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The model from Peugeot, 407, appeared in public in March 2004. At the heart of the car is the platform of the concern PSA. In accordance with the fashion, the Peugeot 407 has grown significantly in comparison with its predecessor, the Peugeot 406. The dimensions of the car: length - 4676 mm, width - 1811 mm, height - 1445 mm, wheelbase - 2725 mm. The car turned out stylish, bright and dynamic. Broad gauge and squat landing create a rapid and temperamental appearance.

The external elegance and sophistication of the Peugeot 407 is complemented by the comfort and coziness of the interior decoration. The salon impresses with its expensive soft plastic trim, elegant dashboard design and the foundations of the center console. Pleasant to the touch, leather steering wheel, adjustable both in height and on departure. At the height of the driver's seat ergonomics. Steering wheel controls and equipment, grouped in the center of the control panel, provide direct access to key functions and necessary information.

Photo Peugeot 407

The multi-function display shows everything related to the audio system, air conditioning, on-board computer, as well as the date, time of day and ambient temperature. By the way, air conditioning with automated control, which is a big plus in terms of comfort. An electronic climate control system constantly monitors the level of humidity and prevents the windows from misting up when it rains. In addition, there is a special computer that compares the temperature and air quality inside and outside, and automatically determines whether to ventilate the interior and whether it is time to use a carbon filter that does not let in even the smallest pollen.

In the cabin plenty of space for rear passengers. It is noteworthy that under the feet of the central rear passenger floor is almost flat. The seats are very comfortable, rather hard, with developed support and are equipped with a comma-shaped head restraint. The elegant interior can be complemented by leather trim.

Photo Peugeot 407

Panoramic windshield with a large angle of inclination provides an excellent view of the road, creating the impression of a large space and good illumination in the cabin. In order to effectively clean the area of ​​the windshield of dirt in the Peugeot 407 used "swing" scheme wipers. Peugeot 407 has a roomy (407 liters) and a comfortable trunk, in which, thanks to the absence of wheel arches, you can easily place a bulky luggage. For maximum storage space, the rear seat can be folded down. There are also many different places for storing small things: a box in the armrest, a roomy “glove box”, plus a pull-out cup holder.

The line of power units is represented by 6 engines: diesel (HDi), 16-valve, 1.6 liter. Passive safety includes: a reinforced body frame, which has a programmed deformation and is designed to absorb dissipated energy in the event of an impact, and nine airbags: in addition to the front, side and window curtains, there is also a cushion that is “sewn” under the steering column to protect the driver’s knees. The Peugeot 407 was the first car in the world to receive a fundamentally new suspension, in which the pairs of levers perform the role of shock springs and functionally separate the mechanisms responsible for the vertical movement of the body and turning the wheels.

Photo Peugeot 407

Front suspension - double wishbone. Behind - a new "multilever" with thruster effect. And the predominance of aluminum and its alloys as materials for suspension increases the wear resistance of parts and assemblies, at the same time reducing the total weight of the structure. Almost all versions are equipped with automatic switching on of the outdoor light in the dark, which gives comfort to the driver when driving in tunnels and at nightfall.

And the “follow me home” system allows the headlights to remain on for a few seconds after the ignition is turned off, providing convenience to the owners of the 407th when leaving the car and opening the garage doors or house doors. In the options you can order xenon headlights with automatic corrector and wiper. Peugeot 407 - a car with its own character. It is easy to recognize in the city traffic through a huge emblem on the hood and an impressive grille. A huge front bumper performs decorative and aerodynamic functions. The block headlights of the most complicated profile flow into the front fenders, and the vertical foglights are shifted to the very edges of the bumper.

Photo Peugeot 407

The drag coefficient Cx = 0.29. The lower part of the body is visually reinforced with embossed thresholds encircling the car around the perimeter. The rear part is worked out no less carefully - an unusual optics and a small spoiler in the trunk lid give expressiveness and make the overall look completely finished. Special attention deserves the design of the rear bumper. It seems that there is practically none. Four years later, the model decided to refresh a little and restyled. Slightly, in very modest nuances the exterior design has changed.

The management in the cabin was a little redone, and the equipment became a bit richer. In general, it was done quite traditional work to improve the individual qualities of the car. Exterior Peugeot 407 has become a bit more representative and at the same time more sporty. Painted in body color (instead of the old black) lining on the sidewalls and bumpers gave the car a more dynamic look. The huge black mouth of the front air intake began to look presentable due to the appearance of chromium on its grille. The rear part got an updated optics with a transparent central section.

Photo Peugeot 407

There were imitations of the deflector in the lower part of the bumper, and the protective lining decreased in size. Small changes also occurred in the stern of the station wagon, but they mainly affected the lanterns, which acquired pronounced points of LEDs. The appearance of the exterior was reflected in the overall length - the sedan grew by 15 mm, and the station wagon - only 2 mm. The interior has gained a touch of solidity. The rotary knobs of the “music”, climate and navigation control gained a chrome frame. The most expensive versions of the model can now boast of finishing the center console, vents of the ventilation system and door handles, imitating piano lacquer.

Automatic control modes for headlamps or windshield wipers are now switched on by simply moving the levers to the appropriate position. Entertainment and navigation systems offered in Europe have acquired new possibilities for playing and storing digital music files. In addition to the rear PDC, a front one appeared, which, given the long front overhang of the model, is very helpful. The European range of engines for the Peugeot 407 looks impressive. Four petrol - from 1.8 liter capacity of 125 hp up to 3.0 liters of outstanding 211 hp and five HDi turbo diesel engines - from 1.6 liters to 2.7 liters.

Restyled Peugeot 407 received an updated 2.0-liter diesel HDi, whose power increased to 140 hp This modern diesel engine consumes only 5.6 liters of fuel per 100 km, emits 150 g of CO2 per kilometer and complies with the Euro 5 environmental standard.

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