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Photo Infiniti Q50

In 2013, Infiniti showed the Q50 sedan, which is the first car of the brand created by the Renault-Nissan alliance together with the concern Daimler, at the Detroit International Auto Show held in Detroit. The European premiere of the novelty took place at the Geneva Motor Show. The output of this model coincided with the company's “rebranding”. Infiniti has completely changed the concept of the name of their models. From now on, all the company's sedans, coupes and convertibles carry a Q index, while crossovers and SUVs carry the QX. In digital indexes there is no more hint of the working volume of the motor.

By the way, the letter "Q" for Infiniti is a landmark, since the first car brand wore the designation Q45. The Q50 Sedan replaced the G37 model in the lineup, on the platform of which it was built. But the FM (Front Midship) platform was significantly upgraded. The characteristics of the shock absorbers and springs are changed, the geometry of the double-lever suspensions at the front and the multi-link design at the rear, and the subframes have become stiffer. Plus a petrol V6 shifted to the wheelbase and optional brakes with four-piston calipers in the front and two-piston in the rear. Dimensions have not changed.

Photo Infiniti Q50

The wheelbase is similar to the Infiniti G sedan (2,850 mm), and the length has grown by only 13 mm (4,790 mm). The classic layout has also survived, with the possibility of replacing the rear-wheel drive with an all-wheel drive transmission. In the all-wheel drive version, the sedan is equipped with an Intelligent AWD transmission: a typical scheme with automatic connection of the rear axle through an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch.

If necessary, Intelligent AWD allows the clutch to be forcedly locked (at moderate speeds). Infiniti designers managed to connect the past and the future. The Q50 of the 2014 model year reads both the traditional stylistic techniques for the brand and the new elements borrowed from the Infiniti Etherea, Essence and Emerge-E concept cars. First of all, it is the shape of the headlights, front LED optics, the “volumetric” grille, dual tailpipes of the exhaust system and the characteristic bend of the rear pillar, which have become attributes of the new Infiniti corporate style.

Photo Infiniti Q50

The sedan has a good streamline - the drag coefficient is 0.26 (for cars with a sports package - 0.27). The main highlight of the interior was the interface of the Infiniti InTouch communication system. In order not to overload the driver with a complicated menu, the developers divided the multimedia control into two touch screens, which were located above each other (8-inch above and 7-inch below) and occupied almost the entire center console. Upper is responsible for the navigation system and a number of car settings. The bottom screen draws attention to the excellent graphics and good resolution. You can scroll through the menu and zoom in with your fingertips.

InTouch is compatible with Facebook, Twitter and Google services, it can work with email clients and read SMS messages sent to the phone connected to the system. The interior of the Infiniti Q50 is pleased with the quality assembly and sturdy materials. The interior can be trimmed with either polished wood or aluminum inserts with a complex texture (Infiniti calls them Kacchu). The front seats are designed in conjunction with NASA - their profile reduces driver fatigue during long trips.

Photo Infiniti Q50

In the S version, they are distinguished by increased lateral support, the level of “hugs” of which can be adjusted, and the traveling popliteal roller. The driver and front passenger seats are moved by electric mechanisms in 8 directions, the leather-covered multifunction steering wheel is adjusted for the angle of inclination and departure. Behind enough legroom, but the central tunnel clearly hints that the third one is superfluous.

The Q50 model will remember the entire automobile world as the first car with a “fake” steering wheel - the angle of rotation of the front wheels is determined by the electronic brain, and the “steering wheel” only gives it commands. This allows the car to keep the lane on its own, adjusting the course on uneven ground for small taxiing, resist side wind gusts, etc. Moreover, the driver can choose four levels of feedback, and for the sake of safety, the electronics are duplicated by a conventional mechanical steering gear, which is automatically activated in an emergency. The car received advanced safety technology, a complex of which in Infiniti is called Safety Shield.

A car to the eyeballs is crammed with various electronic helpers. The system of retention in the strip (Active Lane Control), based on the readings of the camera that reads the markings, independently drives the car between the lines, using for this purpose not selective braking of the wheels with the help of a VDC, namely steering. And it works even if the driver removes both hands from the steering wheel, and levels the influence of the side wind. And when you try to leave a given corridor without turning on the "turn signal" on the steering wheel increases the effort.

The list of “smart” systems continues active cruise control with the “Stop and go” function (works to a full stop and starts moving further) and Forward Collision Warning, ensuring that the driver does not come to the stern of the vehicle ahead (she brakes the car ). There is also a similar system for reversing - if the parking sensors detect an obstacle, it will prevent hitting. Complement the list of "smart" systems, monitoring of dead zones, all-round cameras, and automatic high beams.

The Q50 sedan engine range consists of a modernized 6-cylinder petrol 3.7-liter 328-strong unit and a hybrid power plant with a total capacity of 355 horsepower, which includes a 3.5-liter internal combustion engine with a capacity of 296 hp, 68- strong electric motor and compact lithium-ion battery. As a transmission, a 7-speed “automatic” Jatco is offered. According to the passport data, a sprint up to “hundreds” of a hybrid takes 5.1 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 250 km / h. Using the Infiniti Drive Mode switch, you can select one of four “factory” options for the gearbox and engine, or you can configure personal mode.

And for cars with a DAS system, the change in steering response speed is additionally available. In the European market, the car is also available with a 2.1-liter diesel engine with a power of 170 hp. and 400 Nm of torque. Diesel Infiniti Q50 with automatic transmission accelerates to "hundreds" in 8.5 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 230 km / h. It is noteworthy that the diesel version, unlike the gasoline version, is also offered with a 6-speed manual gearbox. A remarkable fact, the luggage compartment of the hybrid version is much smaller (400 liters versus 510 liters). The backs of the back sofa fold down for the transport of long-length.

In the underground - only a tool, Infiniti Q50 is equipped with run-flat tires. In the top-end configuration, the Infiniti Q50 can memorize the position of the seats, side mirrors, steering column, climate control, navigation system and display settings, the language of messages and even the layout of the keyboard used and the system of measures. Plus, of course, the parameters of Infiniti Drive Mode Selector and Direct Adaptive Steering, which change the driving mode, are saved.

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