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The Mercedes-Benz Viano is a family of comfortable cars, which with equal success can be an office on wheels, a mobile family cottage with a kitchen, or just a minivan, well adapted for nature excursions with mountain bikes. In 2003, DaimlerChrysler simultaneously released two models that resemble each other like twin sisters, but completely different in nature - the Vito II and Viano, which replaced the V-Class family. Viano is produced in Spain at the Vitoria plant, which has been significantly expanded especially for the new model. Mercedes-Benz Viano was originally conceived solely as a comfortable business car, a “luxury” passenger version.

And if before buyers were offered only one type of body - with a low roof and a three-meter wheelbase, then now you have to choose between a short-base machine 4748 mm long (the volume of its body is 4.65 cubic meters), a van with an average base (4993 mm) and long base version (5223 mm), in the back of which you can easily fit three-meter pipes or boards. Like the Vito II, the Viano has two wheelbases (3200 and 3439 mm), combinations of the length of the base and rear overhang, "low" or "high" roof (here the height of the cargo compartment is almost 1.8 m, the net volume is 6.5 cubic meters).

Photo Mercedes Viano

Unlike the Vito, the rear door is not a double swing door, but a lift door - not to order, but in a series. The frisky character of minivans from Mercedes reflects the design of the body, the car looks more stylish and dynamic. The angular forms of the previous generation gave way to smoother lines, which is especially noticeable in profile and full face. The headlights, grille, spectacular stamping on the hood, stretching from the bumper to the windshield, bright relief of the sidewalls - all these elements give the Viano appearance both swiftness and solidity. And the rear part has become, perhaps, less heavy due to the long and clear lines of lanterns.

Buyers are offered versions of the Trend, Fun and Ambiente showrooms. There are thematic equipment cars: bike (bicycle) - the kit includes bicycle hardware and a set of tools; life (life) - an additional sliding door, a folding table and a mini-refrigerator business (business) - a device for connecting a mobile phone, an onboard electronics management system with an information display and a laptop stand. Transformation of the cabin provide special "rails" in the floor, on which you can move the seat. The most compact version is longer than the average sedan, and therefore only five seats. There are, however, seven- and even eight-seat options.

Photo Mercedes Viano

The Viano Marco Polo stands out by itself - it’s a real “mobile home” for comfortable trips of a family of four. The equipment of this option is engaged in the German studio Westfalia. In the "traveling position" Marco Polo is almost the same as the usual Viano. But if you look closely, it is clear that he has two roofs - a regular one and a “consignment note” lying on top. Having parked the car, you need to press the hand on the “false roof” from the inside, through the opening in the main roof - and it goes up on two gas springs, and under it something like a tent is stretched.

In such a "tent" (its floor is the "native" roof of the car) two people can sleep comfortably: there is a mattress, windows, covered with a mosquito net, and a reading lamp. And below, in the cabin, a whole kitchen set is installed - with a refrigerator, a gas stove, a stainless steel sink and a folding table. Inside the Viano, the emphasis is on comfort and luxury. This applies to the panels under the polished wood of expensive breeds, and the multifunctional steering wheel (Ambiente version), and leather seats, and much more. In the cabin there are two hatches - one is small, the second - almost from half a roof.

Photo Mercedes Viano

The quality of finishes and the level of equipment he is hardly equal in class. It is noteworthy that the richest line of equipment provides for expansion due to the impressive list of options. Landing high, very comfortable, moderately soft seat with tangible lateral support and with armrests. Seats can be longitudinally moved at their discretion and set them in the form of a coupe - when companions face each other. In addition, both single and double chairs fold back and forth, and double - section by section.

In the design of the Viano from the predecessors, there is essentially nothing in common - it is a completely different car from the front bumper to the exhaust pipe (although its purpose has not changed). The main difference is in the layout. If the former V-class was front-wheel drive, with a transversely located power unit, now the engine and gearbox are positioned longitudinally, and the drive is rear. The "classic" layout allowed to get rid of vibrations on the steering wheel, and also successfully solved the issue of passive safety: the power unit, located longitudinally, when it strikes, "dives" under the floor, without harming the pilots.

Photo Mercedes Viano

In addition, the front-wheel drive cars were clearly underloaded rear wheels (this was especially felt on the vans). Very effective disc brakes (front - ventilated). "Under the foot" of the driver, plus the Brake Assist system of emergency braking and electronic brake force distribution.

In general, the owner chooses the level of security: standard equipment with cushions for the driver and (depending on the level of performance) for the front passenger, he is free to add window, side and special cushions to protect the chest. As a choice of engines, four units are proposed that meet the Euro VI standard: two diesel and two petrol. Diesels CDi working volume of 2.2 liters capacity of 109 and 150 hp equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox (with a “joystick” instead of a lever). The reverse gear is equipped with a "foolproof" (to enable it, you first have to raise the ring on the lever).

Both petrol V-shaped 6-cylinder engines with a displacement of 3.2 liters and 190 and 218 hp. only complete with 5-band automatic boxes. The most powerful Viano 3.2 accelerates in little more than eight seconds to “hundred”. Many cars can envy such dynamics.

The engine, which is important, is almost not audible in the cabin, even at high speeds. Mercedes Viano perfectly holds the road, pleases with a small turning diameter (11.8 m with a short base, 12. In 2011, the concern Mercedes presented an updated version of the Viano minivan. The car in all its characteristics in many ways different from the previous version. Seriously updated design, engines, transmission, suspension. Updated Viano can be found on the modified bumpers, grille, front optics, new rear lights and a different form of glass.

Headlamps not only changed shape, an adaptive lighting system is now available with bi-xenon headlights and stylish lighting in the form of a chain of bright LEDs. The taillights also changed shape and became four-section. They are located vertically on racks. Improved reflectors in the rear fog lamps have significantly improved visibility during reversing. Rear-view mirrors have noticeably grown in size, they are borrowed from the Vito, which significantly improved visibility.

Changes in Viano 2011 affected not only the exterior, but also the configuration and comfort of the cabin. Interior styling is as close as possible to the models of the passenger line of the concern. Installed new guides for the transformation of the cabin. The slits in them are hidden by special rubber seals. The driver’s seat was given special attention by designers.

A new multifunction steering wheel has appeared, a new comfortable and bright instrument panel, a seat with many adjustments. The front panel has found decorated inserts under wood, marble or aluminum and a color display. The navigation system has received voice support. The front seats are equipped with electric adjustment, and near the passenger there was a place for 12V sockets.

The back of the cabin has become more elegant and comfortable. Seats are equipped with new types of transformation and new regulations. The back can be used as a place for business meetings, and for sleeping on trips with the family to nature or on a long journey. For the organization of the working space between the second and third rows of seats is a folding table.

There are several options for trimming the 2011 Mercedes Viano. The manufacturer provides an opportunity for consumers to adjust the multimedia system to their tastes. This may be a navigation center with a large color display or a relatively simple radio with MP3 playback function. Even in the cabin has become quieter. The developers of sound insulation almost completely rid Viano of the characteristic of large-volume cars booness. All seals - both in the engine compartment, and above the axles, and in the cabin - were optimized for the sake of better sound absorption. Technological changes Viano 2011 is much more significant.

As a power unit is offered petrol V-shaped 3.5-liter six with a capacity of 258 liters. from. and three turbo diesel: four-cylinder 2.0 CDI and 2.2 CDI, 136 and 163 hp respectively, and a 224-strong CDI V6 volume of 3.0. Row diesel engines are equipped with a system of two shafts, eliminating vibration. In addition, thanks to the Common Rail system and the BlueEFFICIENCY technology, all engines are very economical and meet Euro 5 requirements. The Start / Stop function included in BlueEFFICIENCY also works for economy and ecology. Which, together with an indicator hint for selecting the optimum gear, is provided for Viano equipped with the new six-speed ECO Gear mechanics.

Engines are also aggregated with a 5-speed automatic. Structurally, the suspension scheme remained the same, but thanks to the deep processing of each node, the Viano’s driving performance changed dramatically. Now the machine can take on board for 100 kg of cargo more. The minivan became more capable of high-speed maneuvering without distinct heels, and not at the expense of excellent smoothness. Optionally, you can install air suspension. As before, various versions are possible in terms of overall length and wheelbase, as well as 4Matic all-wheel drive.

With the advent of the updated version of Viano, it became clear that the specialists of the concern decided not only to make technological and design changes, but also to expand its target audience. Now versions of Trend and Ambiente, which may have an extended base, are more focused on the business audience, while modifications of the Mercedes-Benz Viano Fun and Marco Polo are family-oriented.

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