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The appearance of the serial model C4 was preceded by the Geneva Motor Show, where Citroen presented a prototype - Sport Concept Car. Sports hatchback in rally coloring and with racing "stuffing". In general, the C4 replaced the Xsara and took an intermediate position between the C3 and C5 models. The production car comes with a five-door and three-door hatchback body. The latter themselves prefer to call the French "coupe". The appearance of the three-door version almost completely repeats the bold forms of the prototype Citroen Sport: a sloping roof, rear pillar with a backward tilt and unusual lighting.

The car looks very aggressive, especially at the expense of the back, which the designers of Citroen have decorated with a dashing spoiler. The five-door hatchback has a better image, which, for all its originality and originality, has retained the signature features of Citroen, a French brand that made the famous “ugly duckling” 2CV. The rounded profile of the body, two chevrons inscribed in the grille, and L-shaped headlights are a clear confirmation of this. Spherical shape of the body allowed to achieve good aerodynamics. The length of the three-door C4 - 4260 mm. The five-door is 1.3 mm longer than the a-bit different rear bumper.

Photo Citroen C4

The width of the machines, respectively, 1773 and 1769 mm, height - 1459 mm. Wheelbase - 2608 mm. Trunk volume - 342 liters for trehdverki and 352 liters for pyatidverki. Inside, both cars look the same. The interior is not inferior in originality to the exterior.

There are no more arrows and tsiferok drawn on the dashboard, instead of them now multi-colored electronic displays. The instruments of the car are placed in the center of the dashboard, and only a digital tachometer, which changes its color as it turns, is in its usual place in front of the steering wheel. A separate conversation is the steering wheel C4. Most of the control buttons for auxiliary vehicle systems are on it. Moreover, the hub of the steering wheel with a special form of airbag is fixed independently relative to the rim - its plane does not change the angle of inclination when the position of the adjustable steering column is changed.

Photo Citroen C4

According to the creators of the C4, such a firmly oriented airbag in space protects the driver much better during a frontal impact. In addition to the already familiar active headlights, ABS, EBD, ESP and airbags, the C4 has a warning system with a correct trajectory, a software speed limiter, front and rear parking sensors and a tire pressure monitoring system. The side windows of the car are reinforced with a special film.

In addition to strength, it improves sound insulation. What is particularly noteworthy is the glass thicker (3.82 mm instead of the usual 3 mm). Also, to improve sound insulation began to install double door seals. The female half of humanity is likely to like the fact that nine types of perfume fragrances are included in the standard equipment of the car. The line of power units consists of five petrol and three diesel with common rail system. Gasoline engines from 1.4 to 1.8 liters develop 90, 110, 138, 143 and 180 hp Diesel engines of 1.6 and 2 liters yield 92, 110 and 138 hp. Fuel consumption of gasoline engines from 8.7 to 11.7 liters per hundred.

Photo Citroen C4

Diesel cost 6-7 liters. Citroen specialists once again managed to surprise and interest the public with their creation, this time under the name C4. The car turned out funny, beautiful and original. During the planned restyling in 2008 in the guise of C4, the designers did not change anything radically. Carried out restyling was intended only to spur public interest in the C4, without changing the perception of the model. The length of the body has increased by about fifteen millimeters, and is now 4,275 mm (hatchback) and 4,288 mm (coupe).

This was achieved, however, only due to a new form of bumpers, so these millimeters did not affect either the driving performance or the organization of the inside saloon. The car received a new hood with more rounded and convex shapes, designed like a C5 grille, air intakes in the central part of the front and an updated bumper. On the top versions, the chrome rims of the front fog lights flashed, and the rear block headlights, made of transparent, “crystal” plastic, are inlaid into the coupe body.

Photo Citroen C4

In addition, in the assortment of additional equipment, three types of new light-alloy wheels of 16 and 17 inches appeared, as well as four paint coating options: blue, two shades of gray, and “matte ivory”. All this, taken together, gives the feeling that in front of you is a clearly refreshed model. By the way, restyling cost the French about 50 million euros. There was no revolution in the interior. The tachometer has moved - to the left corner of the translucent instrument cluster located above the central part of the front panel.

Due to the large windshield, the small, by the standards of the golf class, the front salon seems very spacious. By the way, this feeling is not only glazed, but also the "cunning" layout - C4 is wider than many classmates. In the interior is still a lot of soft plastic, comfortable chairs are covered with a nice eye and touch the material.

Photo Citroen C4

Starting from the second level of picking, the seats are upholstered with velor. And in the Exclusive, the armchairs and the sofa can be trimmed with gray leather. The main feature of the latest Citroen models is that the fixed hub of the steering wheel also has not gone away. Citroen C4 is rich in options. Laminated side windows, front and rear parking sensors (the location of obstacles is schematically shown on the screen of the navigation system), bi-xenon headlights illuminating the road around the bend. The system that warns about the involuntary crossing of the marking line has remained on the list of additional equipment.

If you rebuild, not including a turn signal, the driver's seat will start to vibrate significantly on the right or on the left - depending on which side you have moved to the line of marking. The system starts to work after 80 km / h, and stops after pressing a button on the center console. Separate attention deserves a new set of telematic options.

Photo Citroen C4

A new navigation system with a color 7-inch display, which is installed "in standard". It is called MyWay, and includes an audio system with a tuner and a CD player (mp3 / WMA), and an additional RCA-type connector (in the glovebox) for connecting portable audio devices, as well as a Bluetooth headset. You can control MyWay using the buttons on the steering wheel or directly from the audio panel. Changes have been made to the already known navigation system NaviDrive. For example, there was a USB-connector with which you can connect portable audio systems and read information from them. After the restyling, two new 1.6-liter engines, developed by PSA in collaboration with BMW, appeared.

The atmospheric VTi engine produces 120 hp, its main advantage is moderately low fuel consumption (only 6.7 liters of gasoline per hundred in the combined cycle on the “handle”), which is primarily responsible for the Bavarian valve timing mechanism. The second “engine” thanks to the Twin-Scroll turbocharger gives 150 hp. However, in that case, if the “mechanic” works together with it, in combination with a 4-speed automatic transmission, the engine is deformed to 140 hp. Two of these power units list of engines for the C4 is not exhausted. There are other gasoline engines, there are turbo diesel, but they are offered only for the European market.

Photo Citroen C4

The premiere of the new generation Citroen C4 will be held in October 2010 at the Paris International Motor Show. At first glance, you cannot say that the car is built on the platform of the previous generation C4, so much the appearance has changed. The design of the model has become even more colorful. The similarity with the older model Citroen C5 is striking.

The body has become more rounded and elegant outlines. Its front part is decorated with irregularly shaped headlamps and a hood with characteristic longitudinal ribs. The powerful front bumper with a predatory air intake is edged with a chrome strip. Branded emblem "double chevron" radiates over the entire width of the false radiator grille. Cannon nest protivotumanok located in the lower extreme points of the front fairing. The former Citroen C4 was one of the most compact representatives of the "golf class", and the heir grew noticeably.

Body length increased by 49 mm (4329 mm), width - by 16 mm (1789 mm), height - 29 mm (1489 mm), wheelbase - 2608 mm remained the same. The trunk volume of 408 liters - one of the largest among the hatchbacks of this class. Chassis, engines and gearboxes migrated to the new Citroen C4 from the previous model. On the European Citroen C4 installed three petrol engines: 1.4 (95 hp), 1.6 l. (120 hp) and the turbocharged 1.6 (156 hp).

A wide range of diesel engines is also offered: 1.6 l (92 hp or 112 hp), 2.0 l (150 hp). Gearboxes for every taste: five- and six-speed “mechanics”, four-band “automatic” and six-speed “robots”. All motors meet the standards Euro-5. The chassis consists of a classic MacPherson strut on the lower triangular levers in the front and with a transverse, deformable beam at the rear. The front suspension is independent, the rear semi-independent. Brakes - disc, front - ventilated. Since 2010, the model has been manufactured at the PSA plant near Kaluga using the large-node assembly method.

In the autumn of 2012 at the Paris Motor Show, the French company Citroen introduced the C4 sedan, which became the first Citroen model, whose appearance was developed at the Citroen design center in Shanghai. The car is built on a C4 hatchback platform, stretched to 10 cm, the external dimensions of the sedan are: length - 4621 mm, width - 1789 mm, height - 1496 mm, wheelbase - 2708 mm. The front end and profile of the sedan echoes the appearance of the C4 hatchback, but the designers have added a lot of chrome-plated body elements to the sedan.

Headlights of complex shape, a sculpted bumper harmoniously accommodates a two-story false radiator grille and is beautifully complemented by inserts for protivotumanok and daytime running lights, made as if in a mirror image of the main lighting engineering. The upper air intake is framed by a stylish frame, the main element of which is a large “double chevron”. The lower air duct with three crossbars is also decorated with a U-shaped chrome frame. The profile of the French sedan is replete with ribs and stamps, decorated with stylish mirrors on legs, chrome molding on the bottom of the doors and the lower frame of the glass.

Feed cars powerful, beautiful and stylish. Large swollen rear arches, a huge rear bumper with integrated diffuser. Large “chandeliers” of rear lighting with soft lines taper to the center of the car and through a chrome crossbar on the trunk lid merge into a single composition. Sedan looks harmonious and presentable and expensive when viewed from any viewing angle. Saloon sedan largely copies hatchback C4. This is the architecture of the front torpedo, the console, the placement of controls.

However, there are still differences from the hatchback, and they are connected with the central tunnel and gear lever, unified with the Peugeot 408. It became more space for second-row passengers due to the stretched wheelbase. Separate words are deserved by the seats themselves, the backs of which are set at an angle of 29 degrees, this slope is optimally comfortable during long trips. Also worth noting are high-quality interior trim materials, well-thought-out ergonomics and a decent level of assembly.

Excellent sound insulation ensures silence in the cabin even at high speed. The trunk of the sedan holds 440 liters of cargo, a record not a record in the class, but more than the C4 hatchback. Work on the adaptation of the model for the roads of Russia was carried out considerable. In particular, the Citroen C4 sedan received built-in heating of the entire windshield surface, heated washer nozzles, reinforced starter and battery, 176 mm ground clearance, metal crankcase protection, increased air ducts to the legs of the rear passengers, as well as a windshield washer tank with a total capacity of 6.38 liters .

Depending on the configuration, the model is equipped with swiveling xenon headlights, engine start system with a button, cruise control, electric parking brake, hands-free, GPS navigation with touchscreen, rear-view camera, heated mirrors and front seats, heated windshield, ionizer air, panoramic roof and leather interior. Depending on the market for the implementation of the C4 sedan different engines. For Russia, three turbocharged gasoline engines are developed jointly developed by PSA Peugeot Citroen and BMW.

The most powerful 1.6-liter engine with 150 hp and 240 N∙m peak torque. In addition, buyers can choose between 115-hp and 120-hp motors. Three transmissions: 5-speed “mechanics”, 4-speed automatic transmission and 6-speed “automatic”.

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