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Photo Volkswagen Touareg

The Touareg made its world debut at the Paris Motor Show on September 26, 2002. The name of the car dates back to the Middle Ages, when the Taurega called the "Knights of the Desert" tribes of nomads living in the Sahara. Today, the Touareg is the first executive SUV. He became the personification of a fundamentally new Volkswagen concept, combining the qualities of an excellent SUV with the comfort of a sedan and the dynamics of a sports car. The range of engines is petrol V6 (3.2 l / 220 hp) and V8, 228 kW / 310 hp, and 5-liter V10 TDI diesel (230 kW / 313 hp). Subsequently, it is planned to supplement this series with a five-cylinder TDI 2.5 liters.

128 kW / 174 hp Together with these engines can operate both manual and automatic six-speed gearbox. High off-road quality of the car provides a new electronic all-wheel drive system. In normal mode, the system distributes the energy of the engine between the front and rear axles. In the case of slippage of one of the wheels, this wheel is braked, and the engine power is transferred to the other wheels.

Photo Volkswagen Touareg

In another case, for example with powerful acceleration, the system transfers more power to the rear wheels in order to make acceleration as efficient as possible. In addition, the VW Touareg is equipped with a locking center differential, and has a "reduced" range of transmission, which speaks of its serious off-road capabilities. A few words about comfort. The Touareg is equipped with a Keyless system, not only disarming a car when the owner approaches it (and, accordingly, arming it when the owner departs from the car), but also allows you to start the engine by simply pressing a button. Salon Touareg is distinguished not only for its elegance, but also for its functionality.

Note the expensive finishing materials (aluminum, wood) and comfortable front seats with 6 settings, including lumbar support. The microclimate system on the Touareg can be equipped on request. You can choose from two versions of the air conditioning system (standard 2-zone or 4-zone Climatronic), as well as a sliding sunroof.

Photo Volkswagen Touareg

4-zone installation will create an individual microclimate for each passenger, including those sitting behind. A variety of different tanks, which are located in the cabin, will help with maximum comfort to place everything you need on the road. So, at the height of the driver’s elbows, you will find a large central armrest, inside of which there is an illuminated storage box. If you fold the armrest up, the holder for a bottle of up to 1 liter becomes available. The air-cooled glovebox is distinguished by its amazing capacity. The lockable shelf on the top instrument panel is indispensable for various trifles.

Separately, it should be said about the light equipment of the car. All five seats are equipped with night lights. Light sources are located in the rearview mirror and constantly illuminate the entire center console, so there is never complete darkness in the cabin.

Photo Volkswagen Touareg

In parallel with the ceiling lighting, there is also an illumination of the legroom, an illumination of the thresholds and door handles, complemented by a picture of illuminated makeup mirrors. In addition, the package includes a flashlight and separate sources of lighting in the engine compartment and the trunk. Excellent sound insulation of the cabin is provided by: triple door seals system, acoustic glass, high rigidity of sheet steel parts and the use of soundproof sandwich structures made of aluminum.

A high level of vehicle safety is achieved by installing such systems as: ESP stabilization system, tire pressure monitoring system (RDK), independent suspension, four-wheel drive 4XMOTION, АBS, EBC (prevents short-term wheel locking during engine braking) and HBA (brake assis). On request, the Touareg can be equipped with a comfort parking device. Ultrasonic sensors detect the presence of an obstacle at a distance of up to 120 centimeters in front and up to 150 centimeters behind the car. In 2006, the Touareg W12 appeared with a 12-cylinder gasoline engine of 6.0 liters, producing 450 hp.

Photo Volkswagen Touareg

In addition to the engine, the Touareg W12 differs in slightly different aerodynamic bodywork and a very rich package bundle. Also in 2006, the updated Touareg was presented at the Paris Motor Show. The car received a more modern design and new electronic systems.

Changes in the appearance of the Touareg in the eyes do not rush. The enlarged grille in the general corporate spirit descended on the bumper, headlights now more refined and original, but the overall style and spirit of the SUV has been preserved to detail, and even the observant person’s look will not immediately reveal the less significant changes in the type of rear light cosmetics. The interior was as it was. Touareg 2007 received a lot of new equipment. One of the new unconditionally useful systems is the advanced ABS plus.

Photo Volkswagen Touareg

The system is able to reduce the stopping distance on gravel, snow or sand (where the normal ABS lengthens it) by 20%. Thanks to an innovative anti-skid system, electronics allow the wheels to be blocked on such roads. As a result, the tires scoop up slides of loose or loose coating in front of them, which form a kind of locking shoes.

As a result, the braking distance is significantly shortened. Another important electronic innovation was adaptive cruise control with the function of following and stopping. Systems that scan "dead" visibility zones on the sides of the car were first introduced by Volvo three years ago.

VW improved this system. If you are driving straight ahead and on the left or right side another car moves in the “dead” zone, the lights just light up. It is necessary to turn on the "turn signal" in the direction where there is an obstacle, as the lights begin to blink rapidly, their brightness increases, and a beep sounds. The usual visibility has also improved - thanks to new, larger exterior mirrors, as well as adaptive bi-xenon headlights that increase visibility on winding roads. It became easier to park, since the Touareg is now equipped with a rear-view camera. Given the considerable size of the car, such an assistant does not seem superfluous.

Under the hood, the Touareg began to put petrol V6 (3.6 l, 280 hp) and V8 (4.2 l, 350 hp), as well as diesel engines of 2.5 liters (174 hp), 3.0 liters (225 hp with the presence of "mechanics" and 240 hp with the "machine") and V10 volume of 5.0 liters (313 hp). Well, at the end of 2007 appeared Touareg R50. This "charged" car has a diesel engine V10, which produces already 350 hp. In early 2010, Volkswagen introduced a new generation in Touareg Munich. The car, which still shares its platform with the Porsche Cayenne, as a result of improvements has become somewhat wider (+12 mm) and longer (+43 mm) of its predecessor.

But this not only did the car not put on weight, but on the contrary it became easier. Due to the use of lightweight materials and a reduction in overall height by 20 mm, the weight of the machine has decreased by 208 kilograms. With this new SUV has become more easily managed and more economical. Design Touareg 2010 is made in the modern style of the brand.

The exterior of the car was equipped with a modified chrome grille, front headlights of complex shape and other taillights. As for the cabin, by increasing the size of the car, it has become more comfortable and spacious. Quality and finishing materials are made at the level of the executive class car. At the same time, due to the absence of a large number of small parts, the interior has become more concise and strict. The new multifunctional steering wheel and exclusive rotating handles on the central tunnel deserve separate words. Space for passengers is more than enough, and the amount of luggage can increase to 1,570 liters.

The updated Volkswagen Touareg is completed with a new 8-speed automatic transmission and a line of modern gasoline and diesel engines. Volkswagen specialists have developed a new transmission based on the “automatic machine” with six steps. As a result of the fact that two additional gears appeared, the range of gear ratios between the first and last stages increased by 20%, which made the work of the engines more efficient at any speed.

Seven engines: three-liter V6 TDI turbodiesels (204 hp and 240 hp), gasoline "six" 3.6 FSI with a capacity of 249 hp and 280 hp, turbo diesel "eight" with a common rail direct injection system of 4.2 liters (340 hp), and the first "hybrid" in the history of Volkswagen (gasoline compressor "six" 3.0 TSI with 333 hp paired with a 47-horsepower electric motor). The standard Touareg is equipped with a Torsen center differential and a spring suspension with a clearance of 220 mm.

In addition, the second generation Touareg offers an off-road package Terrain Tech, which includes: downshifting, locking center differential, locking the rear differential, as well as air suspension with the ability to increase ground clearance up to 300 mm. In the basic configuration, the Volkswagen Touareg 2010 is equipped with all-wheel drive 4Motion, heated seats, climate control, central locking, a multifunction display, eight speakers, and many more other equipment. The new ABS Plus from Bosch is responsible for safety, ACC cruise control with Front Scan function and a tilt sensor in the security system that activates the airbags when a dangerous situation arises.

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