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The European debut of the Jeep Compass was held in 2006. The car combines comfortable size, style and practicality. Based on a single platform with the Dodge Caliber. Even a quick glance will accurately indicate that the model belongs to the legendary Jeep family. Corporate identity is expressed in round headlamps and grille with seven slots. From ancestors got trapezoidal wheel arches. But the silhouette with a modified inclination of the windscreen and expressive hood has become completely new.

The lateral part has very muscular wings, which create the illusion of a rather large object. Inside the Jeep Compass is comfortable and cozy. Landing is high, due to which more visibility and more comfortable movement. The interior can be trimmed with leather, and the basic equipment is equipped with “Yes Essentials” upholstered seats, which has an antistatic effect. Details of the interior are also “angular” as the exterior, the torpedo, door panels and other elements of the cabin have clearly defined edges, with the result that the Jeep style is felt not only outside, but also inside the car.

Photo Jeep Compass

On the driver's seat, which is equipped with all the necessary adjustments, it is convenient to find the correct fit easily. Even the fact that the steering wheel moves only in height does not interfere. The instrument panel is perfectly visible in any light, and all major controls are at hand. The rear seats are quite comfortable - there is plenty of legroom, and the backs of the seats can be adjusted within 12 degrees.

The luggage compartment has a volume of 436 liters, and the backs of the rear seats can be folded in the proportion of 40/60, forming a flat floor and increasing the space under the load up to 1,270 liters. In addition, we should mention the folding front passenger seat, which solves the problem of transporting long items, and even allows you to use it if necessary as a table. The center armrest moves forward and backward and has fixed positions. It also has a niche for storing small items (mobile phone or mp3-player).

Photo Jeep Compass

Compass is equipped with a removable lighting canopy with battery and as an option the audio system of the Boston Acoustics Premium Sound Group with nine speakers, sounding very high quality. In addition to all the charms of this audio system, there are two turntables built into the back door for outdoor lovers. In the US, buyers are offered both all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive version. Only Compass with four driving wheels are sold in Russia. Jeep Compass is equipped with a permanent four-wheel drive with electronic distribution of traction forces Freedom Drive I and the ability to lock the center differential.

That is, in normal driving on an asphalt road, the Jeep Compass rides like a front wheel drive car, with one difference - 10-20% of the torque is transmitted to the rear wheels. As soon as the front wheels began to slip, the all-wheel drive system automatically transmits up to 60% of the torque to the rear axle. There is also the possibility of forced transmission of power to the rear wheels - just pull the T-handle located on the central tunnel, and then the torque will be distributed 50/50 between the front and rear wheels, if necessary, increasing the torque transmitted to the rear axle, up to 60%. The system of permanent all-wheel drive provides confident driving in any road conditions.

Photo Jeep Compass

Active security systems such as traction control, three-mode dynamic stabilization system (ESP), braking assistance system, electronic roll reduction system, and anti-lock system function in both standard and blocked four-wheel drive modes. Excellent cross-country parameters inherent in all Jeep cars are also characteristic of the Compass model: the ground clearance is 200 mm, the angle of entry is 21 °, the exit angle is 32 °, the angle of obstacle in the wheelbase is 20 °, and the ford is 279 mm. In the role of the main driving force is a 2.4-liter gasoline engine from the new dVVT series (dual system of gas distribution) “World Engine” with 170 hp capacity.

characterized by an exceptional combination of high quality workmanship, fuel efficiency, power, smooth operation and low noise. The maximum speed is 185 km / h, and from 0 to 100 km / h the car accelerates in 11.3 seconds with a variator and in 10.7 seconds with a manual transmission. The power unit is designed with the participation of Hyundai and Mitsubishi. Jeep Compass differs smooth ride and good sound insulation of the cabin. The first advantage was realized thanks to the completely independent suspension for the first time applied to the Jeep, in front of the MacPherson type and the multi-link rear. Jeep Compass is equipped with a choice of manual transmission and CVT CVT.

Photo Jeep Compass

Continuously variable CVT - this automatic transmission is increasingly included in the arsenal of automakers. She has two advantages that distinguish the variator from the conventional automatic transmission with fixed gear ratios. Firstly, in any driving mode you will not feel the jolts characteristic for automatic transmission when switching, and secondly, the continuously variable transmission saves fuel by 6-8%. Despite the absence of steps, the variator has an Auto Stick function, i.e.

6 "virtual" gears that are very useful when driving off-road. The most economical version of the Jeep Compass is equipped with a 5-speed manual. Later, the lineup of the Jeep Compass power units was supplemented with a 2.0-liter turbo-charged diesel engine. Developed by Volkswagen, the engine produces 130 hp. power and as much as 310 Nm of torque.

In 2011, the Jeep Compass restyled. The updated exterior began to have more similarities with the elder brother - Grand Cherokee. The front of the car is made in the style of the Grand Cherokee with similar narrow rectangular headlamps and a similar design grille.

The car received a new hood, front fenders, lighting engineering. A new bumper, a spoiler on the edge of the trunk lid and LED lights appeared behind. All lines and chopped edges were smoothed. Interior materials have changed (according to Jeep, softer plastic and other upholstery are now used), a new center armrest, a new steering wheel with integrated audio controls, cruise control and a phone connected via Bluetooth, as well as door handles and cup holders. The gamma of engines remained the same: a 2.0-liter petrol with a capacity of 158 liters. from.

or 2.4-liter capacity of 172 liters. from. Transmission - five-speed mechanics or stepless variator (depending on version). Jeep Compass is offered in two versions - mono - and all-wheel drive, and, all-wheel drive transmission is offered in two versions: Freedom Drive I and Freedom Drive II. In the first case, the machine is equipped with an electromagnetic clutch, performing the functions of a center differential with the possibility of forced locking. In the second - "downshift", which provides the variator.

In the basic configuration there is air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, keyless entry system to the salon, fog lights, cruise control. Compass 2011 model year, flaunts brand new 17-inch aluminum wheels, and for picking Limited there are 18-inch aluminum or chrome wheels.

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