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In 1974, based on the Wagoneer model was built Jeep SJ. Its shortened 3-inch, 2-door version was called the Cherokee. The car had a Quadra-Trac transfer case (the first fully automatic permanent all-wheel drive system). The line of power units consisted of two engines of 4.2 liters.

and V8 volume of 5.2 liters. Jeep Cherokee / SJ was produced from 1974 to 1983. In total, about 376 thousand pieces were produced. In the 1984 model year, the company American Motors Corp. (AMC) introduced the second generation SUV Jeep Cherokee under the index XJ. In 1986, Chrysler buys AMC.

Photo Jeep Cherokee

Cherokee XJ received a frameless body on the all-wheel drive chassis. It is noteworthy that at that time Cherokee was the only car in the compact class that had four doors and two all-wheel drive systems - CommandTrac and SelectTrac. Although rear-wheel drive models are often found in the USA, which Americans like to use as tractors for various trailers, but I cannot boast of good maneuverability. Spring front suspension, rear - spring. Offered in 3-door and 5-door versions.

And the five-door jeeps of new generation in the performance of luxury sold under the name Wagoneer. They were distinguished by four small headlights embedded above each other, as well as side panels “under the tree”. In the role of the main driving force installed two gasoline engines: 4-cylinder 2.5 liter.

Photo Jeep Cherokee

(128 hp) and 6-cylinder volume of 4.0 liters. (193 hp). They also installed an economical turbo diesel Renault (21 DT) with a volume of 2.1 liters. (80 hp), in 1991, it was replaced by the more powerful VM VM 2.5-liter Italian turbodiesel (116 hp). Gasoline engines combined with a 5-speed manual, or 3-or 4-speed automatic transmissions, with diesel engines installed only manual transmission. Cherokee is greedy. The average consumption of gasoline in a 4-liter six-cylinder engine in the modification offered from 1988 to 1991 is 14 l / 100 km. In all-wheel drive mode, this figure can increase to 20 l / 100 km, even with a moderate driving style.

It seems more economical turbodiesel 21 DT, the average consumption of which is 10 liters of diesel per 100 km, but in normal operation, fuel consumption also increases to 14-17 liters. The reason for this, along with the 1580-kilogram mass curb Cherokee, angular body with poor aerodynamic performance. The Cherokee's interior is typically American-style: a lot of chrome, not always a logical arrangement of switches and levers, a high transmission tunnel in the middle of the cabin.

Photo Jeep Cherokee

The driver's seat is quite comfortable, has several adjustments. In the back seat is also quite spacious - you can go and three of us. Modification of the Jeep Cherokee Limited (Country) is a rich bundle. March 22, 1990 was released millionth SUV series XJ - bright red Cherokee Limited. In seven years of production, the Cherokee has not only become the epitome of a model off-road car, but also the most popular model of Chrysler in Europe. At the beginning of 1997, the front end was restyled, the grille was changed: its design became different, with large vertical slots. Were installed new bumpers and taillights, significantly expanded the list of complete sets and options.

In the 1998 model year, the grille was changed again (instead of 10-slot it became 7-slot). The car was offered in three trim levels: the base Mounty, the improved Sport and the prestigious Limited with leather seats and electric adjustments in six directions. Standard equipment includes power steering, ABS, power windows, and alloy wheels. In 2001, at the Detroit auto show, the third generation of the Jeep Cherokee SUV was introduced under the KJ designation, which replaced the outdated Jeep Cherokee XJ.

Photo Jeep Cherokee

However, this name was retained only for the European market, and in the USA the model is called the Jeep Liberty. There are two basic complete sets - Sport and Limited. The Sport version is easily recognizable externally: the car has unpainted bumpers and wheel arch linings, as well as a shiny Cherokee Sport patch on the front doors. At Limited all exterior panels are painted in body color, in the salon - leather, polished aluminum and a mass of devices that increase comfort. In addition to the unusual appearance, Jeep Cherokee KJ has a very rigid body.

The car does not have a frame in the usual sense - instead, the engineers created a powerful frame of high-strength steel with developed spars along the entire bottom, thanks to which the bearing body is as strong as the frame structure. In addition, a new chassis with an independent front suspension was developed for the new SUV, which makes the car very comfortable on public roads, and at the same time maintains its excellent off-road qualities. Cherokee has a huge endurance potential. The lower arms are cast from high-strength cast iron, and the upper arms are forged steel.

Photo Jeep Cherokee

All this, together with a stabilizer bar and a rack and pinion steering mechanism, is covered from below with a powerful steel subframe half finger thick. Having preserved the traditional seven slots in the grille and round headlights, the designers noticeably smoothed the chopped body contours. The characteristic roofline, the external location of the spare wheel, wide wheel arches give this SUV a muscular, dynamic and all-conquering look. Visually, the new Cherokee seems shorter than the old one. But this is an optical illusion - in fact, it is 25 cm longer.

Optical illusion - a consequence of the fact that the new car is also 24 cm higher. The increased angle of inclination of the windshield, aggressive look of the grille emphasize the solid look of the car. Four halogen headlights brightly light the way forward, minimizing the blinding effect of oncoming cars. The interior of the Jeep Cherokee KJ is thought out to the smallest detail and harmonizes perfectly with the exterior design of the car. Salon combines modern design and individual elements in the style of "retro". The quality of the finish has improved markedly. The whole interior is made in a combination of rounded shapes and colors of black and white.

Photo Jeep Cherokee

The instrument panel is designed concisely and without frills. Round white scales, at the head - large speedometer and tachometer, on the sides of them - indicators of temperature and fuel level. The central console and the tunnel have silver inserts for polished aluminum.

The round cut-outs of the air conditioner, the rounded handles on the embossed doors with deep, thoughtful pockets and places for glasses all add to the Cherokee's salon a kind of “aesthetic-practical” comfort. Fluorescent lights on the dashboard and audio display create an additional feeling of comfort. The path to the driver's seat opens a wide door, and a handle located on the front desk will help to overcome the high threshold. The seat has electric adjustments (except for the angle of the back), which allow you to quickly take a comfortable position. The back seat of the Cherokee can be folded with one hand at a ratio of 65/35.

Photo Jeep Cherokee

Hinges and hooks located in the cargo compartment will help secure the cargo being transported. The steering wheel has a wide range of adjustments and a well-chosen diameter. On the Jeep Cherokee KJ install several engines, the most powerful of them - 3.7-liter V6 engine with a capacity of 210 horsepower, which comes only with a four-speed automatic transmission.

Next comes the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine producing 154 hp. In addition, a 140-hp 2.5-liter turbodiesel is also available. For those who want to buy a real off-road car, a special Up Country Suspension package is offered, which includes plates covering the underside of the car, a hitch, a suspension with increased ground clearance, and an automatic car body leveling system when towing heavy loads. As before, the Jeep Cherokee offers two all-wheel drive systems. The standard Command-Track system with the front axle wheels off provides excellent grip on the road in any conditions - be it driving on snowy roads or off-road.

Photo Jeep Cherokee

But it should be remembered that the Cherokee with the Command-Track system is exclusively a rear-wheel drive car, the front wheels of which can be connected only to overcome off-road. The Selec-Trac permanent all-wheel-drive system provides the driver with additional amenities. At the same time, the system ensures high fuel efficiency and reliable operation of the transmission in any road conditions. The highlight of both systems is the ability to switch modes of transmission on the go car. In particular, it allows you to enable four-wheel drive on the go, more than that there is no need to reduce the speed of movement.

Jeep Cherokee is equipped with a number of devices that allow the driver to feel even more confident in difficult road conditions, especially when driving on slippery and uneven roads. First of all, these include anti-lock brakes (ABS), Trac-Lok self-locking rear axle differential, torque control system transmitted to the wheels of the car. These and other systems provide the Jeep Cherokee with phenomenal driving performance that allows the driver to fully enjoy driving the car off-road. By the 2005 model year, the Cherokee was restyled.

Photo Jeep Cherokee

The changes affected the shape of the bumpers and grille, which is now integrated fog lights, located in the updated version immediately under the headlights. In addition, for a number of modifications of this car grille has become chrome. Jeep Cherokee love for a low-key, emphasized strict appearance, remarkable off-road performance, reliability and versatility. The combination of endurance, durability, safety and excellent running properties allow Cherokee owners to move in any conditions, feeling confident and comfortable.

The well-known worldwide SUV Grand Cherokee 2014 model year debuted at the beginning of 2013 in Detroit, and Chrysler presented a more compact Jeep Cherokee with a radically modified design in the spring at an exhibition in New York. The new exterior can be called controversial, but at the same time quite original and modern. American designers (without the participation of the Italian studio has not done) have ventured to change the traditional and classic appearance inherent in the previous generation model. It is noteworthy that the 2013-2014 Cherokee is available in four versions.

The first three - Sport, Latitude and Limited look like crossovers and differ from each other only in small exterior details of the decor, but the Cherokee Trailhawk is a true off-road explorer with off-road tires, compact black plastic front and rear bumper, protection of the engine compartment and all-wheel drive elements. transmissions with metal sheets, two towing loops at the front and one loop at the back, painted in bright red, and increased ground clearance to 220 mm (for other versions, ground clearance is 195 mm). Cherokee 2014 is built on the “fiatov” platform, which is already used for the Dodge Dart sedan and Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback.

The front suspension of the SUV is MacPherson, the rear is an independent multi-link. The maximum travel of the front suspension is 17 centimeters, and 18 centimeters at the rear. External dimensions of the body are: 4625 mm in length, 1860 mm in width, 1680 mm in height, with 2700 mm wheelbase. On the hood with smooth relief lines, there are seven vertical ovals of the radiator grille with a chrome edge, while the lower grille on the opposite side of the bumper is stretched horizontally between the fog lamps built into the bumper and also accented with chrome. The front bumper itself is protected on the bottom with unpainted plastic.

Stylish narrow headlamps with LED touches and built-in direction indicators have found shelter in the wings. Another pair of more visible "eyes" below, directly above the bumper. Complement the image of large floodlights protivotumanok.

The side of the body is characterized by square-like wheel arches designed to accommodate 215/60 R17 tires or 215/55 R18 tires on steel 17-inch or light-alloy wheels of 17-18 radius, a curved and high sill line, smooth sidewall surfaces and a drop-down roof line. Around the perimeter, including arches and thresholds, the body is endowed with protective plastic, hinting at good off-road conquest abilities, and on the roof, besides the roof rails, it is possible to install a panoramic sunroof that fills the interior with natural light.

The compact feed received a huge bumper with integrated trapezes for silencer tips, a compact tailgate crowned with a spoiler, and narrow ceiling lights for LED lights. It is also worth noting that the new body has a low coefficient of drag to the air flow, which favorably affects not only the fuel economy, but also the controllability of the car. The interior of the new Jeep Cherokee in 2014 to match the appearance, and compared to the interior of the previous generation model has changed beyond recognition. The quality of the materials used (soft plastics, fabric or leather), according to premium representatives of Jeep.

The buyer can choose from five different color themes for the interior. Depending on the configuration, the dashboard of the SUV can be equipped with either a 3.5-inch TFT display or a seven-inch color screen. They can display navigation system data, fuel consumption indicators or information about a song being played by the audio system. The central console of the initial versions of the Cherokee 2014 is equipped with a 5-inch color touch screen, in the more expensive models the 8.4-inch touch monitor.

With it, control over the multimedia complex Uconnect Access. The steering wheel with the help of integrated buttons will allow the driver to control a variety of functions without being distracted from the road, and the devices are represented by a pair of large round dials of the tachometer and speedometer, with an electronic scoreboard built in between them informing the driver about the modes of operation of the car. New driver and front passenger seats with bright lateral support. As an option, it is possible to order electric adjustment, heating and ventilation of the front seats.

For three passengers of the second row of space with a margin in all directions, the back row is able to move along the cabin, thus increasing the legroom or trunk dimensions. The separate back changes an angle of inclination. The rear seats fold, forming a flat cargo area. The motor range of the model includes two gasoline engines. For the basic version, the 186-strong “fiatov” four-cylinder 2.4 engine of the Tigershark MultiAir 2 family is proposed. The top-end modification will receive a 3.2-liter V-shaped “six” Pentastar, which develops 271 horsepower and 315 Nm of torque.

In tandem with the motors, a new “automatic” with 9 steps works. For Cherokee 2014 prepared three options for all-wheel drive. The first one - Active Drive I - automatically connects the rear axle if necessary, in normal driving modes, leaving the car with front wheel drive. The Active Drive II system has 4-Low mode for off-road driving at low speeds and towing a trailer. In its activation, the center differential is blocked, the role of which is played by the multi-plate clutch. The ground clearance in this version is more than 2.5 centimeters.

The Drive Lock system is designed for particularly difficult road conditions, having Drive II as the basis, but with the lock not only the center differential, but also the rear differential.

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