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Photo Skoda Superb

Superb is the flagship of the Skoda lineup. Its history began back in 1934, when the first luxury car with that name was introduced. Over time, the model has undergone many fundamental changes. Until 1947, the version was even produced with a 4-liter 8-cylinder engine producing 95 hp. More than 60 years later, in 2001, the Skoda Auto company launched a solid Superb sedan.

The car has won numerous acclaim from both experts and the public. He became the "Car of the Year" in 2002 in Yugoslavia; won the “City Car of the Year” poll organized by the British Auto Travelers Club; was the “Best Foreign Car” in Germany in 2002. From the English "superb" translates as "rich, luxurious." With the advent of Superb, the Skoda concern has not only returned to the class of executive cars, but also strengthened the new perception of Skoda as a brand offering high-quality and advanced technical solutions. Durable proportional body design has an elegant, sophisticated, slightly conservative and noble design.

Photo Skoda Superb

Superb looks very respectable and prestigious. In general, the Superb is a typical representative of Skoda, as evidenced by such family features as a large branded radiator grille, a low-mounted bumper molding and a raised tailgate, giving the impression of a dynamic car. At the heart of the Superb is a Chinese-made Volkswagen Passat. The wheelbase of such a Passat, manufactured at the Shanghai enterprise, is more than 100 mm compared to a standard car.

Overall dimensions of the Superb (length 4800 mm) are used to the full. Such a spacious cabin can be found except in representative limousines with an extended wheelbase. Finishing and high quality materials reinforce the impression of exclusivity and superiority. Thanks to the wide doorway, getting into the car is very easy. At the disposal of the rear passengers an ashtray, cigarette lighter, individual lighting, air flow distribution unit and armrest between passengers with a cup holder and a special box. Salon Skoda Superb is not only free space, but also a mass of all sorts of interesting innovations.

Photo Skoda Superb

For example, a special compartment for umbrellas appeared in the left rear door, and one of them even comes as standard. Well, in order to prevent moisture from wet umbrellas from accumulating in the doors, special drainage channels have been developed. You can also note the front passenger seat Skoda Superb. It made a kind of hatch. If you fold it, then the rear right passenger will be able to push his legs into it (optional). Of course, all these manipulations must be carried out in the absence of a passenger in this right-most front seat. The third interesting system that first appeared on the Skoda Superb is called Cargo-Flex.

It is located in the trunk and represents a certain set of "baskets" that, when not in use, fit snugly against the back of the rear seats. In the case when the driver needs to load something into the trunk (volume 462 liters), he folds out the Cargo-Flex and forms several compartments. Thanks to this system, the Skoda Superb will not load cargo around the entire trunk. In general, it can be noted that the interior of the new Skoda Superb looks very rich.

Photo Skoda Superb

The functional arrangement of the devices allows you to maintain complete control over the car. The central console smoothly "flows" into the central tunnel. Full power, four airbags, three-point seat belts with pyrotechnic tensioners, lights in the lower ends of the doors and much more is included in the standard equipment. A wide range of advanced technical solutions provides a high level of active and passive vehicle safety.

The chassis design ensures excellent handling. The braking system is equipped with electronic stabilizing systems: anti-lock brakes (ABS), electronic differential lock (EDS), anti-skid ASR and stabilization system (ESP). Plus, a solid body with consistently deformed sections, as well as door equipment with triple side brackets and special foam filler that absorbs deformation energy during side impact. The installation of the engine, the design of the steering column and the pedal group are made in such a way that they prevent movement in the direction of the driver during a frontal collision.

Photo Skoda Superb

The line of power units can also be a source of pride of the manufacturer. For the first time, the six-cylinder V6 of 2.8 liters capacity of 193 hp began to be installed on modern Skoda. As for the other power units, in addition to the V6, the Skoda Superb offers two more gasoline engines (2.0 l / 115 hp and 1.8 T / 150 hp) and two diesel engines (1.9 TDI PD / 131 l with. and 2.5 TDI / 155 hp). The engines are aggregated with a manual 5-and 6-speed or automatic 5-speed-type Tiptronic gearbox from Audi with the possibility of manual shifting.

Well, do not forget that the Superb, at the request of the owner, may have all the additional options that will rightfully once again call this car a luxury one. Driver's seat with electric and "memory", climate control, parking sensors, sunroof, special ski bag. And this is not all that offers lovers of luxury Skoda Superb.

Photo Skoda Superb

The car meets the high standards of the executive class: a solid, impressive appearance, a spacious cabin, a turbocharged engine, a rigid independent suspension, modern technical equipment and compliance with the most stringent safety standards. In 2006, the Superb facelift was carried out, as a result of which the radiator grill, headlights and taillights underwent changes, new engines appeared and the car's interior changed. The second generation of the car - Skoda Superb 2009 model year was presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show 2008.

The car has incorporated a lot of technical innovations and interesting solutions. This generation of Superb meets the expectations of the most demanding mid-size class consumers. The car has 4838 mm in length and 1783 mm in width, which is 35 mm longer and 18 mm wider than the predecessor model. The height is 1461 mm, 8 mm lower than that of the previous model, and the length of the wheelbase has decreased by 42 mm, and is now 2,761 mm. This generation from the very beginning was created as a completely new car.

Photo Skoda Superb

Superb shares one functional platform with VW Passsat, but is not a slightly modified copy of the latter. First of all, the Czech differs from his German counterpart by a 10 cm larger wheelbase and, accordingly, a more spacious comfortable interior. The car is interesting original rear door, capable of opening both together and without rear window. This technology is called Twin-Door, and allows you to consider Superb as a hatchback and a sedan. The luggage compartment increased by 85 liters to 565 liters, and if you fold the back row of seats, the volume will increase to 1,670 liters. In front of the debutant flaunts a wide grille, turning into blocks of headlights.

Superb is equipped with adaptive bi-xenon, which not only turns the headlights in the direction of the turn, but also increases the area, as well as the range of illumination depending on the speed. At 15-20 km / h, the light beam will be as wide as possible, which is necessary to illuminate the roadsides. With a set speed of the headlights shine into the distance, while improving the lighting of the left side of the track. Skoda Superb received a new dashboard with moonlight and a different center console.

Photo Skoda Superb

Ergonomics is still at a high level. All controls are easily accessible and intuitive. Good plastic, pleasant to the touch and seemingly soft upholstery materials, edging on the console, instrument panel and dashboard, door handles with a special coating on the inside, microlifts for opening covers of compartments for small things in the cabin - all this creates the very atmosphere of the car, which is nice to be. All seats are equipped with comprehensive adjustment options, separate climate, as well as many additional options designed to provide the driver and passengers with maximum comfort.

The gamma of engines consists of six engines manufactured by the VW Group, three petrol and three diesel. But in Russia, not all options are offered. Three engines are familiar from the previous generation Superb. This is the most powerful diesel 2.0 TDI (170 hp), which is characterized by good firing and low fuel consumption. Two petrol units 1,8 TSI (160 hp) and V6 3,6 FSI (260 hp).

Photo Skoda Superb

New 1.4-liter engine with 125 hp did not take root in Russia, and the company decided to stop supplying Superb with such a small motor to us. In this case, the dynamic characteristics of this unit should be recognized as good. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes only 10.5 seconds, and the maximum speed is 201 kilometers per hour. With each of the engines, one of the two transmissions can be aggregated - a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic DSG with two clutch disks. Mechanics are distinguished by clear inclusions. Automatic quickly adapts to the style of driving. Superb is offered in three equipment options: Comfort, Ambition and Elegance.

This generation of Superb is firmly entrenched in the mid-size car segment, thanks to the high build quality and safety level, spacious cabin, excellent driving performance, and the use of quality materials. Thanks to the update in 2013, the flagship has become even more attractive, while retaining all the advantages that have ensured its success over the past 12 years. The front part with the brand grille unmistakably identifies that this large sedan belongs to Czech roots. The terrible look of a completely new head-optics and front bumper emphasize the prestige and respectability of the flagship Skoda.

Photo Skoda Superb

Following the fashion trends, Superb equipped with headlights with built-in lamps turn signals and daylight on the LEDs. The rear optics has not remained unchanged: now the “dimensions” are made in the form of the letter “C” of LED strips. The license plate frame at the liftback was partially shifted to the tailgate, and the Twindoor system has become even more perfect.

Two built-in buttons on the tailgate allow you to select options: with one of them, the luggage compartment with the glass is pushed open, while the other allows you to only lift the lid. There are 10 different models of disks with a diameter from 16 to 18 inches. In general, changes in appearance in the updated Superb - cosmetic.

Photo Skoda Superb

There are not many changes in the cabin either: the finishing materials have been updated, a new steering wheel has appeared (now you can choose a configuration with three or four spokes), but the general atmosphere remains the same. Free space for the rear passengers is not just enough - it is very much. A useful option appeared at the rear: from now on, the main passenger on the couch can move the front seat, freeing up the already huge legroom. The driver is also not deprived of amenities.

In addition to all sorts of adjustments that allow you to get as comfortable as possible, interior designers grouped all control devices into logical blocks, which makes driving as simple and clear as possible. An optional Columbus navigation system and a new climate control unit are located on the center console, one on one as on the new Volkswagen Passat CC. The Czechs did their best to work on the ergonomics of the cabin. For example, for the convenience of the passenger, the central locking button is now located not only on the driver’s door, but also on the passenger door.

Photo Skoda Superb

LED lighting CatVision allows you to read in the cabin without a load on the eyes, and also simplifies access to the vehicle control systems. Highlighting handles and spot lighting doors and exterior mirrors - another nice little thing in the updated Superb. Thanks to electronic sensors, the Climatronic climate control system independently maintains the optimum temperature in the cabin, and various modes can be selected for the driver and passengers. Solar panels on the hatch provide fresh air even in the parking lot. And in winter, with the help of an independent auxiliary heating system, you can warm up the car in advance.

Separately, it is worth noting the function of seat heating, and the developer took into account the interests of the driver and passengers. As for the volume of the trunk, in the sedan it is 595 liters. However, if you fold the back of the back of the sofa, the compartment will increase to an impressive 1,700 liters. The Skoda Superb Combi wagon has even more impressive luggage compartment parameters: 633 and 1,865 liters, respectively. The base engine for the updated Superb is a 1.8-liter TSI engine with a capacity of 152 hp. It is offered in a pair with either manual or automatic transmissions, while all other engines are aggregated exclusively with a six-band DSG robotic transmission.

Among them are a 2.0-liter TSI with a return of 200 hp, a top-end V6 unit with a displacement of 3.6 liters, giving out 260 forces, as well as a 140-horsepower diesel TDI with a volume of 2.0 liters. The Skoda Superb Combi is available with all the engines listed, with the exception of the initial 152 hp TSI. By the way, the automaker has worked on the settings of the DSG automatic transmission. Before the change of gear occurred at lightning speed, but was accompanied by jolts. Today smoothness at acceleration increased, and the promptness remained unchanged. As they are assured in the company, the reliability of the site has also grown.

The basic equipment of the Skoda Superb 2013 sedan includes four airbags, ABS, ESP, air conditioning, Jumbo Box front center armrest, Maxi-Dot on-board computer, a 2DIN radio with a CD player MP3 and eight speakers and more in the Active configuration with a manual box. . The advantages of the model include a spacious interior, excellent functionality, high level of comfort, maximum safety, an excellent combination of "price-quality" and an elegant design. In March 2015, the third generation of Skoda Superb was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. The manufacturer loudly calls this model "the best Skoda in the entire history of the brand." Is it so judge for yourself.

Externally, the flagship of the Czech brand has changed noticeably, acquiring more sharp lines and chopped forms with sharp corners. Superb III sports distinct stamping on the sides and a more “taut” stern. The increased width of the model, coupled with a smoothly falling roof gave the appearance of swiftness. The car looks solid and harmonious.

The design discovery of the team of Josef Kaban is lighting engineering with decorative elements in the spirit of traditional Bohemian crystal. Interestingly executed running lights - in certain modes, not only the LED edging on the headlamp lights up, but also the internal longitudinal strips. But the Superb fully LED optics has not yet been received - it was left the privilege of the Volkswagen Passat. The elegance of the silhouette hides the true dimensions of the almost five-meter Superb. Machine dimensions - 4861 × 1864 × 1468 mm. With the change of generations, the car became wider (+47 mm), higher (+6 mm) and longer (+28 mm).

Increased track both front and rear axles (+39 and +54 mm, respectively). But most strongly added wheelbase - 80 mm (up to 2841 mm). Built like the Volkswagen Passat B8, on the modular MQB-B platform with a transverse powertrain, the Superb 2015 is 70 kg lighter on average (the figure depends on the modification), thanks to the wider use of high-strength steel and aluminum. The share of conventional steel in the structure will be reduced from 85 to 50 percent, and body rigidity will increase by 10 percent. By losing a lot of components. For example, the engines provided a gain of up to 18 kg, a steering mechanism - another 2 kg, seats, cabin elements and an instrument panel - 22 kg.

Passport weight of the car - from 1375 to 1615 kg, depending on the engine and transmission type. The drag coefficient dropped from 0.29 to 0.275. A feature of the Skoda Superb 2015 is the rejection of the combined trunk lid, which allowed to get a large opening, typical for hatchbacks, when fully opened, and for partial (only the lower section opens) - an option used on sedans. The fifth door-transformer in the Czech company was considered too expensive to manufacture, and the practical application was recognized as very limited. At the same time, the luggage compartment volume itself has been increased from 595 to 625 liters.

Lowering the back of the rear seat (just press a button on the side of the cargo hold), we get 1760 liters. The next step is to fold the front passenger seat, and then things will be included in the Superb up to 3.1 m in length. In the trunk there are two 12-volt sockets and a removable diode flashlight, previously relied exclusively on universal. An electric door that responds to movement with a foot under the bumper is available at an additional cost.

Salon Superb, as before, remained strict, but it turned out even more solid. The architecture of the front panel is preserved, but the steering wheel, instrument panel, center console - all this has undergone modernization. In addition, the inside has become even more spacious - the manufacturer declares an increase in free space in all directions.

The interior has become wider by 39 mm in front (shoulder level) and 69 mm rear (at elbow level). Headroom and lap space is a record in class. The creators of the novelty claim that the distance between the knees of the average passenger of the back of the sofa and the front seat is 157 mm, which is about two times larger than most D + class sedans. The interior of the Superb is still distinguished by verified ergonomics and high-quality finish. Shkodovtsy tried to revive the interior, in particular, due to the background diode backlight (you can choose one of three colors) and a variety of design options.

The new Superb has already applied 29 practical solutions that Skoda calls Simply Clever. This is a removable flashlight with a magnet for mounting on the body (convenient, for example, when replacing a wheel), and an ice scraper familiar from other models of the brand on the fuel filler flap, and much more up to the bottle stopper, allowing it to be opened with one hand. The branded umbrella became in due time the business card of "Superba". But before that, a single umbrella was hiding in the left rear door, and now there are two of them, and they dwell in the front doors. In addition, each door has a special compartment for storing a reflective vest.

In some countries it is forbidden to leave the car on the roadway without it. The level of equipment in the third generation Superb has grown significantly. The list of options includes three-zone climate control, curtains on the windows (sorry, only with a manual drive), a 220V outlet and a USB port for charging and connecting gadgets.

And the main feature is a portable holder for a phone or tablet. It can be mounted on the headrest or center armrest and rotate at any angle. Download the Skoda Media Command app, pair your electronic device with a standard multimedia system and can control music or navigation from the back seats.

In addition, four different versions of the multimedia complex are available for the car. The top version of the Columbus can produce 610 watts of 12 speakers, supports Internet access on LTE frequencies and is able to distribute Wi-Fi inside the car. No model of the Volkswagen group can do without a wide range of engines. For Superb 2015, we prepared eight: three diesel engines and five gasoline engines ranging from 120 to 280 hp.

All - four-cylinder, turbocharged, direct or combined fuel injection and start-stop system. Everything is of Euro 6 environmental standard and allows saving up to 30% of fuel in comparison with the second generation car. The petrol ruler is represented by five TSI turbocharged engines (series EA 211 and EA 888) with a displacement of 1.4, 1.8 and 2.0 liters with a capacity from 125 to 280 hp. Diesels are three units of the TDI series EA 288 in volume of 1.6 and 2.0 liters, issuing from 120 to 190 forces. Gearboxes are mechanics or a DSG robot for six or seven gears.

At the same time, almost all versions, except the initial ones, can be equipped with all-wheel drive with a fifth-generation Haldex coupling. Note that the car already has an electronic imitation of the XDS + cross-wheel differential lock in the base. For a surcharge, instead of the base suspension (front McPherson, rear four-arm construction), you can order an active chassis with adaptive shock absorbers “in a circle” and hydraulic axles in the rear suspension, which will not only increase the comfort of movement, but also allow you to maintain a constant ground clearance regardless of load.

In this case, the driver was able to choose one of three modes (Comfort, Normal and Sport), adding smoothness or sportiness in the reactions of the car. To expand the driver's ambitions will allow optional steering with variable sensitivity, reducing from 2.8 to 2.1 the number of revolutions of the steering wheel from lock to lock. Skoda has never been so safe: there are up to nine airbags, there is an emergency braking system after an accident that prevents uncontrolled movement and repeated collisions.

The proposed control system "blind" zones and assistance when leaving the parking in reverse (detects approaching cars at a distance of 20 meters), adaptive cruise control with automatic deceleration, hold lanes and the ability to go in traffic jam mode.

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