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At one time, the modification of the V70 station wagon, under the name V70XC (from the abbreviation Cross Country), was highly appreciated by consumers, trying to build on success, Volvo renamed it, giving rise to a new model range of XC cars. So in 2002, the enduring and dynamic Volvo XC70 appears. This model from the all-wheel drive station wagon V70 is distinguished by a frankly off-road essence. When turning the Volvo V70 station wagon into a Volvo XC70 off-road car, the designer mainly worked on the exterior: changed the bumpers, lining the sidewalls and eyebrows of the wheel niches, leaving all these plastic parts black.

Obviously, such a “body kit” is more practical than bumpers painted in body color. Unlike a paint and varnish covering it is not afraid of scratches from branches, gravel and the stones flying from under wheels, especially often found on country roads. Changed and directly the design of the car. So, in the XC70, instead of a viscous coupling, they began to use the Haldex multidisk electronic-mechanical clutch, which is capable of connecting the rear axle almost without delay when the front wheels slip. The ground clearance has increased from 166 to 210 mm, respectively, and Volvo engineers have strengthened the suspension.

Photo Volvo XC70

Interior design deserves the highest praise. Laconic, but original design of the company front panel, light colors of the upholstery, soft plastics with an interesting texture, the modesty of the wooden decor - everything is very stylish and high-quality. In the interior trim is harmoniously combined leather and plastic. Particularly stylish look stitched with large stitches leather chairs and door armrests. The center console is not overloaded with buttons, because they are all large, with clearly readable icons.

Salon gives passengers maximum comfort. In the presence of electric windows and mirrors, separate climate control and heated front seats. For family car mandatory glove boxes, niches, pockets, holders, sockets and, of course, ashtrays. For a fee, you can get a built-in phone, and even a TV. The manufacturer offers a wide range of audio systems. The most high-tech of them - HU-803 with Dolby Surround Pro Logic. It includes 12 speakers, a powerful amplifier, a subwoofer and, of course, a CD player.

Photo Volvo XC70

Her sound will please even the most fastidious music lover. As part of the ergonomics salon Volvo XC70 at altitude. The rear seat comfortably accommodates three adult passengers. The ability to transform the passenger compartment allows you to fold any of the three sections of the rear seat, which facilitates the transport of long-sized cargo. The luggage compartment can rightly be called the main advantage of the XC70. It is not so much striking in size as a carefully thought out functionality.

Under the raised floor you can find a lot of niches for different small things, including the "spare wheel". Complement the picture mesh for fasteners and cargo pockets in the sidewalls. Another advantage is the grille separating the cabin from the trunk. If necessary, it can be installed both behind the front seats and behind the rear seats or, as superfluous, it is attached to the ceiling. When the rear seat is folded, the floor of the cargo area remains flat, without a ledge at the border of the trunk and cabin. Gamma of power units is represented by two powerful modern engines.

Photo Volvo XC70

The first 2.5 T single-row five-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine with a working volume of 2.5 liters and 210 hp It has balanced performance and excellent response. The latest advances in low friction engine technology and variable intake and exhaust phase systems provide excellent dynamic performance, cleaner exhaust under all driving conditions and economical fuel consumption. The second is a D5 five-cylinder aluminum turbodiesel with a 2.4-liter capacity of 163 hp.

direct injection. The most modern design with “common rail” direct injection technology and variable turbine geometry provides fast response, exceptional softness of work, excellent traction and, equally important, excellent fuel efficiency. Volvo XC70 buyers are offered two transmission options: manual and automatic. The manual transmission is standard on the XC70 2.5T and is not offered for the Volvo XC70 D5.

Photo Volvo XC70

Automatic gearbox has a special winter mode facilitates starting off and driving on slippery roads. It is offered as an option for the Volvo XC70 2.5T. Interestingly, the Geatronic automatic transmission, which completes the new XC70, has a peculiar algorithm of work in the "manual" mode. When forcing the gears, the “automaton” independently goes to the highest level when the engine sets the maximum rpm, but, starting from the third, it blocks the selected gear, thereby improving the engine thrust. Fitted as standard in the XC70 D5 and as an option in the Volvo XC70 2.5T.

In general, the Volvo XC70 is quite prepared for poor road conditions, but because of the long wheelbase and overhangs, its geometric cross-country ability is noticeably limited. At the heart of the all-wheel drive Volvo V70 XC is a Haldex multi-plate clutch that automatically connects the rear-wheel drive when the front wheels slip. The car is equipped with the most modern chassis with suspension type Multi-link and powerful brakes with ABS. Suspension is easy and good feedback. For surcharge to the XC70 offer an electronic anti-skid system (DSTC), by the way, switchable. If there is a tendency to slip, the brakes instantly act on one or more wheels to regain control of the car.

Photo Volvo XC70

EBA is also included in this system - emergency braking assistance. Many owners of the Volvo V70 XC appreciate it for its excellent capacity, comfort and firm reputation of a safe car. Volvo's WHIPS protection system designed by Volvo reduces the load on the spine and neck of a person sitting in the front seat when hitting the back.

It is built into the front seats and is activated if the rear kick is strong enough. Volvo's unique SIPS side impact protection system uses a significant portion of the body to absorb impact force. Inflatable curtain IC and side-curtain airbags provide maximum protection for the head and chest in a side impact. Two-threshold airbags for the driver and passenger register the force of the collision and appropriately regulate the filling with gas — with a strong impact, the pressure will be high, with a weak impact, low. If airbags are not needed, only seat belt pretensioners are triggered.

As an option for young children, Volvo child seats are available with an ISOFIX attachment system, mounted against the direction of travel in the side rear seats and also in the front passenger seat with the airbag removed. For the safety of the car itself is responsible electronic immobilizer and door locks that withstand the majority of hacking attempts. As an option, an alarm system with remote control is offered. The 2005 Volvo XC70 model year will offer a driver information system about the presence of a car in the “dead zone” (BLIS) - when a car appears in this sector, a warning light comes on. In March 2007, the updated XC70 was presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show.

The appearance largely repeats the Volvo V70 station wagon, which debuted earlier, from which the car traditionally has an increased ground clearance and plastic body kit designed to protect the paintwork while driving on light off-road conditions. Body forms and body kit elements successfully added to the updated XC70 sportiness, without disturbing the feeling of its involvement in the premium segment. The front end, which includes a completely updated bumper with air intakes, headlights and grille, got a more expressive appearance, and the rear, including the tailgate with a practical solution to an enlarged glass surface, did not deprive the XC70 of the overall "swiftness" effect.

The car received a fully aluminum six-cylinder in-line gasoline engine of 3.2 liters, which is also installed on the new Volvo S80 and Volvo V70. The motor also satisfies the requirements of drivers who love dynamic driving, as well as those who like comfortable driving and minimal fuel consumption. The unit develops a maximum power of 238 hp. and has a maximum torque of 320 Nm. In addition to the six-cylinder aspirated engine, a 2.4-liter 5-cylinder turbodiesel with an output of 185 hp is offered Both engines can be paired as a 6-speed manual gearbox, and with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

As an option, customers are available pneumatic suspension with variable ground clearance. In 2011, the second generation Volvo XC70 has undergone restyling. Slightly updated exterior, interior and engines. Swedish designers have “refreshed” the exterior of the car by installing upgraded head optics, other exterior mirror housings with LED turn signals doublers, retouched radiator grille, as well as new design wheel rims and additional body color options. In the cabin there are more upgrades. Along with better finishing materials - a new multi-function steering wheel and center console, replacing strict straight lines with elegant roundness.

As part of the restyling, the Volvo XC70 has the Sensus multimedia system, advanced adaptive cruise control, and Pedestrian Detection and City Safety technologies. The Pedestrian Detection system, using cameras and radar, is capable of detecting people and recognizing the distance to them. If the driver on the road fails reaction, the system automatically activates the brake pedal. City Safety, operating at speeds of up to 32 km / h, monitors the distance to the objects in front and, in the event of a collision risk, stop the vehicle on its own in the event of a driver’s inactivity. Under the hood are two new diesel engines. This is a 2.0-liter unit from an S60 of 163 hp.

and 400 Nm of torque and an upgraded 2.4-liter engine, whose power increased to 215 hp, the torque increased to 440 Nm (+20 Nm). Volvo said that the engine was able to make not only more powerful, but also 8% more economical.

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