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Insignia replaced the Vectra in the middle class and surpassed the predecessor in all respects. Insignia is a completely new level of quality, design and technology. Initially, the car was offered only with a sedan, a little later a hatchback and a wagon appeared. The car looks solid and at the same time rapidly and aggressively. Smooth bends, harmonious lines and a falling roofline underline the dynamic appearance of the car. Speakers wheel arches give the car a muscular, but at the same time graceful look.

Expressive headlights and a solid grille form a single dynamic structure, emphasizing the uniqueness of body shapes. The developers of Opel Insignia put a lot of effort to reduce the aerodynamic drag (coefficient is Cd = 0.27) and the level of noise from the air flow when the car is moving. The sophisticated cascade design of the hood creates a unique play of light and shadow and emphasizes the dynamism and emotionality of the body. And the characteristic headlamps in the shape of a wing make this car unique in its own way. In addition to the sporty body design, the car has the best-in-class cabin interior. The car is offered in three trim options.

Photo Opel Insignia

Salon picking Elegance trimmed with dark brown plastic lining "under the titanium" with a spectacular mesh texture. The Sport version received black plastic and armchairs trimmed with a โ€œnon-slipโ€ fabric in a large scar. In addition, this package features lining, painted under the piano lacquer. Cosmo top-performance can be identified by wooden inserts and a combined leather / fabric finish. Excellent basic equipment can be supplemented with a vast number of new systems: electronic assistant Opel Eye, as well as Adaptive Forward Lightning (headlights turning radius - 15 degrees, additional lights - 90 degrees). With the light of its headlamps Insignia does real wonders.

They can shine both as a passing beam, and as a distant one, and also in seven different modes. In order not to dazzle oncoming drivers, it is better to see the side of the country road, light up the turn or go to the city mode, the driver does not need to do anything. Several sensors and a small video camera, suspended from the salon rear-view mirror, will transmit the necessary data to the powerful processor, and the computer will choose the necessary mode of operation for xenon headlights. The same camera constantly transmits the image of the road and the traffic situation to the computer, which, processing video, can isolate from it clean and well-read traffic signs and road markings.

Photo Opel Insignia

The car will inform the driver about the identified signs with the pictograms on the dashboard, and if the driver violates the instructions, the Insignia will remind you of the error with a beep. The standard version comes with a 1.6-liter petrol "four" with 115 hp. The next stage is a 1.8 l / 140 hp engine. Next come two turbo engines - 1.6 l / 180 hp and 2.0 l / 220 hp The top for Insignia was a 2.8-liter V8 Turbo with 260 hp.

Presented in the line of power units and diesel engines: 2.0 l / 110 hp, 2.0 l / 130 hp and 2.0 l. / 160 hp All engines are Euro 5 compliant. In the basic version, the model is equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox. Six-speed "automatic" - an option. Insignia has a version with all-wheel drive (the basic version comes with front-wheel drive), where torque is transmitted to the rear axle by the Haldex4 system.

Photo Opel Insignia

On all-wheel drive versions, the FlexRide system with dynamic stabilization (AST) is integrated into the car's chassis, which makes the car adapt to changing driving conditions and allows the driver to adjust the characteristics of the suspension and other systems from hard to soft sports settings. Opel Insignia scored the maximum number of points during the tests and received the title of the safest car according to the results of annual crash tests on the EuroNCAP system. The official demonstration of the updated Opel Insignia was held at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The car is available in three versions - a four-door sedan, a five-door hatchback and an Insignia Sports Tourer wagon.

German designers made a delicate restyling, giving the car a more modern, solid and stylish look. Drastic changes in the appearance of the model did not happen. Headlights with LED content narrowed - a stylish and complex geometric pattern in the bowels of the headlights looks original. The grille has become wider and lost chrome strips - now they are shiny black. The front bumper, becoming larger, got round fog on black inserts with elegant chrome corners, solid aerodynamic body kit. Opel designers claim that the minimum coefficient of aerodynamic drag, which they managed to achieve in the updated car, is an impressive 0.25.

Photo Opel Insignia

The feed of the updated Insignia acquired a new massive bumper and original ceiling lighting lamps with LED lamps and a proprietary chrome strip. Rear lights wagon, despite its simplicity and compactness, look stylish. But aft lighting sedan supplemented with chrome strip. Facelift did not affect the overall dimensions of the body. For the sedan and hatchback dimensions are 4830 mm in length, 1856 mm (with exterior mirrors 2084 mm) in width, 1498 mm in height, 2737 mm wheelbase. The Insignia Sports Tourer 2014 station wagon is larger: 4908 mm in length, 1856 mm in width, 1520 mm in height, with 2737 mm wheelbase.

The ground clearance (clearance) versions of Insignia for the Russian market is 160 mm. For painting the Opel Insignia 2014, there are twelve variants of enamel: basic - Summit White (white) and Royal Blue (blue), metallic - Sovereign Silver (light silver), Silver Lake (dark silver), Magnetic Silver (silver), Luxor (dark blue), Mahogany (dark brown), Carbon Flash (black), Power Red (red diamond), mother of pearl - Waterworld (dark blue), Asteroid Gray (gray asteroid), Mercure Red (purple-red) .

Photo Opel Insignia

Depending on the configuration, the car is equipped with tires ranging from a modest 215/60 R16 or 225/55 R17 on steel disks with a radius of 16-17, to a low-profile 245/45 R18 and 245/40 R19 on alloy wheels of 18-19 size. The charged version of the Opel Insignia OPC rests on the ground with wheels 245/35 R20 with forged alloy wheels R20. The lineup appeared wagon-terrain called Country Tourer. This modification differs from the usual Insignia by the ground clearance increased by 20 mm to 180 mm and all-wheel drive; the paintwork in a circle is protected by black plastic linings, which also give the car a more all-road look.

The interior of the updated Opel Insignia has also changed quite significantly, mainly this fact applies to the front of the cabin. A new multifunction steering wheel is installed in the car with a rim trimmed from the bottom, the instrument panel and the front panel are completely redrawn, the configuration of the center console has changed. If earlier many complained about the jumble of elements, the Insignia 2014 no longer has this shortcoming: all the elements are arranged so that the devices are visible, and there is no feeling of tightness of space. The abundance of buttons was replaced by two 8-inch color touch monitors.

Photo Opel Insignia

The first one is installed in the instrument cluster and provides an excellent picture, a huge amount of information is displayed on the display, ranging from the radii of the speedometer and tachometer, to the information of the bota computer, settings, auxiliary functions and pictures of the navigator. By the way, the navigation system has changed and is now included in the basic package. The picture has become more informative, a display of rows of movement and dividing into strips has appeared, the signs for congresses have become clearer. The second touch screen is located on the center console.

He is responsible for setting up a multimedia system with voice control, air conditioning, displaying navigator maps and pictures from the rear view camera. The climate control unit is distinguished by its minimalist buttons and ease of operation. It is a pity that such a dashboard and center console is available only in the most saturated configurations. The basic version offers the classic three "wells", in the versions of the middle price category, a 4.2-inch display of the onboard computer is installed.

Photo Opel Insignia

Now it is possible to order as an option the system of recognition of road signs, tracking dead zones (with its help it was possible to minimize the problem of poor visibility in small side mirrors) and observance of the lane. The new cruise control, operating at speeds up to 180 km / h, is able to completely stop and then accelerate the car. Completes the picture rear view camera, which was not previously in any configuration. The luggage compartment of the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer wagon is capable of holding from 540 to 1,530 liters of cargo, depending on the position of the second-row seats. The five-door Opel Insignia Hatchback is able to take on board from 530 to 1470 liters.

The trunk of a sedan has the most modest possibilities from 500 to 1015 liters. We finalized the suspension, installed new levers and springs and reconfigured shock absorbers. In versions with adaptive suspension FlexRide modified the control program. The handling of the car has improved significantly, the steering has become more informative - the power steering is still there, but the steering column and the rake are modified. Under the hood, new diesel and gasoline engines.

The new diesel Opel Insignia 2.0 CDTI, depending on the degree of boost, produces 120 or 140 hp, the engine is equipped with a start-stop system and, in a pair with 6 manual transmissions, consumes just 3.7 liters of fuel when driving in mixed mode. A 2.0-liter unit of 163 hp is also supplied to the Russian market. The top diesel is now 2.0 BiTurbo CDTI (195 hp and 400 Nm of torque). New 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine produces 170 hp at 260 Nm. The 2.0-liter gasoline engine after revision has become 30 hp. more powerful - 250 l. from.

and 400 Nm of torque. The engines are equipped with a start-stop system and work in tandem with a 6-speed manual transmission or automatic 6 automatic transmission. We hasten to clarify that the most powerful gasoline engine for the Opel Insignia OPC 2.8 V6 Turbo (325 hp) will remain in the production program. Basic equipment Opel Insignia 2014 is equipped with air conditioning, audio system with a color LCD screen and USB interface, headlight washer, heated seats.

Also in this car there are other advantages: adjustment of rear-view mirrors, stabilization system and crankcase protection.

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