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In 1983, the first US military vehicles, called the HUMVEE (high-mobility, multi-purpose wheeled vehicle), entered service with the US Army. The civilian population has shown an unexpected interest in them. And in 1992, the legendary Hummer H1 was born. Technically, the military version of the civil almost did not differ. Unfortunately, the H1 is not very well fit into the city life, and the fact is not only that it looks too bulky and not very suitable for movement on the city streets, but also that the H1 saloon has a minimum of comfort and amenities. In 2002, the second urban version of the Hummer - H2 appeared on the market.

This time, the manufacturers took into account all the errors, and approached the development of a new version much more seriously. Today, the American company Hummer is part of the concern General Motors and specializes in the production of high-capacity monumental SUVs. The modern Hummer is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable cars in the world. H2 is a great combination of comfort and high traffic.

Photo Hummer H2

Hummer H2 has slightly decreased in size compared to its legendary relative. Angular appearance not only gives the car a distinctive look, but also helps to improve visibility and increase the internal space. The exterior is styled as H1: minimal overhangs, almost vertical struts and huge wheels of dimension 315/70 R17. The harsh brick-like body shape is emphasized by a typically jeep straight windshield. In a word, brutal, rough, but very attractive appearance. To reduce wind noise when driving on H2, GM improved the sealing of windows and increased the thickness of the windshield by 20%. Complements the picture a great interior decoration.

This time the manufacturer took care of the comfort of the driver and passengers. Wide door openings make getting in and out of the car extremely easy. The engineers paid special attention to the seat design. The comfortable H2 front seats have electrically adjustable cushion and backrest in eight dimensions, electrically adjustable lumbar support in four dimensions and a memory for two different drivers. In the standard version, the seats have textile upholstery.

Photo Hummer H2

When ordering leather upholstery, the front seats have independent heating of the cushions and backs with the possibility of installing different heating levels (second-row passengers also receive adjustable seat cushions with electric heating). The backrest of the second row is divided in relation to 60/40 and folds apart. For maximum comfort, the height of the backrest is increased. In addition, the rear seat can be quickly folded and dismantled to significantly increase the useful volume of the luggage compartment. Salon H2 has a variety of compartments for storing small items, which is very convenient during long trips. The luggage compartment varies from 1132 to 2452 liters.

The center console of the "aircraft" type and gear lever, prominently protruding fittings, round vents and surfaces with a relief texture - all point to the functional military style of the Hummer. The on-board computer H2, which is a real information center for the driver, is capable of issuing up to 28 different messages reflecting the state of various vehicle systems. He will report on the current fuel balance in the tank and reserve, average gas mileage , daily mileage. Salon 6-seater (2 + 3 + 1). In Russia, assembled on the “Autotor” Hummer H2, is offered in three trim levels - Base, Adventure and Luxury (10 variants in total).

Photo Hummer H2

Standard features include front airbags, child seat latches, front seat belts attached to the seats, adjustable head restraints of all seats and numerous handrails in the cabin. The dual-zone electronic climate control, which comes as standard, allows the driver and the passenger in the front seat to choose the most comfortable temperature and airflow for themselves. Large round deflectors located in the center and along the edges of the dashboard, as well as at the rear end of the center console of the cabin, ensure optimal air circulation.

Bose hi-fi audio system with CD player (does not accept mp3 format) and 8 speakers, AM / FM radio receiver, automatic adjustment of sound volume depending on the speed of movement is included in the standard package. The console control stereo for passengers in the back seat is equipped with jacks for connecting headphones. Depending on the version on the Hummer, you can find front airbags, central locking with remote control, electric and heated seats, rear air suspension, leather seats, chrome trim and other equipment.

Photo Hummer H2

The long wheelbase provides stability on the road and comfort for passengers when driving, and short overhangs help to overcome various obstacles. Placed at the corners of the body wheels and a wide gauge make the H2 a true conqueror of all roads. All versions are equipped only with the Borg Warner permanent all-wheel drive system with a rear suspension. The operation of this system is aimed at “pulling out” H2 from the most impassable pit and from the quicksand itself. The anti-skid system controls the operation of all four wheels simultaneously.

If one of them loses traction, then the torque is transferred to the other three, and so on until the complete loss of the clutch of 3 wheels at the same time. Then the entire torque will be directed only to a single wheel. By activating the TCS2 function, torque is applied to the wheels before how the traction control system will take effect. This allows the Hummer H2 to move in deep snow or sand when the wheels are supposedly “rowing” on a loose surface. This off-road properties do not end there.

Photo Hummer H2

The Hummer H2 has four 4WI, 4HI Lock, 4LO Lock and 4LO Lock four-wheel drive modes with rear differential lock. The first is used when driving on ordinary roads, when torque is distributed from the front to the rear axle in a ratio of 40/60 percent. The second mode is suitable for slippery surfaces, it blocks the center differential and divides the torque in half between the rear and front axle. The 4LO Lock mode works the same as the previous one, with only one difference - the gear ratio of the automatic transmission becomes lower, which allows you to keep the flow of engine power at the limit while overcoming the most serious off-road.

And, finally, the mode of forcing the rear differential when the wheels of the rear axle receive the same amount of torque from the engine. There are two options for the rear suspension. The standard is a five-link suspension with coil springs of nonlinear stiffness and long-stroke shock absorbers. You can also order a suspension with pneumatic elastic elements and with automatic ground clearance, which includes an air compressor, which can also be used for pumping wheels.

Photo Hummer H2

The car climbs up on vertical obstacles 40 cm high, without causing any discomfort to passengers, is able to tow a trailer with a gross weight of up to 2,272 kg and calmly overcome water bodies of up to 20 inches in depth and carefree movement in deep sand. H2 has an impressive bottom protection along the entire length of the body and a lot of reinforced components, designed to operate in the most difficult road and climatic conditions. A fully welded ladder frame, consisting of three modules, allows you to minimize body vibration when driving. Large towing hinges and a winch mounting bracket are built into the front bumper.

The heart of the car has become a powerful 322-strong, 6.0-liter V8 petrol engine of the Vortec family. The energy of the engine is transmitted to the wheels through a 4-speed automatic transmission. The engine is equipped with a special Hitachi fuel supply system, which is part of the electronic throttle control system, which allows you to choose one of two accelerator control modes depending on whether the car is driving on asphalt or on a country road. Choosing the transfer box operation mode (High Open or High Lock), you respectively get the dynamics of acceleration for driving on asphalt or the ability to more accurately dispense the fuel supply to overcome the heavy off-road.

Photo Hummer H2

H2 has many functions to ensure active and passive safety incorporated in the design of its body, internal and external equipment and running gear. The dimensions of the car and the exceptional strength of its frame help to protect passengers if a collision does occur. The highest strength is achieved thanks to special constructive solutions, such as the integral welded structure of the front part of the frame, exceptionally strong door frames made of one piece of steel and large, strong bumpers. Specially designed energy-absorbing deformable zones in the front, combined with the most durable safety cage among all full-size GM trucks, provide reliable protection for car occupants.

There is also a version of the H2 SUT with a pickup truck with a carrying capacity of 998 kg, which is completely unified in design with an SUV, is sold only in North America.

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