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The debut of the Peugeot 309 took place in 1985. The company introduced a 5-door hatchback with a galvanized body. Then the following gasoline engines were installed under the hood of the car: 1118 cm³ / 55 hp, 1294 cm³ / 64 hp, 1580 cm³ (80/75 hp).

A year later, the line of power units was replenished with a diesel engine of 1905 cm ³ / 65 hp. Models equipped with this power unit have low fuel consumption. In 1986, the 3-door hatchback and GTi versions with a 1905 cm³ / 130 hp petrol engine are produced.

Photo Peugeot 309

The GTi version is truly a sports car. It has a perfect power steering, which is installed serially. Despite the fact that the car looks small, it is spacious enough inside. The rear seats can comfortably accommodate three passengers, and at the same time they will not feel a lack of free space - above the head and from the knees to the backs of the front seats is enough. The salon is also well equipped, and has a large glass area. Ergonomics driver's seat at a height. The seats are comfortable, fairly rigid, anatomically shaped and with lateral support.

The French specialists tried to make the landing in the backseat of the three-door version as easy as possible by using a special design of the front seats in the 309th, the cushion of which leans forward with the backrest. Thanks to this access to the rear seats is greatly simplified. The front panel of cars produced before 1990 is somewhat angular. The headlight and horn control is on one lever under the steering wheel.

Photo Peugeot 309

Of the interesting features of the interior can be noted a special "skirt" on the gearshift lever, with the raising of which the rear gear is engaged, and the lever for the remote opening of the gas tank, located near the "parking brake." In addition, all versions of the GTI, and the other 3-door versions of the order were equipped with rear opening air vents. Pleasant instrument illumination ensures good readability of indicators at any time of the day. The spare wheel is traditional for most "French" is placed outside under the boot floor. In 1990, the model was upgraded. Eliminate some shortcomings that have emerged in the course of the release of the model.

External changes were minimal. Cars received only a new rear panel, trunk lid and rear optics, made in the style of the older "brother" - Peugeot 405. Presented a new range of engines. Petrol engines 1124 cm³ / 60 hp, 1360 cm³ (69/75 hp), 1580 cm³ (92/88 hp), 1905 cm³ (109/98 hp), 1905 cm³ ( 122/120 hp), 1905 cm ³ 16 cl.

Photo Peugeot 309

Most Peugeot 309 are equipped with a 5-step "mechanics". Cars with 4-speed automatic and manual transmissions are very rare. The car has excellent stability and controllability, holds the road well and clearly obeys the helm even with active cornering. In most 309s, disc brakes are installed in front, and behind the rear are drum brakes. The “charged” versions of the GTI have disc brakes at the back. The luggage compartment does not hit the size, only 296 liters, but it can be increased by folding the rear seats. In addition, in cars until 1990, the trunk has a rather high side, through which it is inconvenient to drag heavy loads.

During the restyling, the French corrected this flaw. Economical fuel consumption, good dynamics, excellent handling, spacious interior, original appearance were appreciated by many Peugeot 309 owners.

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