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The original version of the Opel Meriva was introduced in 2002 at the Geneva Motor Show in the form of a “Concept M”. Subsequently, acquiring the final features, was shown at the Paris Motor Show. The compact single-volume Meriva appeared in the Opel model range in 2003. According to Opel experts, the new Meriva can rightfully be called the “younger brother” Zafira. Only now this minivan is designed not for seven, but for five people.

But, despite the close kinship with Zafira, Meriva has much more in common with Opel Corsa. For example, these two cars are built on the same platform and have the same taillights. The wheelbase Meriva is equal to 2630 mm, the total length - 4042 mm, width is 1694 mm. GM developed two designs for this car: for Europe and for America. The first was created at the Opel / Vauxhall International Technical Development Center in Germany, and the second at São Paulo, Brazil, at the GM project center.

Photo Opel Meriva

Two modifications differ in engine size and interior trim. The European version is made at GM's plant in Zaragoza, Spain, and the American, Chevrolet-version, at the San Jose dos Capos factory in Brazil. The Opel Meriva also embodied the concept of “FlexSpace”, which provides ample room for the transformation of the cabin. Due to this, in a matter of seconds Meriva can be a four, three or two-seater car. The middle rear seat retracts in minutes to create comfort and get more luggage and cabin.

The rear seats have many configurations and adjustments. In particular, the rearmost seats have a longitudinal adjustment, the range of which is 200 mm, whichallows you to significantly increase the volume of the luggage compartment, as well as adjust their configuration for passengers of any height and build. As an option, a folding front passenger seat can be ordered. The high position of the seats provides a good view of the road and comfortable embarkation and disembarkation. If you need additional space for luggage, two side seats can be pushed forward, folded or lowered to the floor.

Photo Opel Meriva

If all 5 seats are used, the load capacity of the Meriva varies from 350 to 560 liters depending on the position of the rear seats. If you need more space, you can quickly convert to a truck with a loading capacity of 1,410 liters and a load compartment length of 1.7 meters. With the front passenger seat folded down, the Meriva has a load length of 2.4 meters and a volume of 2,000 liters. You can choose from three options: “Essentia”, “Enjoy” or “Cosmo”. Buyers can choose from options of comfort, functionality or appearance. A wide selection of additional equipment and accessories will allow the customer to tailor Meriva to their needs and desires.

Comfort is another undoubted advantage of this car. Pockets and folding tables in the backs of the front seats, headphone jacks and a duplicate CD receiver control unit between the front seats provide further evidence that Opel specialists tried to recreate the most comfortable atmosphere in the cabin. It is worth noting the excellent ergonomics of the driver's seat: a seat with a lot of settings, a comfortable steering wheel, a conveniently readable instrument panel and a convenient location of buttons. Excellent smoothness, high noise and vibration isolation.

Photo Opel Meriva

The engine range consists of three petrol units: 1.6 / 87 hp, 1.6 ECOTEC / 100 hp, and the powerful 1.8 ECOTEC / 125 hp Two economical ECOTEC turbo diesel engines are also available: 1.7 DTI / 75 l. with and new 1.7 CDTI / 100 l. from. The list of options includes the audio system "Twin Audio". It consists of a module with buttons for selecting programs and adjusting the sound, as well as two headphone sockets. Rear passengers can listen to a CD while the front passengers are listening to the radio and vice versa.

In addition to the Twin Audio system, the buyer can choose the multifunctional Travel Assistant console. It is a comfortable and practical armrest. The structure of which includes: holders and coasters occupying a convenient position, an additional compartment for storing small items and a large compartment isolated from external temperatures. The armrest can be easily removed and can be used outside the car, for example during outdoor recreation.

Photo Opel Meriva

Plus DVD with seven-inch color monitor, climate control, navigation system, xenon headlights and Park Assist parking assistance. At the request of the client, the car can be equipped with two electronic hatches. The standard five-door minivan is equipped with DSA suspension, ABS, disc brakes in all four wheels with ventilated discs in the front wheels, electronic brake force distribution and brake assist. For a Meriva with a 1.8 ECOTEC gasoline engine and a 1.7 CDTI ECOTEC turbodiesel, the Traction Control road clutch control system is standard. Opel Meriva also has a high level of passive safety.

The safety package includes front and side airbags, five adjustable head restraints, dual seat belts, a seatbelt pretensioner in front with force restraints, and a mounting for child seats in the back. Opel Meriva is great for city driving. Stylish body, short rear and front overhangs allow you to safely maneuver, fitting into the complex terrain of congested streets. The second generation Opel Meriva is a real breakthrough in the automotive industry. The debut took place at the 2010 Geneva International Motor Show.

Photo Opel Meriva

The model received a bright, memorable design both inside and outside. German precision and sculpted body lines reflect the character of the car: the firm “blade” on the sides of the body, the wave-like line of the lower part of the side windows and, of course, the hinged doors FlexDoors are the highlight of this model. Doors open against the direction of travel, which allows quick access to the rear seats. With standard doors, the opening angle ranges from 68 to 70 degrees, and the FlexDoors concept allows you to open doors with an angle of about 84 degrees, which forms a rather wide opening. The front doors open at the same angle.

FlexDoors cares about the safety of children. An adult easily gains access to the rear seats, helping a child to fasten a belt, get out of the car, or seat the baby in the salon. When all doors are opened simultaneously, the increased security zone is organized, i.e. children and parents do not share the door, so the risk of jumping children on the road is reduced.

Along with the functionality, FlexDoors gives the car a stylish look. Inside the car seems much more spacious than the outside. This feeling is achieved through the use of original, but at the same time simple and convenient mechanisms for the transformation of the cabin, implemented using the adaptive system FlexSpace.

Now, in order to customize the seat backs of the Opel Meriva, to create comfortable conditions for two, three or five passengers, you do not need to put a lot of effort or spend a lot of time. Rear seats can move separately in both the front and in the opposite direction. In addition, the middle seat can be folded to a level close to the floor, thereby automatically connecting the extreme seats to each other. If at the same time to move them back and forth, you get a 4-seater configuration, where the shoulders and legs will accommodate more spacious. In the trim used high-quality, pleasant to the touch materials.

Wide sports seats with orthopedic properties, which is adjustable in six directions, as well as four-point lumbar support, provide excellent lateral support. This seat was approved by the German Medical Association called Aktion Gesunder Rucken eV or abbreviated AGR, which formed orthopedic standards for car seats. Meriva has an electric package, which includes electric mirrors and glass. Also in the car provides for adjusting the steering column height and seats. These options are even available in the database.

In addition, almost all configurations imply the presence of CZ, opening locks without a key, adaptable headlights, fasteners for bicycle technology and a host of other useful innovations previously unavailable in standard versions. Opel Meriva 2011 model year is completed with a line of efficient gasoline and diesel engines with a capacity from 75 to 140 horsepower in combination with a 5 or 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. The engines comply with strict European environmental standards, in particular, the Euro 5 standard. In addition, the most economical modification of the ecoFLEX and cars on an extended base are supplied to Russia.

Among the technical innovations of genuine interest is the mechanism of the handbrake, which is activated by simply pressing a button. Thanks to this, the Opel Meriva has become not only safer, but also more convenient, because the space left from the subtraditional lever “parking brake” was used to install the FlexSpace system. A car with such a brake will never roll back when climbing on a lift, and when it starts to move it is automatically released.

Particular attention is paid to the German engineers active and passive safety systems. Along with advanced brakes and other active systems, the Opel Meriva is equipped with several airbags, a reminder system in the event of a belt unfastened. In 2013, the Opel Meriva was restyled.

Appearance kompaktvena has changed little. We can say that the German manufacturer simply adjusted it to its modern design line of Adam and Insignia. You can distinguish the updated Meriva from its predecessor by using a new false radiator grille, a different air intake, chrome lining framing the fog lights, a modified form of the headlights and taillights. In daytime running lights and rear lights, LEDs began to be used, thanks to which Meriva began to look stylish and modern. Also changed the design of the front bumper and wheels. In short, the exterior of the updated Meriva has become more consistent with the unified style of the brand.

Under the hood, all the same petrol engines that the predecessor had (1.4 l / 100 hp; 1.4 Turbo in two power versions - 120 and 140 hp) plus a new 1.6 diesel diesel engine Opel 1.6 CDTI with 136 hp (Maximum torque - 320 Nm). This engine accelerates a half-ton compacton to "hundreds" in 9.9 seconds, the city fuel consumption is declared by the manufacturer at 4.8 l / 100 km. This diesel unit replaced the previous working volume of 1.7 liters (130 hp). It is noteworthy that this engine will not be put on Meriva for the Russian market.

The engine that runs on liquefied natural gas continues the line: 1.4 Turbo LPG, developing 120 hp All engines are improved and meet the environmental requirements of Euro-6. Opel also upgraded the gearbox. Transmissions for the upgraded Meriva are a matter of pride for the opelevtsev. In particular, and the fact that in the modernization of transmissions have invested at least 50 million euros.

The result was a reduction in friction losses, as well as faster and smoother switching. In the case of manual gearboxes, the efforts to move the lever, as well as the accuracy of the gears, also decreased. A 5-speed manual gearbox and a 6-speed automatic are available. A familiar IntemiLink multimedia system with a 7-inch color display, a rear-view camera, Bluetooth and the ability to connect external devices via a USB port registered in the salon.

IntelliLink comes standard with a CD player, digital radio is available as an option, as well as two versions of the navigation system, the Navi650 and Navi950, with voice recognition. List of Opel Meriva complete set expanded, and some of them have been updated. COSMO has been added to the three existing JOY, ACTIVE and DESIGN specifications.

There are also new colors for body painting - Emerald Green (dark green), Limelight Green (light green) and Limelight Green & Carbon Flash (light green and black). The car can be equipped with several option packages. So JOY package includes IntelliLink CD600, front fog lights and alloy wheels. The ACTIVE package is an electronic dual-zone climate control, rear-view camera, daytime running lights with LEDs, an IntelliLink CD600 radio, armrests and folding tables in the backside of the front seats.

The PREMIUM package includes the IntelliLink NAVI 950 navigation system and adaptive light. For the ACTIVE package, the “Overview and Lighting” package is available, which includes a rain sensor, an electrochromic rear-view mirror, and automatic light control. The main feature of the model - the rear doors opening against the passage - has remained unchanged.

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