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Debut S80 was held in 1998. This model perfectly combines aesthetic beauty, a high level of comfort, ease of management and advanced technology. Spacious and roomy interior creates a sense of concern for passengers. The S80 can comfortably accommodate five adult passengers. The reserve of legroom for second-row passengers is impressive. All seats are equipped with head restraints and three-point seat belts with pretensioners. Soundproofing cabin at the highest level. The interior is pleased with the original dashboard and high-quality interior materials.

Driving gives you an unrivaled feeling of total control over the road. Most controls can be used without removing hands from the steering wheel. A variety of adjustments to the steering wheel and driver's seat make it easier to find the ideal position. The driver's seat can have the function of memorizing three different settings. At the request of the customer, a memory function can be added to the side mirrors. Powerful air conditioning with air conditioning has separate adjustments for the left and right side.

Photo Volvo S80

The built-in filter prevents dust, pollen and microparticles from entering the cabin. And, by choosing electronic climate control (ECC), the owner can add an air quality control system that makes the air in the cabin cleaner than on the outside of the car. Separate ventilation and heating openings for passengers in the back seat increase comfort, prevent the formation of ice and misting on the rear side windows. The basic equipment offers an integrated radio with integrated CD player / cassette player or only a cassette player. The maximum number of speakers is 6, including 2 coaxial speakers in the rear shelf. For music lovers, a high-end audio system is offered - Dolby Surround Pro Logic.

She is able to turn the car interior into a concert hall. The system provides the highest natural sound. High-quality speakers and an additional amplifier contribute to the improvement of the audio system, creating a wider and richer sound field.

Photo Volvo S80

The car is equipped with high-quality speakers in the amount of up to 9 pieces and an additional amplifier with a capacity of 4x50 watts. These speakers have fiberglass diffusers, oversized coils and more powerful magnets. They reproduce volume drops better, have an increased dynamic range and a very low level of distortion - they create a more natural sound. The remote control on the steering wheel allows you to adjust the volume, switch radio stations and move on to the next or previous recording on a CD without removing your hands from the steering wheel. Also used to control the built-in phone, with backlit buttons.

The luggage compartment easily increases, it’s enough to fold the back seat or part of it. And in order to increase the space for lengthy items, simply lower the back of the front seat for the passenger. Loads are secured with the help of lugs located in the luggage compartment floor, which is the safest. Balance and harmony are complemented by a sense of security. The S80 is traditionally high for Volvo. The car is equipped with IC (Inflatable Curtain) - an inflatable curtain that protects the head from side impacts, and the front seats with WHIPS - built-in protection against neck injuries when struck from behind.

Photo Volvo S80

Airbags for the driver and passenger record the force of the collision and appropriately regulate the filling with gas: with a strong impact, the pressure will be high, with a weak impact, low. If airbags are not needed, only seat belt pretensioners are triggered. An additional airbag built into the center rear armrest ensures that the seat belt is correctly positioned on the baby’s body (optional). For young children, Volvo child seats are available with the ISOFIX mounting system, mounted against the direction of travel in the side rear seats and also in the front passenger seat with the airbag removed (optional).

All seats are equipped with head restraints and three-point seat belts with pretensioners. In the event of a collision, the seat belt is tensioned for maximum protection. Then, the front seat belt tension is slightly reduced so that the person sitting on the seat is locked in an optimal way. The unique system of protection against side impact SIPS, distributes the forces arising from the impact of a large part of the car body to reduce the physical loads acting on people in the cabin.

Photo Volvo S80

The driver has a powerful anti-lock braking system with emergency braking assistance EBA. The reversing radar increases the safety and ease of reversing, emitting a beep of increasing volume as the vehicle approaches the obstacle behind it. The beep is heard only inside the cabin.

Special lighting after stopping and closing the doors makes it possible to move away from the car in the dark without any problems. An alarm system with remote control is offered as an option. The range of power units is represented by inline five or six-cylinder engines. 6-cylinder engines: 2.8 l T6, 272 hp (two turbines); auto Geartronic transmission and 2.9 liters, 204 hp 5-speed manual or 4-speed adaptive automatic transmission.

Photo Volvo S80

5-cylinder engines: 2.4 liters, 170 hp or 140 hp; 2.0 liter, t5, 225 hp (turbo); 2.0 liter, T, 163 hp (low pressure turbo); 2.5 liter, TDI, 140 hp (turbo diesel direct injection). The power units can be paired with a 5-speed manual transmission, a 5-speed automatic or, depending on the model, a 4-speed automatic. In the automatic mode, the Geartronic gearbox selects the patterns and gearshift points in accordance with the driving style; if the driver is a fan of more active driving, simply switch the box to manual mode. Extremely high torsion stiffness of the body and one of the most advanced suspensions increase the ability of the car to “hold the road”.

Independent front wheel drive suspension combined with the innovative Multi-link rear suspension. The result is a stable and predictable behavior of the car on the road, as well as, no less important, comfort of the highest class. Independent rear wheel suspension Multi-link maintains almost constant wheel alignment and track width. It provides high driving comfort, as well as the balance and predictability of the car. The STC (Stabilization and Traction Control) anti-slip system automatically delivers just such power to the drive wheels that is necessary to maintain their good grip.

Photo Volvo S80

The system of dynamic stabilization and control of DSTC detects and eliminates the tendency to skid, if necessary, braking the wheels to maintain control over the car. To enhance comfort, at the request of the customer, various specially designed options can be installed. For example, a built-in GSM phone with the Hands Free system. Allows you to make and answer calls using the buttons located on the steering wheel or center console. This system is equipped with an integrated antenna that improves the quality of communication. Microphone and speaker mounted in the headrest.

The navigation system RTI helps to find the shortest path to the destination. If necessary, gives voice guidance. The display shows the location of the car and the remaining way, information about jams and recommendations on the choice of alternative routes. The trip computer shows the instantaneous and average fuel consumption, the distance that you can travel on the remaining fuel, the average speed and the distance traveled.

Photo Volvo S80

(Not installed in the Volvo S80 Bi-Fuel). Volvo S80 is a worthy competitor in its class. This car has its own individual style: sophisticated Scandinavian design with clean lines and harmonious shapes, dynamic character, comfortable lounge: with luxurious finishes and intellectual functionality, plus an unmatched security system. S80 - created for fun.

In 2006, an updated version of the model. The second generation remained the same comfortable, and outwardly different from its predecessor more smooth lines. The car began to look more modern and fast.

Not the last role in this is played by the strong tilt of the rear pillar, as well as the original solution of the trunk lid and elegant stamping on the hood. The 2006 Volvo S80 model year has the following dimensions: length - 4851 mm, width - 1861 mm, height - 1493 mm with a wheelbase - 2835 mm. The ground clearance is 151 mm. At the heart of the sedan is a completely new chassis with multi-link rear suspension and MacPherson struts in front. In addition, the car can be equipped with all-wheel drive system and VolvoFour-Cs brand suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers that have three modes of stiffness.

The same system fights rolls in corners and eliminates body pecks during acceleration or deceleration. The interior of the sedan is made in the new corporate style of the Volvo brand, which debuted on the compact Volvo S40. The soaring center console has been preserved. The salon is equipped with maximum comfort.

The adjustment system allows the driver to take any comfortable position behind the wheel, and reading lamps will delight passengers on long journeys. In addition to the main versions of the performance, a special one is offered - Exesutive, which is distinguished by a higher-quality interior trim and some modifications in the exterior. The Executive emblem clearly demonstrates that this is an extraordinary S80 model. The exterior trim of the Executive version includes unique elements: this is a specially painted grille, and chrome-plated air intake sections, and chrome edging of fog lights. Lower door moldings and rear lights are also chrome trim.

The exclusive 18-inch Balius wheels resemble a turbine and are offered as an option. Ergonomic seats and elegant door panels are trimmed with soft Executive leather. Buyers are offered a choice of four colors. Exclusive combinations of materials and colors create a bright contrast and attract attention. Walnut wood panels trim the entire center console and the back of the console over the tunnel. High-density nap mats, specially designed for Executive finishes, reinforce the feeling of richness in the interior. In the cabin in the rear seats, you can install a refrigerator, which includes special cup holders - all of these elements are designed to increase the comfort of the journey.

An advanced entertainment system for rear seat passengers (RSE) is also available as an option. The RSE includes a built-in DVD player, 7-inch screens in the headrests of the front seats, wireless headphones and remote control. An additional connector allows you to connect a separate DVD player, computer game or video camera. Two 7-inch screens can be used independently for different functions.

The choice of engines for the Executive version includes two petrol and one diesel: 4.4 V8 / 315 hp, 3.2 l / 238 hp and D5 2.4 l / 185 hp All engines are characterized by ultra-compact dimensions and are installed transversely, thus ensuring optimal safety conditions, as well as expanding the space for passengers. Standard versions of the Volvo S80 were also equipped with a 2.6-liter petrol 5-cylinder engine with a capacity of 231 hp and a 2.5-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 200 hp. If the car is equipped with gasoline engines, then the drive can be both front and all four wheels.

Boxes - 6-speed "mechanics" or 6-step "automatic" (with all-wheel drive - only the automatic transmission). In 2011, the debut restyled version of the second-generation Volvo S80. The car received an updated exterior design. The styling of the sedan's interior has been almost completely reworked: ergonomics have improved, a number of options and high-tech security systems have been added. The quality of finishing materials and comfort is still at altitude.

Restyled version on the Russian market is offered in several configuration options: “Kinetic”, “Momentum”, “Summum” and “Executive”. The line of powertrains of the Volvo S80 sedan is represented by powerful, 5 or 6-cylinder, petrol engines of 2.5 liters, 3.0 liters and 3.2 liters. Modifications with engines of 2.5 l and 3.0 l received front-wheel drive. 3.2-liter version is equipped with all-wheel drive system.

Multiple safety systems guarantee the stable behavior of the machine on all surfaces. The STC anti-slip system provides traction on any surface and prevents skidding when cornering. Volvo S80 business sedan can already be called the “old man” in the model range of the Swedish company. "Older" in its Volvo lineup - only the XC90 SUV. The next update the car experienced in 2013.

Restyled version debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. Sedan received an updated appearance, new intelligent security systems, advanced multimedia systems and an extended list of additional equipment. The look of the S80 2014 model year has become more harmonious and impressive. The flagship sedan received new bumpers, creating a "stretched" effect and making the car wider and lower. Wider grille and rectangular headlights. Rear - new trunk lid.

By the way, now it consists of one part, while on previous machines it was going from two halves. Depending on the level of equipment, and there are four of them for the Russian buyers of the Volvo S80 2014, the sedan is supported on the ground with light-alloy wheels and tires of various sizes. For the Kinetic version - radius 16 wheels with 215/55 R16 tires, for Momentum and Summum 17-gauge light alloy wheels with 225/50 R17 tires, and for the maximum configuration Executive low-profile tires 245/40 R18 on 18 disks. The choice of 17-18 inch wheels is quite wide, but you can also order as an option for the new S80 T6 AWD 19-size alloy wheels with 245/35 R19 rubber.

The choice of enamel color consists of six colors: Ice White solid (white), Crystal White pearl (white nacre), Biarritz Blue metallic (blue), Caspian Blue (blue), Bright Silver metallic (silver) and Twilight bronze (bronze). The salon of the renewed “eighty dozen”, as before, pleases with its size. A huge instrument panel with giant dials, a widely spread front panel, large seats. The dials of the instruments are overgrown with chrome rims.

In the interior decoration, premium materials are used exclusively (artificial and genuine leather, wood, aluminum, textiles, soft textured plastic). The special pride of the Swedish manufacturer is the chairs made of environmentally friendly leather, which is supplied by the Scottish company Bridge of Weir. There are new color options for the interior.

The salon still pleases with its strict architectural lines, ergonomics perfected to the smallest detail with the verified efforts of the levers and buttons, cozy and comfortable chairs of the first row with a huge range of adjustments. The main innovations in the salon of the restyled versions are the presence of a color graphic 8-inch dashboard with three modes of operation and backlighting - Elegance, Eco and Performance, as well as the new infotainment system Sensus Connected Touch with a 7-inch display. It offers an internet connection so that users can browse the web, have access to Google Maps and Internet radio.

These systems are optional and are present by default only in the maximum configuration. But the basic version of Kinetic has quite impressive equipment: dual-zone climate control, Russified on-board computer, City Safety system of the 2nd generation, a full set of airbags, electronic handbrake, heated front seats, LED daytime running lights, Performance audio system with color 5- tee inch display, ABS and EBA, stabilization system and DSTC.

As the version rises or at a cost, the sedan’s equipment can be supplemented with various safety and comfort systems: leather upholstery, electric front seats, massage and ventilation systems, heated rear seats, active cruise control, heated windshield and steering wheel rims, rain sensors and lights, electric sunroof, active Bi-Xenon lights, music systems of various functional content and quality of playback, navigation, front and rear parking sensors, systems that monitor the crossing of the marking line, goad signs, blind areas, the state of the driver and a lot of different amenities.

The 2014 Volvo S80 has a fully independent suspension - McPherson struts in the front, multi-link rear, disc brakes, power steering is used (variable power is available as an option). A serious advantage of the 2014 model is the possibility to choose the chassis: Comfort, Lowered Sport Chassis (low landing) and the active Four-C chassis (with control of damping stiffness). In the Russian market, the car is offered with two petrol turbocharged engines and one non-alternative 6 Geartronic automatic transmission. Five-cylinder 2.5-liter engine producing 249 hp accelerates the car to 100 km / h in 7.0 seconds.

The six-cylinder 3.0-liter for the S80 T6 AWD version with all-wheel drive has a power output of 304 hp.

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