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Outlander was a prototype of the concept Mitsubishi ASX, the European show which was held in 2001 at the Geneva Salon. Soon, embodied in a serial product, the car entered the Japanese market under the name Airtrek. The European debut took place in 2003 at the Geneva Motor Show. Outlander in translation from English means "stranger", "stranger". The car was designed to take a strong position in the dynamically growing segment of "crossovers". Outlander is the best vehicle for a resident of a modern big city, because it allows you to maintain mobility and safety regardless of driving conditions and weather conditions.

A unique combination of elegant style and sporting motifs. Futuristic rear combination lights, tubular roof rails and a rear spoiler with integrated brake lights add sporty features to the Outlander design. Bright aggressive front end harmoniously with an elongated, rapid body shape and transparent rear lights.

Photo Mitsubishi Outlander

Together, these elements form a single image of a high-speed car. The car has much in common with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, from which he borrowed the design of the suspensions and permanent all-wheel drive, which includes a symmetrical center differential with locking using viscous coupling. Transmission gives the car special advantages. Viskomufta allows you to vary the distribution of torque between the axles, which improves maneuverability and active safety on slippery roads.

The use of McPherson type front suspension in combination with a multi-link rear allowed to achieve almost “passenger” nature of handling and high stability in behavior at high speeds, despite the fairly high ground clearance. There is a complete set with a 2-liter 136-horsepower or 2.4-liter 160-horsepower engine. The 2.4-liter engine is equipped with a proprietary MIVEC valve timing system and valve lift height (Mitsubishi Valve timing and lift Electronic Control system), which provides a combination of high torque in a wide rpm range and high efficiency.

Photo Mitsubishi Outlander

On the model with the 2.4 MIVEC engine, a 5-speed manual gearbox or the well-proven sequential adaptive “automatic” INVECS-IISports Mode is installed. Outlander has a very strong and rigid body, created by Mitsubishi RISE technology, and is equipped with the most advanced active safety systems that help prevent accidents, such as: Full Time 4WD (permanent all-wheel drive), providing better control of traction and high directional stability on slippery roads , anti-lock braking system (ABS), integrated c electronic brake force distribution (EBD). But if the accident did occur, then a powerful body safety cage made of high-strength steel will protect passengers.

A high level of passive safety is also achieved using airbags and 3-point seat belts, as well as head restraints for the driver and all passengers. For the safety of the smallest passengers, Outlander provides locking of the rear doors, as well as mounting ISO-FIX for a child seat, which allows you to be calm for children on the road. Mitsubishi Outlander SUV - the best car for a resident of a modern, large city. It has excellent handling, maneuverability and, thanks to the high landing, good front visibility, and also provides increased comfort and plenty of space for the driver and passengers.

Photo Mitsubishi Outlander

The model of the second generation was released in 2006 and received the prefix XL, which clearly indicated the increased dimensions of the car. The third generation was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012. This generation has lost the prefix XL. Externally, the car has changed radically. From the style of Jet Fighter, which was decorated with XL, not a trace remains. Mitsubishi Motors talks about the implementation of the “Three C” concept in the Outlander design.

SSS (Solid, Safe, Simple) - solid, safe and easy. The exterior has acquired simple, clear forms, clear lines, concise surfaces, soft and flexible outlines. According to the developers, the car has become more manly and more brutal.

Photo Mitsubishi Outlander

The front part (especially the falshreshetka radiator) has something in common with older brothers Pajero Sport and Pajero Wagon. Outlander 2012 has preserved the dimensions of its predecessor, becoming only only 1 cm in length (4655 mm). Outlander 2012 is now officially SUV-SUV. The car went through the so-called homologation process, having improved the geometric characteristics and received the honorary status of “M1G category cross-country vehicle”. Now the exit and entry angles, as well as the ramp angle (the angle of entry to the obstacle) correspond to the “all-passing standards”.

Clearance is 215 mm. Inside the Mitsubishi Outlander III-generation crossover has become more mature and better. The interior of the cabin was discreet and cozy with well-thought-out ergonomics. The insulation was noticeably improved, the vibrations were reduced. The front torpedo acquired a more massive form, a touch screen appeared in the center of the console.

Photo Mitsubishi Outlander

The dashboard screen has become larger. Also, the screen resolution has improved - 800x480 dpi against the former 480x234 dpi. Instead of steering, the steering wheel received an electric power steering, its weight decreased by 300 grams, which made driving more comfortable.

Adjustment is now both on the flight and in height. Interior decoration can be two-color. Front seats with a large range of adjustments, an acceptable form and with good lateral support. With the preserved dimensions of the wheelbase, the space in the second row increased significantly, the seats are adjustable in the longitudinal direction and the backrest changes the angle of inclination. As an option, the 3rd generation Mitsubishi Outlander can have a third full row of seats that folds easily, forming a flat platform.

Photo Mitsubishi Outlander

Leather trim is available at an extra charge. From the usual necessities that facilitate the life of the driver and passengers, dual-zone climate control, new headlights with xenon Super-HiD "Wide Vision", active cruise control, lane control system, heated seats, steering wheel and mirrors, start-stop system are available. The list of safety features was filled with a safety cushion that protects the driver’s knees, as well as “curtains” for rear passengers. In addition, the car received electric tailgate. By the way, the rear door, which consists of two parts, has now given way to the usual whole trunk lid. Mechanical "insides" have undergone a minimum of changes.

The car is offered with the same engines 2.0 (150 hp) and 2.4 liters (170 hp) and diesel 2.2 liters. (150 hp) with a low compression ratio of 14.9: 1. The gearbox has a new CVT INVECS III CVT. The initial gasoline engine will only be on monoprivial versions of the Outlander, more powerful engines operate with all-wheel drive.

Photo Mitsubishi Outlander

Due to the use of lightweight high-strength materials, Mitsubishi engineers managed to achieve weight reduction of the new car. In addition to this, by improving the aerodynamics and engine refinement, it was possible to increase the maximum speed, improve acceleration to 100 km / h and reduce fuel consumption by 10%. For example, all-wheel drive Outlander 2.4 consumes 8.1 liters. on 100 km. instead of 9 liters (in the combined cycle).

The manufacturer stated that the Outlander hybrid version will see the light, where the gasoline engine is 2.0 liters. (94 hp) will be paired with two 80 hp electric motors. each. Interestingly, the batteries can be charged from a regular household network. Only on electric motors Outlander Hybrid will be able to drive 50 kilometers. As before, the Outlander is more focused on easy off-road than on steep off-road sites. Do not forget that even in 4WD mode there are no mechanical differential locks and everything is controlled by electronics.

At the 2015 New York Auto Show, the updated Mitsubishi Outlander debuted. In Russia, sales of the restyled version started on April 6, production started at the PSMA plant in Kaluga. Almost completely changed the design of the front of the car.

Due to the new bumper, a different false radiator grille and headlights, in blocks of which now, regardless of the version, there are LED running lights, and on the top versions there is also a dipped beam of LED elements. Trims on the lower parts of the doors are not only a protective element, but also a designer one: they “unloaded” the silhouette of the crossover, because there used to be quite a lot of free space on the sides. Behind - also new LED lights, a slightly modified trunk lid and a new bumper. Plus, for the crossover prepared a line of new rims. In short, the Outlander 2016 model year received a more aggressive and rapid exterior design.

Due to the new bumpers, the crossover sal is slightly longer and wider than the pre-reform car. Outlander 2016 overall length is 4,693 mm (+ 38), width - 1,811 (+ 11), but the height (1,680) and the size of the wheelbase (2,670) remain the same. In the cabin a little change.

Only a new steering wheel with a lacquered lining in the lower part appeared in the interior, a rearview mirror with auto-darkening, trim materials became a little better, new decorative elements appeared, the visor over the devices is now trimmed with leather, and on versions without a hatch there is eyeglasses on the ceiling. On the left, at the bottom of the front panel, there is a heated windscreen button; now it is available in the database. Outlander became quieter: insulation improved by 27 points. Replaced the door seals, improved insulation of the engine compartment, installed a thicker frontal and rear window.

Additionally, special dynamic dampers were applied on the transmission units and the rear subframe: with them, the vibrations and sound of the engine are less felt when adding and releasing gas. In terms of technology, it is important to note the reconfigured suspension and steering, which, together with increased body rigidity, provided improved handling. The engines for the car remained the same - these are petrol units of 2.0 (146 hp) and 2.4 (167 hp) liters, as well as a 230 hp V6 of 3.0 liters.

The top option is paired with a 6-band automatic, while the other two are equipped with the Jatco eighth generation infinite variator, the new oil pump of which requires less energy and the oil has a lower viscosity index. As a result, friction losses are reduced by 40%. With the new variator, the crossover added in dynamics and reduced fuel consumption. So a 2.4-liter engine accelerates the car to the test mark in 10.2 seconds, which is three-tenths faster than the dorestayling variant. Basic 2-liter bert "weave" for 11.1 and 11.7 in version 4WD (previous achievement - 11.5 and 12.0 seconds).

"Maximum speed" for both engines grew from 195 to 198 and from 190 to 193 (185 and 188 - at the car with four-wheel drive) kilometers per hour, respectively. To raise the dynamics and somewhat curb the appetite was largely due to the use of lightweight high-strength steels in the Outlander design. The car got rid of almost a centner of excess weight. Feel even better wheels: 18-inch dropped 1.6 kg, and the dimension of 16 inches - 1 kilogram. The basic version of the Outlander 2016 is offered with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, while all others go exclusively 4WD. In the three years since the third-generation Outlander entered the market, this update is the most ambitious.

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