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Mercedes-Benz A-class is a family of compact cars. The debut of the model took place in October 1997. The overall design and layout distinguishes this car from other rivals. The design of the car was based on the “sandwich concept”, which provides for the location of power units partially under the passenger compartment, so that in a frontal collision the engine and gearbox unit is not displaced in the direction of the passenger compartment, but slides along the inclined front part of the passenger compartment.

Due to this, the A-Class provides a high level of security. The new location of the engine and gearbox has significantly shortened the engine compartment. As a result, 70% of the overall length of the car is used for the cabin and luggage compartment. This figure is significantly higher than that of other cars with a length of 3.6-4 m.

Photo Mercedes A-class

Thanks to the use of the “sandwich concept”, passengers in the A-class sit 20 cm higher than other cars. High landing provides the driver with excellent visibility. In addition, this position of the seats provides greater safety in a side collision and makes getting in and out of the car much more convenient. The most important elements in emergency situations are also two front and two side airbags, as well as inertial seat belts.

Rear seats can be installed in 36 different positions. They can be easily dismantled and quickly turn the A-class from a 5-seater into a 4-, 3-, 2- or 1-seater. Depending on the option of installing the rear seats, the luggage compartment of the A-Class can be from 350 to 850 liters. When removing the front passenger seat, the total effective volume increases to 1,700 liters, which corresponds to the performance of large station wagons. The first time A-class Mercedes was equipped with two new four-cylinder petrol engines with a working volume of 1.4 liters and 82 hp.

Photo Mercedes A-class

(A140) and 1.6 liters, developing 102 hp In 1998, they were added to two ultra-modern turbodiesel with direct injection Common Rail and four valves per cylinder. The first of these (160 TD) has a power of 60 hp, the power of the other 1.7 l (170 TD) with charge air cooling is 90 hp A-class Mercedes is also produced with a 1.9 liter petrol engine (A190) with 125 hp capacity. With the exception of a diesel engine of 60 hp, all engines are completed not only with mechanical, but also with automatic hydromechanical 5-speed gearboxes.

Serial equipment includes a child seat presence recognition system, as well as a rare proprietary dynamic stabilization system for moving ESP (Electronic Stability Program). The ESP includes sensors for lateral acceleration, rotation around the vertical axis (yaw), steering angle, and wheel speed. The processor of the system, comparing the readings of the sensors with a program written on the basis of mathematical modeling of drifts and field tests, commands to reset the gas, slow down a wheel or even several wheels at the same time - based on the behavior of the car. As a result, a counterclaim is created that returns the car to the true path.

Photo Mercedes A-class

In December 2000, company representatives announced that it was planned to expand the plant in Rastat and create an A-class Mercedes receiver. In 2001, the A-Class models were easily upgraded, although most of the changes at first glance are not noticeable. Model W168 has found a new design of the front end of the body, mainly due to the change in the shape of the bumper and the new lighting technology. The headlights are now closed with simple polycarbonate lenses, the design of the rear lights has become a little different, the bumpers have been redesigned.

The back door got a comfortable handle. Inside, the center console, the shape of the steering wheel and the profile of the front seats were revised. But the main news was the Mercedes A class in the long version (it has an additional index L in the designation). The company decided to create this version, because many buyers did not satisfy the excessively small size of this machine.

Photo Mercedes A-class

And in the fifth year of life, the A-class introduced the A160 L, the base of which and, accordingly, the body are lengthened by 170 mm. As a result, increased legroom for rear passengers, as well as the useful capacity of the cabin, which, with the rear seats folded, reached an impressive 1.93 m3. The rear seat of the extended A-Class can move back and forth within 111 mm. Comfortable coverage of leather steering wheel, perfectly readable devices, fitting the chair. For Mercedes A-class, five engines are offered, but only three of them are installed on “long” cars.

The corresponding modifications are called A160 (1.6 l), A190 (1.9 l) and A170 CDI (1.7-liter turbo diesel with direct injection). Another difference from the "short" version - disc rear brake mechanisms. ABS and electronic stabilization system ESP are still included in the list of standard equipment. Three levels of configuration: Classic, Elegance and Avantgarde. In 2002, a limited tuning series of A 210 Evolution models was created with a more powerful 2.1 liter engine of 140 hp, thanks to which the car accelerates to one hundred kilometers per hour in just 8.2 seconds.

Photo Mercedes A-class

The maximum speed of the car is 200 kilometers per hour, although the maximum value on the speedometer scale is 225 kilometers per hour. At the same time, fuel consumption was pretty low - 7.9 liters per hundred kilometers with a combined cycle. Unlike the basic version of the Evolution has significant body changes made in the studio AMG: this is the front bumper and new thresholds, grille, updated rear-view mirrors, a more rigid modified suspension, anti-roll bar.

Reinforced braking system is equipped with perforated brake discs of the front wheels. In addition, the top version of the A-Class can also be distinguished by the new sports tires of dimension 205/40 ZR on 17-inch wheels and new rims. Has undergone a modernization and interior of the car, you can see it on the silver seat belts, sports steering wheel and two-color trim seats. In 2003, Mercedes-Benz introduced a special version of its smallest model, the A-Class - Piccadilly. Standard equipment of this version includes air conditioning, audio system and leather steering wheel.

Photo Mercedes A-class

In addition, Piccadilly received a 16-inch wheels with a double-spoke design and two options for painting the body: Alpenblue and Tropenblack. And, of course, the car received Piccadilly nameplates, which are located on the rear-view mirrors and velor floor mats. In September 2004, sales of a completely new generation of compact A-Class hatchbacks (type W169) began in Europe. For the first time, a 3-door version (Coupe) was proposed for the A-Class, with the dimensions of the 3- and 5-door hatchbacks being the same (3838x1764x1593 mm, wheelbase 2568 mm). The second generation is 230 mm longer and 45 mm wider than its predecessor.

The second-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class sets new standards in the compact car class. The model offers the highest level of security and excellent finish quality, confirming its leading position in the field of technology. When creating this car, the manufacturer applied a total of 200 patented technical solutions. The main design changes on the A-Class is the new rear thruster dependent suspension with Watt's mechanism and all-wheel shock absorbers with a variable degree of damping. Shock absorbers and springs for the A-class supplies Bilstein.

Photo Mercedes A-class

As before, the body is made with a reinforced sandwich floor, which provides excellent passive safety and gives a number of advantages in frontal and side impact. The high level of safety is guaranteed by the new efficient Mercedes A — class seat belt and airbag system. Power gave way to electric power. The second generation offers more free space, more comfort and excellent opportunities for the transformation of the cabin.

As for the specific changes, the A-Class received a new shape of the front bumper, optics and grille. Behind the lights were slightly adjusted and bumper. The car has front-wheel drive and transverse engine. Actually, this allowed to make the car quite spacious with compact dimensions. The interior of the second generation is noticeably different from its predecessor. The quality of materials car came close to the C-class. Due to the increased size, the rear passengers received an additional 30 mm. The distance between the backs of the front and rear seats is now 805 mm.

Photo Mercedes A-class

The amount of luggage increased by 15% - up to 1310 liters. The rear seats can be folded in a ratio of 1/3 and 2/3. In addition, if you fold the rear seats, it forms an absolutely flat area. If you remove all the passenger seats (removable seats Easy-Vario-Plus - an additional option), then the amount of luggage will increase to an impressive 1995 liters. Ergonomics is great, everything is at hand.

Gamma picking - Classic, Elegance and Avantgarde. The basic equipment includes front and side PB, ABS, anti-slip system ASR, emergency braking system BAS, ESP, multifunctional steering wheel, electric windows and mirrors. For an extra fee, there is a leather interior, parking sensors, window PB, panoramic glass roof, air conditioning or climate control, several audio systems to choose from, including Comand system with DVD navigation, xenon headlights. Modifications for the Russian market - gasoline A150 (1.5 liter R4 8V, 95 hp, 140 Nm), A170 (1.7 l R4 8V, 115 hp, 155 Nm) and A200 (2.0 l R4 8V, 136 hp, 185 Nm).

Photo Mercedes A-class

All versions for Russia are equipped with a 5-step “mechanics”. In other markets, the A200 Turbo sports version with a 2.0 liter R4 8V turbo engine (193 hp, 280 Nm) is also offered, as well as CR - A160 CDI turbo diesel models (2.0 liter R4 16V, 82 hp ., 180 Nbm), A180 CDI (2.0 L R4 16V, 109 hp, 250 Nm) and A200 CDI (2.0 L R4 16V, 140 hp, 300 Nm). For the A200 Turbo, A180 CDI and A200 CDI, a 6-speed manual gearbox is offered, and a CVT CVT is offered for all versions for an extra charge. All engines comply with Euro-4 standards. During the three years of production of the second generation A-class concern, the company sold half a million copies to customers.

In 2008, the model was restyled, making the car even more vivid and attractive. The model lineup of the new Mercedes-Benz A-class includes two body options, each of which has an independent character: along with the universal five-door model, Mercedes for the first time offers a three-door version in this model range, impressive for its sporty look. Changes in the appearance of the car touched the front and rear optics. The shape of the bumpers slightly changed. The lower air intake has increased significantly in size and now visually emphasizes the width of the body. The line of execution Avantgarde received a special bumper, further emphasizing the sweep of the front end.

Photo Mercedes A-class

Slightly changed the design of the grille. Exterior mirrors have increased in size, they are now, like the door handles of all versions, painted in body color. In the rear part of the car body, a glance immediately attracts a modified bumper and newly designed rear lights, which reach far into the side areas of the body. Both of these elements make the body visually wider and more powerful. Modernizing the interior, the designers set out to make the interior even more luxurious and therefore they opted for new, high-quality upholstery materials.

The nobler interior also looks due to decorative details made of smoky aluminum with the texture in the form of cross-directional polishing - at the Avantgarde line of execution, while the aristocratic atmosphere of the cabin at the Elegance performance line is enhanced by the use of wooden decorative trim. Changes in the cabin also touched the control panel and steering. A DVD drive and a color display appeared on the control panel. Complement the picture of the navigation system, slot for SD-cards, Bluetooth and a more modern audio system. The four-spoke steering wheel gave way to a new three-spoke steering wheel with buttons for controlling various systems.

Photo Mercedes A-class

A-Class feature in the 5-door version is the ability to install the EASY-VARIO-PLUS system, which allows to flexibly distribute the space in the cabin for the carriage of cargo. In addition to the usual folding back of the back of the sofa (in the ratio of 60:40), they are in place with pillows can be removed altogether. The same applies to the front passenger seat, resulting in the volume of luggage will increase to 1995 liters. The gamma of engines formally remained the same, but now the motors have become more ecological and economical. A wide range of 4-cylinder A-Class power units consists of gasoline and diesel engines ranging from 1.5 to 2 liters.

The smallest engine produces 95 l. with., consuming 6-6.5 liters of gasoline per 100 km in the combined cycle, and the most powerful - 193 liters. with., however, and it is economical.

Photo Mercedes A-class

Model A 160 CDI with a diesel engine costs only 4.5 liters of fuel per 100 km, the models A 150 and A 170 gasoline consumption decreased by 9%. The BlueEFFICIENCY technology and the new ECO start / stop option played a significant role in this. It can turn off the engine when the gearshift lever is moved to “neutral” and depress the brake pedal, and then turn it on again when starting off. Mercedes-Benz specialists did not disregard the systems responsible for safety and comfort in A-class cars, subjecting them to further modernization. New options include a system of intelligent parking sensors Active Park Assist.

This function helps to park the car between two adjacent ones, if the distance between them is at least 1.3 m longer than the length of the A-Class. The system controls the rotation of the steering wheel, and the driver can only press the pedals. The new equipment in the 2008 model range includes a start-up assistance system (for models with a manual transmission), brake lights that turn on automatically in the event of emergency braking, as well as automatic activation of interior lighting and flashing emergency lights in the event of an accident.

As for the driver and passengers passive safety, here too the A-class cars set the tone for their segment, protecting them with two-step front airbags, seat belt pretensioners in the front seats and the rear seats, as well as active head restraints in the front seats and side airbags to protect the head / chest. Mercedes-Benz specialists complemented this rich set of safety features with an emergency lighting system for the passenger compartment. Immediately after an accident of a certain degree of severity, it automatically turns on so that passengers and the driver can better navigate if it is already dark outside, and in order to facilitate the work of rescuers.

The Mercedes-Benz A-class has established itself as the ideal partner for active people who pay special attention to practicality and vehicle safety. The model is produced at the Mercedes-Benz factories in the cities of Kecskemet (Hungary), Rastatt (Germany) and Thonburi (Thailand). Geneva Motor Show 2012 has become the place of the world premiere of the 2013 new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, which, unlike its predecessor, has become a classic hatchback. The model has little to do with the previous generation of the A-class. In the car, everything is absolutely new, including the look, platform and style. The basis of the new front wheel drive modular platform (MFA).

The car is still presented in the five-door version. Planned emergence of trehdverki and compact sedan, which will have its own name. Overall length of the A-Class 2012 is 4,292 mm, width - 1,780 mm, height - 1,433 mm. The car turned out to be 32 mm shorter than its main competitor in the face of the BMW 1-Series F20, but it turned out to be 15 mm wider and 12 mm higher than it. Exterior design was balanced. Emotionality coexists with severity, sportiness is complemented by exclusivity. And in every line and body parts there is a sense of style.

The most powerful modifications flaunt a number of elements, usually inherent in the "charged" versions of machines. Design and trim Mercedes A-Class 2012, compared with its predecessor, went to a completely different, higher level. And in order to satisfy all the diverse needs of potential buyers of A-Class cars, the designers have provided three options for interior trim and equipment, the names of which correspond to the specifications of cars in general - Urban, Style and AMG Sport. But in addition to this, each of these options has its own list of additional equipment.

A wide range of gasoline and diesel engines is designed to satisfy customers in terms of power units. Each of the motors in the standard is equipped with a "start / stop" system. The transmissions are six-speed mechanics, or a seven-speed “robot” 7G-DCT with two clutches.

The basic version is a modified A180 with a 1.6-liter turbo "four" with a capacity of 122 hp. Diesel versions are presented versions A180 CDI with a 1.8-liter engine producing 109 hp. (250 Nm), A200 CDI with a 134-hp (300 Nm) engine with a volume of 1.8 liters, and the top version of the A220 CDI has a 170-strong unit (250 Nm) with a volume of 2.2 liters. In diesel engines, high efficiency is achieved through the use of sophisticated injection technology and turbocharging. Mercedes A-Class 2012 has received many security systems, including komles, tracking, blind spots, road signs and driver fatigue, as well as active cruise control and an automatic parking system.

For the first time, experts from AMG were brought to work on a new car at an early stage. As a result, the most dynamic versions of the A-Class were born. Modifications AMG Sport is easy to distinguish by external signs - first of all, on the grille, 18-inch 5-spoke rims, 235/40 R18 tires and brake calipers painted in red. There are also purely decorative accents - for example, red stripes on the front and rear bumpers of the same color of the circle, framing the ventilation holes in the cabin.

In the summer of 2015, Mercedes-Benz presented the restyled A-Class hatchback and the “charged” version of the A45 AMG. The official premiere will be held in the fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Exterior changes are minimized.

The car received changed headlights with LEDs (LED High Performance), modified bumpers with other air intakes and exhaust pipes, as well as standard “diamond” grille. The basis of the Mercedes A-Class W176 was the new front-wheel modular platform (MFA), on which the compact four-door CLA sedan and the GLA SUV appeared later. The overall length of the restyled Mercedes A-Class W176 is 4,292 mm, width - 1,780, height - 1,433. Design and trim, compared with its predecessor, reached a completely different, higher level.

After the update, the hatchback received new materials and trim colors, five-mode LED interior lighting with a choice of one of 12 colors, as well as an upgraded infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, increased to 8 (+1) inches in quality options. Plus, the front seats got extended ranges of height adjustments, which will be fully appreciated both by fans of high urban landing and those who prefer a lower sporting pose. Basic equipment has a fairly rich equipment.

It includes air conditioning, cruise control, 7 airbags, rain sensors, light and tire pressure, an audio system with MP3, adaptive light, engine start with a button with keyless access, an automatic handbrake and help system at the start of a climb. Also in the basic equipment includes on-board computer, ESP, two adjustable steering wheel and seat height, central locking with remote control, mirrors and heated seats. The set of equipment offered for a fee, as always rich even for the initial configuration. For example, the appearance of the updated hatchback can be supplemented with aluminum wheels and paint with a metallic effect.

Active and passive safety of the A-class can be enhanced after ordering two additional rear side airbags, fog lights, rear view camera, brand-name parking sensors and xenon head light. Leather seats and electric adjustment (for the front) with memory, climate control, a premium audio system, hands free and bluetooth, a preheater, a branded navigation system and a CD changer are designed to increase comfort in the cabin. Of course, the updated Mercedes A-Class W176 received a lot of security systems, including a set of tracking markings, blind zones, road signs and driver fatigue, as well as active cruise control and an automatic parking system.

On the European market, a wide range of four-cylinder petrol and diesel power units is offered for the hatchback that meet the Euro 6 environmental standards and are combined in a pair of six-speed mechanics or a seven-band 7G-DCT robotic transmission with two clutches. A160 - Basic version with a 1.6-liter engine producing 102 hp (180 Nm), acceleration from zero to hundred in 10.6 seconds. (with a robot for 10.4), top speed 190 km / h. A180 and A180 BlueEFFICIENCY Edition - the same engine stands here, but it develops already 122 hp and 200 Nm. The A180 accelerates to a hundred in 8.9 seconds (with a robot for 8.6 seconds), the maximum speed is 202 km / h, and the BlueEFFICIENCY is 190.

The average consumption here is 5.2 l / 100 km. A200 - again a 1.6-liter engine, but forced to 156 forces (250 Nm). The maximum speed with it is 224 kilometers per hour, and it takes 8.1 seconds to accelerate to a hundred (with a robot, 7.8).

A220 4MATIC - there is already a 2.0-liter “four”, developing 184 hp and 300 Nm. With it, the maximum speed of the A-class is 228 km / h, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h occurs in 6.9 seconds. A250 and A250 4MATIC - 211 "horses" under the hood with a two-liter engine, which take the five-door to 100 km / h from the spot in 6.5 seconds (all-wheel drive version 0.1 faster), and the maximum speed is one - 240 kilometers per hour. A160 d - the initial diesel version with a 1.5-liter “four” from Renault gives out only 90 forces (240 Nm), capable of accelerating the car to 180 km / h, and the first hundred will have to wait as much as 13.8 seconds (with the robot - 13.6).

A180 d and A180 d BlueEFFICIENCY Edition - here the power of the same engine was raised to 109 hp (260 Nm), but the maximum speed increased by only 10 km / h - to 190, and the acceleration time from zero to a hundred reduced to 11.3 s. At the same time, the average consumption for BlueEFFICIENCY is declared at the level of just 3.5 liters per hundred. There are four modes of operation: Comfort, Sport, Eco and Individual. A200 d and A200 d 4MATIC - here is a 2.0-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 136 forces (300 Nm), with which the Mercedes A-Class W176 can accelerate to 210 kilometers per hour, and acceleration to hundreds takes 9.3 seconds (all-wheel drive hatch makes this is 8.8).

A220 d and A220 d 4MATIC - two-liter diesel engine improved its performance by 7 hp up to 177 hp (350 Nm). With this engine, the car accelerates to a hundred in 7.5 seconds, but the maximum speed of the all-wheel drive variant is 220 km / h versus 224 at the front-wheel drive one. The flagship of the lineup is the Mercedes A45 AMG version with all-wheel drive and a 2-liter biturbo engine, which improved its performance to 381 hp. and 475 Nm, whereas the former model developed 360 hp.

and 450 Nm. Oddly enough, such a slight increase in power - reduced the sprint time to 100 km / h by 0.4 seconds to 4.2 seconds, without affecting fuel consumption, which is still 6.9 l / 100 km and 162 g / km CO2 emissions. Maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km / h. The motor is paired with a 7-speed AMG Speedshift DCT robot. The basic equipment level of the A45 is the highest: even the leather interior and power seats are offered at no extra charge.

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