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For the first time, the Volvo V50 was presented to the general public in December 2004 at the Bologna auto show. Volvo V50 is considered a close relative of the S40 sedan, so in many respects, these two cars are similar. True, the Swedes turned out V50 5 cm longer. They position this model as a sports wagon. The original body and numerous trim options allow anyone who has chosen the Volvo V50 to create their own unique car that fully expresses the individual preferences of its owner. Large selection of colors, alloy wheels and other elements of the body finish to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

In order to emphasize the dynamic nature of the V50, the manufacturer offers specially designed options for body trimming: Medea alloy wheels, a sports chassis, a sports body kit (front spoiler, side skirts and rear lower spoiler), a roof spoiler and sports exhaust pipes. The design and equipment level of the Volvo V50 has stepped forward. The combination of a delightful exterior and magnificent rideable qualities allowed the car to become a powerful competitor in this segment. Smooth outlines of the hood and body are in harmony with the sharp lines of the rear of the V50. More compact arrangement of the engine allowed to increase the space in the cabin.

Photo Volvo V50

The extended wheelbase and Volvo’s transverse engine position make the Volvo V50 very spacious. Salon easily transformed. The back seat is divided into two sections, its backs are folded. The front passenger seat is equipped with a back, which when folded forms a flat surface. With the seats folded, the floor of the luggage compartment will be completely flat. The interior of the spacious cabin looks elegant and harmonious. A unique, very thin front console (first appeared in the new Volvo S40), as if floating in the air, forming the upper level of the cabin. It connects the tunnel console with the front panel, emphasizing the style and lightness of the design.

Behind the front console is a practical compartment for personal items, easily accessible from both sides. This compartment has a backlight that emphasizes the feeling of carefully thought-out functionality. Like other car interior panels, the front console can be ordered with various decorative panels. This allows the buyer to adapt the car to suit individual taste. In the basic version, the color of this panel coincides with the main interior color. The transparent plastic version - “IcedAqua” - is completely unique. It creates a high-tech atmosphere because it allows you to see the electronics and the rest of the technical stuffing.

Photo Volvo V50

The dark panel "under the tree" creates the impression of elegance and sophistication. The “aluminum” panel, made of real metal, creates a sense of functionality and the highest quality. Salon can have one of three colors: black with a touch, gray and dark beige.

For each interior color provides a range of harmonious colors upholstery. One of the four proposed upholstery materials is leather. The most innovative Dala upholstery is textiles with ribs, T-Tec elements and noticeable bright seams. T-Tec is a material specifically developed for Volvo Cars.

Photo Volvo V50

Ergonomics driver's seat at a height. The car is equipped with a comfortable ergonomic driver's seat, an adjustable steering wheel and a dashboard with a logical arrangement of instruments and indicators. On request, the car can be equipped with laminated side windows. They withstand very strong blows, and increases protection against penetration into the salon. The basic equipment Volvo V 50 includes air conditioning and power windows of the front and rear windows. Among the options are listed phone and navigation system.

The car has several small sources of soft light. In particular, the front panel is constantly highlighted from the ceiling. Volvo V50 has a high level of passive and active safety. Thanks to the new design, the V50's body is 34 percent tougher than its predecessor, the V40. This torsional stiffness improves the stability and predictability of the car on the road. The design of the chassis, which has a wide gauge and a large wheelbase, also has a positive effect on the stability of the car. The suspension is independent, with spring struts at the front and a multi-link system at the rear. The rear suspension helps counteract the tendency to skid.

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Volvo V50 is equipped with a very powerful ABS brake system with electronic brake force distribution to the rear wheels and automatic braking in the event of an emergency - EVA (emergency braking system). Ventilated discs are installed ahead. The diameter of the disc corresponds to the engine power (up to 16.5 inches). Headlights on the V 50 include a floodlight type dipped beam. The concentrated beam of light is surrounded by a halo that helps drivers moving in the opposite direction to estimate the distance to the car.

As an additional option, bi-xenon discharge lamps GDL dipped and main beam are offered. Turn signals are installed on the side mirrors, and the parking lights are clearly visible in the headlights and rear lights, making the Volvo V 50 clearly visible from any position. At the request of the owner, the Volvo V50 can be equipped with: a system to ensure stability and traction control STC (prevents wheel slip); system of dynamic stabilization and control of DSTC (monitors the movement of the machine and makes adjustments only in cases where the possibility of skidding occurs). A few words about the deformation zones.

Photo Volvo V50

The front part of the Volvo V50 is divided into several zones, each of which plays a special role in the deformation process. The outer zones are responsible for the largest part of the deformation. The closer the forces of impact are selected to the salon, the less deformed materials are used. When creating a car, four grades of steel are used. In addition to the usual body steel, three different grades of high-strength steel are used: high-strength steel, super strong steel and ultra high-strength steel. The Volvo V50 has introduced Keyless Drive, a keyless locking / unlocking system with carefully thought-out functionality that enhances ease of car ownership.

It allows you to open or lock the car and turn on the engine without using a key. To do this, the driver must have with him, for example, in his pocket, the so-called PAD (passive authorization device). It is also possible to activate at a distance all the usual functions of the remote control, for example, lighting when leaving the car and turning on the siren in a dangerous situation. Thus, the system provides complete freedom of action and quick access to the car in a dangerous situation. Under the hood, the Volvo V50 can have a 2.5-liter gasoline engine of 2.5 liters.

Photo Volvo V50

With a power of 125, 170 or 220 hp For lovers of diesel versions, a 136-strong 4-cylinder diesel engine D4204T with a volume of 2.0 liters is proposed. The top model in the V50 program is the all-wheel drive turbocharged V50 T5 AWD. It is equipped with a five-cylinder 2.5-liter gasoline engine producing 220 hp.

with low pressure turbine. Turbine allows you to create a large torque from low to high engine speed. The collector and turbine of the T5 engine are cast as a single unit of high-strength steel alloy with the highest heat resistance (1050 ° C). Therefore, the unit requires less cooling without additional fuel consumption.

Photo Volvo V50

As a result, the engine can run on a leaner mixture, which reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions - especially when driving at high speeds. With the release of the V50 T5 AWD, Volvo offers the AWD all-wheel drive system in a compact segment. The engine power is automatically distributed between the front and rear wheels via an extremely fast-acting hydraulic coupling from Haldex with electronic control. It is able to redistribute the maximum torque to the rear wheels faster than the front wheels make a quarter turn.

This instant connection and disconnection increases the stability of the behavior of the car and its stability on all types of coverage. Also, stability is increased due to the increase in weight per rear axle when using AWD. The gearbox is a six-speed “mechanic” from sports versions of R or a five-step adaptive “automatic”. The AWD model has a slightly higher fit compared to the front-wheel-drive V50, since the drive shaft requires for its placement an increased space between the chassis and the body. A stiffer anti-roll bar and modified shock absorber settings compensate for a slight increase in center of gravity, helping to maintain the car’s dynamic properties.

The V50 wagon is available in two versions of the chassis: four-wheel drive and drive front wheels. The Volvo V50 is a completely new five-door model with sporty lines, rational design solutions and a flexible convertible salon - a modern sports wagon.

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