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The Peugeot 5008 is the first compact van produced under the Peugeot brand. It was first introduced in September 2008 at the Paris Motor Show. Built on a stretched platform with a Peugeot 3008 and Citroën C4 Picasso.

The model will be a natural extension of the Peugeot 308 SW and Peugeot 3008 family cars. The car, 4.53 m long and 1.64 m high, can hold from five to seven passengers on three rows of seats (2 + 3 + 2). The emergence of this model is designed to strengthen the position of Peugeot in the segment of vehicles for family use. The so-called “family” class is indicated by the first digit in the model designation. Two zeros, according to the manufacturer, say that the Peugeot 5008 belongs to the family of cars with a large body height and a high seating position for the driver. Finally, the last digit indicates the generation of the model.

Photo Peugeot 5008

Outside and in the interior trim, the Peugeot 5008 model resembles its fellow Peugeot 3008 crossover. The elongated headlights, the rising line of the bonnet, the sloping roof, the elongated body, the high belt line - all this causes a feeling of swiftness. In short, the exterior is characterized by conciseness, originality, elegance and good aerodynamic characteristics. The drag coefficient is 0.29.

The interior design is ergonomic and stylish. The cabin has a comfortable, high-seating driver's seat, a large, 1.69-meter panoramic glass roof and a rear-seat multimedia system with 7-inch screens built into the front seat backs, making traveling in a car a real family holiday. The middle row of seats consists of three individual seats of the same width. Each of the seats can be folded up to the formation of a flat surface with a floor at the height of the rear door sill. If you also fold the front passenger seat, the luggage compartment of the car takes up almost the entire cabin, being 2.76 meters long. The side seats move, their backs recline.

Photo Peugeot 5008

This approach to transformation allows passengers to easily occupy their seats in the cabin or leave it at the bus stop. The luggage compartment of the Peugeot 5008 can hold from 758 liters (with the third row of seats folded) to 2506 liters of cargo (with the second row of the seats folded down). In addition, the model 5008 has many smaller compartments under the seats, in the front panel and so on, with a total capacity of 60 liters. Carrier body has programmable deformation zones.

Equipped with an ESP dynamic stabilization system, an electric parking brake with automatic actuation and a slope assist, a warning device not wearing seat belts, a tire pressure drop detection system, an intelligent Snow Motion automatically activated traction control, a parking assist system for forward and reverse, and system for choosing a suitable parking place. The projection screen, mounted on the continuation of the dashboard visor, displays the vehicle speed, the mode of operation of the cruise control, and a message from the Distance Alert system, estimating the distance to the vehicle in front. It is completed with two frontal, lateral and window safety cushions.

Photo Peugeot 5008

Peugeot 5008 is equipped with the same engines that the 3008 crossover is equipped with: the 1.6-liter VTi petrol with a capacity of 120 liters. from. and turbocharged VTi of the same volume, power 156 horsepower.

The company will also present a modification of the model, equipped with diesel engines HDi of 1.6 liters capacity of 110 liters. from. and HDi volume of 2.0 liters capacity of 150 liters. from. The transmissions are five- or six-speed “mechanics”, as well as a six-speed “robot” or a six-speed “automatic” (depending on the selected power unit).

The debut of the restyled version of the model took place at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2013. The need to update the appearance of the 5008 arose due to the fact that in four years since the model’s debut, Peugeot’s corporate identity has changed a bit. As a result of the restyling, the car received an updated head optics and LEDs for daytime running lights. The modified front bumper keeps the stylish inverted trapezium of the false radiator grille dressed in chrome, and the fog lights located near the lower duct and mounted on the chrome-plated original inserts give the car more swiftness and sportiness. The windshield has become noticeably larger.

Among the proposed nine body colors for the restyled Peugeot 5008 there are two new colors - Rich Oak and Artense Gray. In addition, buyers have the opportunity to choose between three types of wheels - 16, 17 and 18 inches. At the same time, 17-inch alloy wheels are offered in the new Diamond Anthra Gray. In short, the updated exterior began to look more attractive. As for the cabin, there are not so many changes, although it is clear that the minivan has reached a higher level of quality.

Salon can still be 5- or 7-seater. The dashboard is made in the classic style for this manufacturer. The main devices are enclosed in two volume spheres, between which there is a small on-board computer screen. At the top, on the center console, there is a large touch screen entertainment and navigation system.

By the way, the "trick" of the display is that it is retractable. Seats that have now become much more comfortable have also changed. They received a solid pad and reinforced lateral support.

The basic version of Access, complete with 6 airbags, AFU, audio system CD MP3 AUX, ABC, ESP, cruise control, air conditioning, electric handbrake with Hill Assist and other attributes of a modern car. More expensive versions are equipped with leather interior, dual-zone climate control, a new multimedia system with a seven-inch color screen (with music and navigation), a frontal collision warning system, a projection display, a rear-view camera, a panoramic roof, a parking sensor, DVD players with screens turning to the rear passengers, electric driver's seat and other trifles.

The power units of the updated 5008 include several options for installations, among which are gasoline and diesel. To equip the basic models, the manufacturer chose a motor, the volume of which is 1.6 l., And the power - 115 hp. This engine represents the HDi family.

It works in conjunction with the six-speed mechanics or with the box type ETG6. Thanks to the new transmission, the car has excellent economy. For example, in the case of the first version of a minivan gearbox, its average consumption per hundred kilometers is 4.7 liters. fuel. As for the same indicator in the case of the second type of transmission, it is 4.2 liters per hundred kilometers. The next engine has a volume of 2 liters and is representative of the same family as the first. With such a volume, the plant is capable of delivering 150 hp of power. This engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Average fuel consumption reaches the level of 5.3 liters. And finally, the last diesel engine is represented by a 2-liter unit, but with a capacity of 163 hp. A car with this engine consumes only 6.3 liters. fuel per 100 km. As mentioned earlier, in addition to diesel engines, the updated minivan is also equipped with gasoline. The first in this line is a 1.6-liter VTi unit with a capacity of 120 hp. For the transmission of torque, in this case, the five-speed mechanics is responsible.

The manufacturer introduced two more versions of gasoline engines, the volume of which is also 1.6 liters.

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