the driver), 3-point seat belts with pretensioners, "active" head restraints (Advanced Whiplash Injury-Lessening) and other means of protection.

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