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First Navigator appeared in 1997, actually creating a segment of luxury SUVs. Since then, the car held first place in sales in this class. The SUV is built on the platform of Ford Expedition, but in size overtakes it - more than 5 m in length and 2 m in width and height. Despite its size, Lincoln Navigator looks elegant and elegant. The premiere of the updated generation Lincoln Navigator took place in 2002. To reduce development time and reduce costs, the Navigator platform and body frame are similar to the first generation. The novelty received a slightly modified body design, independent rear suspension and a completely new trim.

In short, the car showed the most advanced achievements of technology, balanced in combination with comfort and meeting all modern requirements. Now about everything in order. The second generation of the SUV has preserved the monumental style of the predecessor. Dimensions Lincoln Navigator more than convincing. Length, like a limousine. Height, like a bus.

Photo Lincoln Navigator

Mass, like a small yacht. The second-generation Navigator can be recognized from the higher hood and a new, massive front bumper, which is now 5 centimeters wider, which significantly reduced the likelihood of serious accidents in a collision with a car. In general, the updated SUV began to look more mundane and massive compared to its predecessor. Suspension Navigator is extremely smooth. On the move, the car remained imposing, as it should be for the "real American". Unlike its predecessor, the rear suspension is not equipped with a rigid bridge, but an independent mechanism resembling those with which executive sedans are supplied.

Under the hood, a 5.4-liter V8 engine producing 304 hp. Navigator is equipped with powerful disc brakes. By the way, the diameter of the largest in the class of luxury SUVs. In general, the basic version of the Lincoln Navigator is equipped with a conventional rear-wheel drive.

Photo Lincoln Navigator

But such a car is good for California or Florida. In Russia, preference is given to 4x4 transmissions. The system of permanent all-wheel drive ControlTrac with four modes of operation is similar to Expedition. As before, the transmission is controlled by a switch on the control panel. For example, if in the summer you can safely ride on the rear wheel drive, then with the onset of cold weather it is useful to shift the switch to the “4WD Auto” position. In this mode, the front wheels will be activated automatically when the rear wheels slip.

For trips outside of asphalt or on snow-covered roads, a permanent four-wheel drive with a rigidly connected front axle is convenient. Finally, if you turn the switch on one more division, the downshift is engaged. The interior of the Lincoln Navigator has undergone a major modernization - now the interior of the SUV is trimmed with other materials and looks gorgeous.

Photo Lincoln Navigator

If the old Navigator inside hardly differed from its twin model Ford Expedition (not counting the separate rear seats and richer trim materials), then the second generation model has a completely original interior. The interior looks very modern (even the old-fashioned American lever of the “automaton” migrated from the steering column to the tunnel between the seats), but the design features the Lincolns of the fifties. For example, in cars like two front panels: one for the driver, the other for the passenger.

Both of them sit as if in separate cockpits. And the center console is old-fashioned stingy with keys. It brings us back to the years when cars were not replete with additional devices and did not compete with the number of keys with the cockpits of aircraft. In fact, a lot of control units are located on the center console, only they are hidden by a false panel with an elegant “Navigator” inscription. It is enough to touch it with your finger, as it smoothly soars upwards, revealing the lines of buttons.

Photo Lincoln Navigator

The dashboard seems empty when the engine is off, but it is worth turning the ignition key, as the instrument scales flash on it. The abundance of electric drives pleasantly affects. In order to facilitate maneuvering in particularly narrow places, large heated exterior rear-view mirrors can be folded down with a single push of a button. It is necessary to press a button in the trunk, electric drives will buzz under the floor of the luggage compartment and in a few seconds another, third row of seats will appear from the bowels of the car.

The DVD player screen automatically extends from the ceiling. Regulated by pressing the pedals, inherited from the previous generation. The driver's seat and front passenger seat are electrically adjustable with two-position memory, and the position of the exterior mirrors is also remembered. The trunk itself does not open too easily. Just press the key on the keychain, as a huge rear door automatically rises up. You can also operate the tailgate from the driver’s seat. Seats in all three rows are covered with leather.

Photo Lincoln Navigator

In the second row, separate seats are fitted as standard, but a sofa can also be ordered. The middle row of seats was modified in such a way that an area appeared in its center, which can be pushed forward by 27.5 centimeters for transporting young children. The same option allows you to increase legroom for passengers of the third row of seats. Among the additional innovations, it is worth noting a special carport under the roof of the car, which is inflated as an airbag in the event of a car turning over, as well as a tire pressure monitoring sensor. The basic package of all modifications since 2004 includes a system of protection against overturning Roll Stability Control.

The exterior of the 2005 model was almost unchanged compared to its predecessor - only the air intake under the front bumper became slightly wider and the moldings disappeared from the sides. In the fall of 2005, the Premium and Ultimate versions were added with the new Elite package with the premium THX audio system, a rear entertainment system with a DVD and a game console, rails and a system for towing. Optionally, you can order the automatic steps for the first time applied to the production car, which, gently buzzing, move out of the body when you stop. At the Chicago Auto Show in 2006, Lincoln introduced a new generation of Navigator 2007 model year.

Photo Lincoln Navigator

The manufacturer promises an extraordinary level of comfort and functionality. The developers of Navigator claim that before starting work, they carefully studied the wishes and needs of potential buyers of the new SUV. The buyer is offered a choice of rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive modifications, as well as the standard and long-wheelbase version, which received the letter "L" in the title. The Navigator L is 37 centimeters longer than the standard version and has a luggage compartment increased by 700 liters behind the third row of seats. Judging by the photos, the size and shape of the car is no different from the previous version.

There were only cosmetic changes to the grille and headlights, chrome wheels appeared and the door trim received more chrome. Interior Lincoln Navigator has undergone significant changes. The interior is richly decorated with rare varieties of wood, and the chairs are covered with luxurious soft leather.

Photo Lincoln Navigator

Soft chairs with moderate lateral support are convenient both for active city driving and for long journeys. The back of the second row of seats is divided in the ratio of 40:20:40, if necessary, the "middle" can be folded, thereby providing convenient access to the third row of seats. If you need to carry bulky luggage from the owners of the new Navigator, there will not be any special problems, the second and third rows of seats are easily removed, opening access to the huge luggage compartment - 3,000 liters! Well, in the long version “L” the capacity is even greater - 3700 liters.

The body of the new Lincoln Navigator is built on a new frame, which, judging by the test results, is one of the strongest frames among American SUVs. This reduced the susceptibility of the body to road irregularities, offering a striking level of comfort in the cabin. The 2007 model received a 5.4-liter V8 Triton gasoline engine with a power of 300 hp. This engine is aggregated by the newest six-speed automatic gearbox, which, thanks to the use of close gear ratios, makes it possible to accelerate the 3-ton SUV fairly quickly.

Photo Lincoln Navigator

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