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In January 2006, at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit (NAIAS), Mercedes-Benz lit a new star in the SUV luxury car segment: the GL-class. The seven-seater premium-class SUV is impressive not only with comfort and space in the cabin, but also with excellent dynamic performance on the road and off-road, while offering its passengers a huge supply of interior space and comfort at the level of a luxury sedan. In addition, the GL-class sets new safety standards thanks to the integrated PRE-SAFE® preventive safety system, which is being installed for the first time in a vehicle in this market segment. A car is manufactured in the USA at the DaimlerChrysler plant in Alabama.

The appearance of the GL-class is quite impressive. Original forms emphasize the power and exclusivity of an SUV. Calm lines of the body, powerful elements of the wedge-shaped pattern and expressive details give the car swiftness. The proportions of the large body are flawless: length 5088 mm, width 1920 mm, height 1840 mm. The salon welcomes passengers with high-quality materials familiar to Mercedes-Benz, creating an atmosphere of endless comfort.

Photo Mercedes GL

At the same time, the GL can accommodate seven passengers, each of which will be located in the cabin with first-class comfort - for even the third row is equipped with “full-size” single seats. The distance to the middle row of seats is 815 mm, the distance from the seat cushions to the ceiling is 979 mm. In this case, if there is no need forto carry a whole company, the rear seats can be folded. Fold with a simple touch of a button, turning the passenger part of the passenger compartment into a cargo area with a flat loading platform. In the five-seater version of the luggage compartment volume is 1240 liters - this is the best indicator in this class.

The maximum useful volume of the luggage compartment Mercedes GL is 2300 liters with a length of 2128 mm. In order for passengers to feel comfortable regardless of what is happening outside the window, Mercedes-Benz GL boasts one of two climate control systems. Thermatic is installed on the diesel GL 320 CDI, which provides all seven passengers with a balanced comfortable temperature. The models GL 420 CDI, GL 450 and GL 500, equipped with V8 engines, in the basic configuration have a multi-zone Automated Thermatronic air conditioning system, which provides even higher climatic comfort on board the car.

Photo Mercedes GL

The list of comfortable equipment of the Mercedes GL, which is included in the standard package, also includes various combinations of Artico leather upholstery (Nappa leather for the GL500), adjustable electric front seats and a closed panoramic roof in the rear of the cabin over the third row of seats. GL-class has a bearing body of maximum strength and intelligent solution light steel structure. The result: exceptionally high passive safety. Together with the front and rear deformation zones, the high-strength safety cage forms an effective basis for the operation of driver and passenger protection systems.

GL boasts an impressive list of passive safety equipment from adaptive airbags to the Pre-Safe system (it analyzes data obtained from ABS and ESP and tightens belts in critical situations, returns the back to the vertical position), which is first proposed for SUVs. Of course, the car received a system of permanent all-wheel drive, branded mersedesovskuyu 4MATIC. Well, the Europeans (and Russian buyers including) were even more fortunate - another Offroad-Pro system will be installed on all versions for this market.

Photo Mercedes GL

Thanks to the “razdatka” with a reduction gear and locking differentials of the transfer case and the rear axle, the GL class is ready to overcome almost any off-road. The special version of the Airmatic air suspension allows the car to rise to 307 mm and overcome fords up to 60 centimeters deep. The air suspension works in tandem with the ADS system, which damps bumps, allowing you to enjoy the car’s handling. Off-road also help special systems: such as skidding systems that facilitate movement on a slope and starting to climb on the rise, ABS.

In addition, all models produced for the European market, including Russia, are serially equipped with OFFROAD-PRO off-road technical equipment, which further expands the capabilities of Mercedes GL in extreme areas. It includes, in particular, a two-stage transfer case with a reduction gear for off-road and 100 percent locking differential gears of the transfer case and rear axle. Modern engines offered for all models of the Mercedes GL-class guarantee impressive driving performance with excellent fuel consumption for this class. The basic petrol version of the GL 450, received a 4.6-liter engine producing 340 hp.

Photo Mercedes GL

A more powerful version of the GL 500 received a 5.5 liter engine (388 hp), which debuted on a new S-class. Diesel engines are also offered: V6 volume of 3.2 liters. 244 hp (GL 320 CDI) and V8 power of 306 hp (GL 420 CDI). Both engines meet EU-4 strict toxicity standards. All engines that are installed in the GL-class, serially equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC with DIRECT SELECT system and the ability to manually shift.

Excellent dynamics and low fuel consumption is the result of a relatively low gross weight, which is ensured by a monocoque body and excellent aerodynamics for a car with such impressive dimensions (cw 0.37). GL meets all the requirements for a modern car category SUV. He inherited the classic for the Mercedes SUV genes - reliability, durability and endurance.

No wonder in its designation there is the letter "G", indicating the legendary great-grandfather of all SUVs - Mercedes-Benz G-class. At the New York Auto Show in 2012, the second generation Mercedes GL-Class made its debut. Compared to its predecessor, the car slightly increased in all dimensions, its length is 5,120 mm, width - 2,141 mm, height - 1,850 mm. The size of the wheelbase remained unchanged, its value is 3 073 mm.

The weight of the GL-Class 2013 decreased by 100 kilograms (up to 2350 kilograms) due to the appearance of an aluminum hood, wings and some connecting elements of the suspension, as well as a magnesium fastening of the front panel, a special "acoustic" windshield and an electric power steering. to replace the hydraulic mechanism. In addition, the SUV received a more rigid body and an upgraded chassis. The appearance of the updated GL stylistically echoes the image of the younger brother of the Mercedes ML 2012, their kin and common platform.

The front is characterized by almond-shaped headlamps, a trapezoidal false grille with two powerful horizontal crossbars and a large Mercedes-Benz emblem. The front lighting is decorated with LED boomerangs that harmoniously complement the tapes of daytime running lights, located on the bumper just above the side air intakes. Hood - with two central ribs and a ledge of several edges along the edges. The front bumper - spoiler with a variety of aerodynamic elements and air ducts, protected by a fine-grained mesh, in the lower part there is an aluminum diffuser.

Long hood, flat roof, enlarged wheel arches capable of accommodating tires on wheels R18-R19 (optional R20-R21). From the front arch on the side of the door extends a wide vyshtampovka, giving the body a dynamic look. There is a powerful step, which facilitates the landing in the car and protects the threshold of the body. Chrome-plated rails stretched the entire length of the roof, repeaters of the direction indicators were beautifully located on the large mirrors.

Exquisite rear lighting with LEDs and the use of fiber-optic technology, a huge tailgate with electric drive, bumper of the correct aerodynamic shape with slots psevdozduhudovov and aluminum diffuser, serving as a protection. In short, the second generation of Mercedes-Benz GL looks expensive and elegant. The seven-seater saloon offers improved finishing materials and adjusted placement of controls. The dashboard and other cabin elements have been transformed by a new design.

A comfortable steering wheel on four spokes with a mass of buttons and a combined finish (leather and wood), two classic saucers of informative instruments with an on-board computer screen located between them, an automatic transmission control joystick on an adjustable steering column. The center console crowns the screen of the multimedia system, round ventilation nozzles have given way to rectangular. In the interior decoration, exclusively exclusive Nappa leather was used, classic leather and ARTICO artificial breathable leather, along the perimeter of the interior there are inlays of natural wood or aluminum.

The front torpedo and center console migrated to Mercedes-Benz GL 2013 from a co-platform Mercedes-Benz ML 2012. Adjustments of the driver's seat set: from the height of the head restraint to various massage modes. Seat control buttons, like other Mercedes-Benz moved to the door. The second row of seats will comfortably accommodate three passengers. It was easier to get into the third row thanks to the EASY-ENTRY system, which folds the seats at the touch of a button. In the gallery there is enough space even for adults, the seats have an electric drive, as well as the tailgate. Trunk volume from 680 to 2300 liters, depending on the location of the rear seats.

Noise isolation at the highest level, which is confirmed by numerous tests. It cost the Germans considerable effort: the chassis was modernized, the body structure was redesigned in the direction of greater rigidity, better insulation materials were used. All three power units that were offered for the previous generation GL-Class, have undergone a small modernization. They have become on average 20% more economical, have a smaller volume, but more power. The base 3.0-liter turbodiesel installed on the GL350 BlueTEC produces 240 hp. (617 Nm).

With him, the SUV is gaining a hundred off in 8.4 seconds. The GL 450 version is equipped with a 4.6-liter twin-turbo V8 with a capacity of 362 hp. (550 Nm), car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds. Finally, the top GL 500 with a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 is now developing 429 hp under the hood. - 41 hp more than before, and a peak torque of 700 Nm.

To accelerate to hundreds of SUVs with such a motor, only 5.6 seconds is enough. All modifications are all-wheel drive, and the box, as before, is represented only by a seven-speed automatic. The equipment of the new Mercedes 2013 GL includes air suspension, an electromechanical power steering and many safety systems, namely: ABS, ESP, the latest anti-skid system - ASR, active safety system - PRE-SAFE, a unique driver fatigue recognition system - ATTENTION ASSIST, a stabilizing system with a sudden side wind - CROSSWIND STABILIZATION. As an option, security packages are available, which include a rear-view camera that controls the dead zones and the tracking system for the lane.

Optional package ON & OFFROAD, includes downshift, locking rear and center differential. But the baseline data for overcoming off-road in an SUV is impressive. Thanks to the air suspension, ground clearance ranges from 276 to 306 mm.

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