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Photo Subaru Outback / Lancaster

In 1996, a new model appeared on the market - Subaru produced an unusual car based on the Legacy station wagon, called the Outback. It differed from an ordinary station wagon with an increased ground clearance, as well as a powerful plastic protection “on the perimeter”, painted in a contrasting color. Subaru Legacy Outback has become very popular, especially in the United States. Therefore, in 2000, the car was allocated in an independent model Subaru Outback.

Subaru specialists managed to create a luxury wagon with its own charisma, the highest build quality, emotionally attractive, with increased permeability, thanks to a system of symmetrical all-wheel drive. Outback is equipped with an AWD system. Permanent four-wheel drive evenly distributes torque to all four wheels, takes into account and instantly responds to the deterioration of the clutch of any of the wheels. In 2003, the debut of a new generation. Having kept recognition, the updated Outback began to look much more harmonious and modern than its predecessor.

Photo Subaru Outback / Lancaster

Dynamic, sporty lines, a massive front grille, clearly distinguished wheel arches and exclusive side covers give the body a fast-moving shape. Large fog lamps and large-diameter headlights enhance night-driving safety. Height clearance - 190-200 mm. Generous ground clearance, enhances the off-road capabilities of the Outback, and its ability to move in all conditions.

Among the design features of the new Outback is a lower center of gravity of the car compared to the previous generation due to a lower engine location, an aluminum hood, a new body power structure with ring-shaped amplifiers, a 30 mm wider track, new springs and shock absorbers, which improved smoothness. The salon has become more like European designs. The solid and stylish interior of the Outback will provide a welcoming welcome. High-quality finishing materials, an excellent Momo steering wheel, an attractive cocktail of instruments and controls - this is an environment of comfort and convenience.

Photo Subaru Outback / Lancaster

The equipment list includes air conditioning, leather trim (extra charge), 6-speaker CD receiver, high-quality 4-touch / 4-channel ABS, VDC brake system, powerful fog lights, alloy wheels with a diameter of 16 or 17 inches, optional sunroof and DVD navigation. The SRS airbag system is provided as a backup system for use with seat belts. Airbags are triggered only in frontal or side collisions, in order to weaken the blow aimed at those sitting in the car. Standard equipment is 4 airbags SRS for the driver and for the front passenger.

The front seatbelt of the Subaru Outback is a completely new design with electrical tensioners and load limiters. In the event of a collision, seat belts are triggered along with SRS airbags to keep those sitting in the car, thus contributing to a high level of safety. For the driver and the front passenger, active head restraints are mounted in the seat, which at the time of the frontal collision are fed a little back, softening the blow of the head.

Photo Subaru Outback / Lancaster

Thanks to the use of new reinforced ring-shaped frames, the body has become more rigid. The car is equipped with an automatic leveler; Dampers are equipped with a booster mechanism. New subframe provides greater stability of the rear suspension, improving handling. Models of the model 2005 model year are equipped with an engine of 2.5 liters 16V SOHC, developing 165 hp and aggregated with a 5-step “mechanics” or 4-step “automatic”, or a 3.0 liter 24V DOHC motor (245 hp) together with a 6-step “mechanics” or 5-step “automatic” Sportshift. Solid appearance and high-class equipment cabin Subaru Outback look noble and original. The car is equally well suited for city trips, and for the country.

The debut of the fourth generation Subaru Outback was held in 2009 at the New York Auto Show. Machines for the American market were assembled in the USA, for other countries - in Japan. In the fourth generation of the car has increased in size.

Now the length of the Outback was 4775 mm (-20 mm), width - 1820 (+50 mm), height - 1605 mm, wheelbase (+75 mm). A new generation of Outback has received a new false radiator grille in the form of wide strips painted under aluminum, the front bumper was painted to match the entire body (it was different in previous generations), turn signal repeaters appeared in the side mirrors, xenon headlamps became narrower and setting on the wing. Side windows, contrary to the traditions of previous generations, acquired arches. In addition, already in the basic configuration, the Outback began to be equipped with front and rear fog lamps.

Salon Outback 2009 has become significantly more comfortable and spacious than its predecessors. There are many niches, cup holders and other compartments for small things. Finishing materials - high-quality plastic, in the basic configuration is offered fabric upholstery of the seats, in the higher - leather. The driver's seat is electrically adjustable (in 10 directions), the front passenger seat is height adjustable, and the backs of the rear seats can be adjusted to tilt. The design of the front panel has become more elegant. Visually, the space in front of the front riders expanded.

The brightest detail of the interior is a large screen multimedia system with navigation. The coolant temperature gauge disappeared, instead they began to install the fuel economy gauge. When the engine temperature is below normal - the indicator glows blue, and when the engine overheats, it lights up red. The size of the hatch has been halved, and now it no longer extends over the rear seats. Thanks to the redesigned suspension, the luggage compartment was increased by 67 liters.

Famous subarovskie engines with horizontally opposed cylinders are hidden under the hood of the station wagon. Opens the line of four-cylinder petrol engine of 2.5 liters, 167 hp. With this engine is available and the usual six-speed "mechanics", and variator Lineartronic (if desired, the variator can be transferred to the steering).

The petrol “six” volume of 3.6 liters is presented in two versions with a capacity of 249 hp. and 260 hp This engine is paired with a Sportshift 5-speed automatic transmission. In the configuration with this engine, a new technology is available from Subaru: the system of intelligent drive SI-drive, which allows you to change the settings of the engine and transmissions, depending on driving style and driving situation. The third engine stands alone. This is the world's first passenger diesel "opposit" who debuted on the Subaru Forester model.

The two-liter 150-horsepower unit is combined only with a six-speed manual transmission. This engine has not been supplied to the Russian market. Subaru designers have improved the chassis, high-grade steel is now used at critical points, and rigidity has been increased, while the total weight has hardly changed.

Installed Dynamic Chassis Control Concept. The Cradle Mount engine and gearbox mounting system is applied, when both the engine and the gearbox are not attached directly to the body, but to the common subframe, which in turn, through rubber, cushions is attached to the body. Four-point engine mount, through the hydraulic supports. This allowed to completely isolate the engine from the body and reduce noise and vibration, making the ride more comfortable.

The list of standard features includes the following safety technologies: Electronic Stability Control (ESC) electronic stability control system, Brake Assist safety brake system and Brakeforce Distribution electronic brake force distribution system. Eight airbags are responsible for passive safety: for the driver and front passenger, side airbags for the front seats on the outer frame, side airbags for the front and rear passengers, as well as a popliteal safety roller for the driver.

Already in the basic configuration on the Subaru Outback 2009 were installed dual-zone climate control, cruise control, rain and light sensors, multi-functional multimedia display, audio system with controls on the steering wheel, shift paddles. The Subaru company brought a restyled version of the Outback station wagon to the 2012 New York Motor Show. Externally, the wagon has become more powerful and solid. Outback 2013 features a new grille (now it's a branded hex grille with a large Subaru badge in the middle). Headlights, having the shape of a falcon eye (in the original “Hawkeye”), added to the appearance of the car more aggression.

The new bumper with enhanced fog lights heightened the impression of sportiness. In general, the body has acquired more rounded edges and received chrome accents. The length of the car is 4 790 mm (+15 mm), its width remains the same and is 1820 mm, height - 1615 mm (+10 mm).

The wheelbase is equal to 2745 mm, and the clearance is increased to 213 mm. Outfit 2013 curb weight is 1552 kg. The spacious salon Outback 2013 now has a more solid look, in its decoration there are better plastic, new types of fabrics and panels decorated with wood. The salon has two rows of seats. And the driver and passengers behind will feel comfortable and even at ease.

In the back seat comfortably accommodate three adult passengers. At hand will be four cup holders, pockets in the upholstery of the rear doors with bottle holders in each and mesh pocket in the backs of the front seats. The driver’s seat is comfortable, the visibility is excellent. In the interior of the car a new steering wheel, similar to that installed in the Impreza model. In the center of the dashboard appeared 3.5-inch display, which is derived economizer and indicators of the speed of cruise control. Music lovers will appreciate the new speaker system, which is optimized for an enlarged interior and a higher level of sound insulation of the car.

There is also a function to automatically adjust the volume level according to the speed of the Outback. The control button parking brake moved to the gear lever in order to improve the ergonomics of the driver's seat. Pulling the button on itself, the system turns on, and when you press the button, the car is removed from the parking brake. With the engine running, in order to remove the car from the parking brake, you need to press the gas pedal and the system automatically removes the pads, which allows you to drive.

In addition, the Outback 2013 received a retuned suspension. Rigid suspension mount, low center of gravity and standard dynamic stabilization system, helped engineers to reduce body roll by 40%. Outback front suspension is a MacPherson system, the back is made multi-link.

It is worth noting that in its class, the crossover offers one of the most spacious trunk 490 liters, with the rear seats folded, the volume of useful space increases to 1690 liters, which will allow to transport even bulky loads. Under the hood, for the Subaru Outback 2012, two petrol opposed engines are offered with a working volume of 2.5 (173 hp) and 3.6 (256 hp) liters. The first one works in tandem with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a Lineartronic CVT variator, and a more powerful engine is only available with a five-speed automatic.

The new Lineartronic transmission is the first continuously variable CVT, which, according to the developers, "improves the dynamics, reduces fuel consumption and increases the speed of response to the accelerator pedal control." The new gearbox is complemented by a standard all-wheel drive system. For those who prefer active driving style, the updated Outback provides manual transmission control mode. Gearshifts located on the steering wheel. The EyeSight system is available as an option only for a model with a 3.6-liter engine. She uses two cameras mounted behind the rearview mirror to monitor the movement ahead of the car.

If a person or another car appears on the way of the car, the driver will be warned about this by visual and audible signals. If he is not an example of appropriate measures, the machine will independently reduce the speed to the level of 30 km / h. In the event that the car was moving at a speed of less than 30 km / h, the system will completely stop the car. The Outback is also equipped with a lane departure warning system and adaptive cruise control, in which the EyeSight cameras are involved. At speeds up to 140 km / h, the system continuously monitors vehicle movement and traffic on the road.

In the event of a dangerous situation, the car itself will slow down or stop in front of the obstacle, and then, having determined that the path is clear, will return to the previous speed. In the basic configuration: infotainment system with a 7-inch touch monitor, automatic headlight range control, multifunctional steering wheel, cruise control, speakerphone, Bluetooth, audio system with four speakers, electronic parking brake, USB port with support for iPod, keyless smart function and much more. Safety of the driver and passengers provide side curtains and a set of airbags on both rows of seats.

Modern security systems are also installed, such as: anti-lock braking system (ABS), dynamic traction control, electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), brake assist in extreme situations (BA), helper when moving to the top.

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