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Honda Legend appeared in 1985. Initially, it was created as a representative model for the domestic market, therefore, comfort for the occupants of the rear seat was put in the first place, driving performance - handling, steering accuracy, etc. - were sacrificed to it. Problems arose when exporting Legend. European buyers were expecting from Honda not only high-quality and world-famous engines, but sportiness, and with it the first generation Legend was bad, this also applied to the driving and exterior qualities. At high speed, the car was swinging heavily, there were large rolls on bends.

Honda specialists were tasked with eliminating such shortcomings and making the necessary improvements. In February 1987, a four-seater coupe was introduced, the sales of which in the USA were organized through a new distribution network of the luxury brand Acura owned by Honda. The body of the Legend Coupe is a two-door, but the entrance and exit of passengers from the back row of the seats is quite comfortable. Legend was originally equipped with a 2-liter V6 petrol engine with 145 hp, but since this was not enough for buyers, the versions with a 2.7-liter V-shaped six-cylinder 180-hp engine went on sale in September 1987.

Photo Honda Legend

For the high acceleration dynamics (8.9 s to 100 km / h), we had to pay a high fuel appetite, which, when driving in the city (with automatic transmission), can be 15-16 liters per 100 km. The turbocharged version of the 2.0-liter gasoline engine appeared in 1988. She, in fact, forced to talk about the Honda Legend with a touch of respect. From 1988, they began to install a sophisticated double-lever rear suspension. In addition, Japanese and Euro-American models received a different design of the front parts of the body (there were no other differences). With the release in 1991 of the second generation Legend, Honda has risen one step up - in the category of executive cars.

The model range is represented by a 4-door sedan and a 2-door coupe. Body galvanized, not subject to corrosion. The creators took care of the safety of the crew in case of a traffic accident. Thus, a special protective capsule is integrated into all the bodies, which consists of an integrated safety cage, reinforcing bars at the doors, as well as front and rear subframes.

Photo Honda Legend

In the cabin with the same purpose, there are two front airbags, which are standard on the Legend. For the "Japanese legend" was designed one power unit - V6 volume of 3.2 liters (205 hp), which accelerates a 1.5-ton car with a manual transmission to "hundreds" in 8.1 seconds. This unit is equipped with an intake manifold with a variable length of the intake tract. This design allows you to achieve optimal filling of the cylinders with a combustible mixture at different engine operating conditions and thereby obtain high dynamic performance in a wide rpm range.

The engine uses an ignition system with individual coils for each spark plug, which eliminated current losses in high-voltage wires and significantly improved the quality and reliability of this engine system. The use of candles with platinum-coated electrodes also made it possible to significantly increase their service life - up to 100 thousand km. Most Legend cars of the second generation are equipped with 4-speed automatic transmission, although there are also versions with 5-speed “mechanics”. Independent multi-link front and rear suspension, equipped with anti-roll bars, provide moderate smoothness.

Photo Honda Legend

By the way, the second generation Legend is the last on which the manual transmission was installed. In addition, this is the first time Honda designers have equipped this model with an automatic gearbox with an adaptive control program. The “smart” gearbox control unit is able to adapt to the driving style and, depending on this, shifts the gear shift mode. Contributes to the active drive sharp steering, equipped with power, changing the degree of amplification depending on the speed, and powerful disc brakes equipped with ABS. Moreover, the front brake mechanisms - ventilated and double-piston. In 1996, the third generation Honda Legend was introduced in Geneva.

The elegance of the body is emphasized by deep curves on the bonnet and the shape of the grille, in the central part smoothly flowing into the front bumper. The front fog lamps are located in the hole in the lower part of the bumper, the rear fog lamps are combined in the same case with the other rear lights of the car. The overall result of changes in the design of the third-generation Honda Legend cars was the slightly increased width and length of the car. The interior is trimmed with genuine leather.

Photo Honda Legend

Comfort is provided by: large instrument dials, a comfortable leather steering wheel with electric adjustment in two planes, a simple push-button climate control control system with an LCD information display, and an automatic transmission lever trimmed with genuine leather. The model is equipped with the world's first airbags with two-stage pumping, which allows to soften the force of impact, reducing the risk of injury when opening the airbag; six sensors are fixed in the back of the seat, which fix the size of the human body, one of the sensors determines whether the passenger's head is in the opening area of ​​the side airbag and, if necessary, prevents it from being triggered.

The car is equipped with ABS, allowing short-term wheel locking on snow-covered asphalt. Then in 1999, the model was restyled, and the car began to provide its passengers with an even higher level of comfort and safety. Noticeable changes have occurred in the design of the front. Legend received new bumpers and roof of the trunk. Externally, cars of the 1999 model year are distinguished by deeper bends on the bonnet and a new form of grille, which cuts into the front bumper in the central part. In the hole in the lower part of the bumper housed the front fog lights. The width and length of the car increased slightly.

Photo Honda Legend

At the heart of the Legend is a new six-cylinder V-shaped 24-valve engine with a volume of 3.5 liters. First of all, this unit is famous for running almost silently. In addition to the usual measures of suppressing noise and vibrations (balancing shafts, hydraulic compensators, dampers), it uses shortened (this reduces knock on the skirts) high-precision manufacturing pistons. On top of the engine is closed noise absorbing plate. It is located longitudinally, which is not quite usual for a front wheel drive car.

The car is equipped with automatic transmission Grade Logic and independent suspension of all wheels on double levers. Powerful wishbone with suspension strut front and multi-link design at the rear. The rear suspension is interesting for its ability to slightly change the angles of installation of the wheels, which gives the effect of steer when maneuvering and stabilize when braking. Increased electronics. The anti-slip system appeared, the ABS is now four-channel, of recirculation type (there were three channels on the previous model - the rear wheels braked synchronously).

Photo Honda Legend

A distinctive feature of the Legend is the widest range of standard equipment, which includes automatic climate control, power windows, heated and electric front seats (with memory settings settings for the driver's seat), adjustable in height and angle of inclination of the CD player , cruise control and leather upholstery. In addition, part of the standard equipment are two airbags, side airbags and seat belts, equipped with tensioners with load limiters. The cabin is spacious. On the driver's door - buttons remembering the settings of the chair and mirrors. The radio and cruise control moved to the steering wheel. Torpedo Legend has a lot in common with the torpedo Civic or Acord.

All controls are located very similar and no less logical, but they have become more. The devices are heavily recessed and with the ignition off, they are almost invisible, so the scales are highlighted regardless of the time of day. In 2002, Honda also made some changes. The most significant touched the engine.

Photo Honda Legend

The modified Legend is equipped with a 3.5 liter V6 petrol engine, whose power is 225 horsepower, which is 20 hp. more than the previous unit. Fuel consumption is 18 liters per 100 km in the city and 15.5 per 100 km on the highway. The car is equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission. Aluminum 16-inch wheels are shod in wide all-weather Michelin tires and are equipped with an adaptive thruster that provides the best feel of the road. Model 2002 model year is equipped with a stability control system. The so-called VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) saves from dangerous drifts by automatically controlling the front and rear brakes. The interior of the car is quite spacious.

Front heated seats are very comfortable thanks to wide cushions and large armrests. The driver's seat is equipped with 8 adjustable devices, including a roller that supports the lumbar region, which is manually adjustable. All finishing materials meet high quality standards. The seats are covered with soft leather, and the dashboard is made of high quality plastic. Safety of the driver and passengers provide front and side airbags. A comfortable trip - the climate system - control and navigation. In 2005, Europe expects the appearance of the new Honda Legend. Pre-production prototype of which was presented at the auto show in New York in 2004.

True to the US, the novelty will be named Acura RL. The car of the 2005 model year is distinguished by a new platform, body design and a number of interesting technical solutions. The main innovation will be the all-wheel drive system of the new generation, called Super HandlingAll-WheelDrive System. This system can distribute the engine thrust not only between the front and rear axles in the ratio from 30:70 to 70:30, but also between the rear wheels in the ratio from 100: 0 to 0: 100. That is, if necessary, all the energy of the engine transmitted to the rear axle can then be transferred in full to one of the wheels.

In this case, instead of a complex rear differential in the SH-AWD system, an electronically controlled clutch is used. Honda has made every effort to lighten the weight of the new Legend. Therefore, almost the entire body is made of aluminum, including the hood, front fenders, trunk and roof. In addition, even in the engine compartment carrying beams made of aluminum. The developers also did not make the doors of iron, preferring aluminum over it.

The platform itself is 50% made of high quality steel. When painting the Legend 2005 model year, a new technology was used, thanks to which a deeper color and higher contrast are achieved. The design of the cabin is aimed at ensuring that the driver feels as comfortable as possible and enjoys the driving process. The Active Noise Control system eliminates the slightest noise and provides high-quality sound of the audio system.

The Intelligent Night Vision System “sees” pedestrians on the road at night, and warns the driver with light and sound signals. Under the hood of the car is a compact, lightweight unit V6 VTEC 3.5-liter with variable valve timing, with a capacity of 295 hp It is worth noting that Legend received a certificate from the Ministry of Transport of Japan as a car with extremely low emission of harmful substances - the level of air pollution from the novelty is 75% lower than that provided by the 2005 standards. The new generation has a new function of the international system. This is an opportunity to get a weather forecast. In Japan, a lot of meteorological and weather services.

Imagine that the owner of the car decided to go from Tokyo to Osaka. Laying the names of the starting and ending point in the on-board computer, he can get an approximate travel time and a complete map of hourly weather conditions throughout his route. Information is updated every five minutes. However, the system of internavatsii can be a guide. She independently, taking into account weather conditions, traffic density, the possibility of traffic jams and stops for lunch, will offer you several routes.

In 2008, a modernized version of Legend appeared. As was to be expected, no fundamental changes occurred, however, even the few improvements that the car underwent undoubtedly benefited a representative sedan. During the update, the exterior got more predatory front optics, modified bumpers, a new chrome grille, as well as LED taillights, which received a complex multi-faceted shape. Due to such a simple plastic Legend noticeably freshened up, has become more modern and solid. The interior design has not undergone major changes. Build on top. The previous generation has often been criticized for the rustic upholstery of door panels.

The Japanese recognized this fact and carried out serious work on the mistakes, so the inside of the doors received additional leather trim. A button appeared on the climate control unit responsible for the direction of air flow. Previously, this operation required to get into the bowels of the electronic menu. Before the restyling, the Legend had a big screen on the center console, but there were no navigation system prompts on it. Now the navigator has appeared. True, without translation into Russian. In terms of multimedia capabilities, the updated model has become even more perfect: it has a connector for connecting USB devices.

Music lovers will be pleased. In addition, the developers slightly increased the space for the rear passengers. The updated Honda Legend now provides heating not only the front but also the rear seats. In addition, the front passenger seat, as well as the driver’s seat, now has the ability to be electrically adjusted in 8 directions, with the result that the front passengers can easily find a comfortable landing for themselves.

To provide a high level of comfort in the updated Legend, a number of innovative technological solutions have been applied, including the Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® connectivity tool, intelligent climate control system, a folding key, as well as a number of other solutions including a rear-view camera, headlight light (Active Front Lighting System, AFS), active noise reduction system (Active Noise Cancellation) and additional noise insulation. Perhaps the most significant change in the updated Honda Legend was the new 3.7-liter engine.

Despite the fact that the volume of the new engine increased by only 0.2 liters, and the number of 295 horsepower did not change at all, according to the manufacturer, acceleration to the “hundred” takes 7.1 seconds (which is 0.2 s faster than the pre-restyled version ). A significant contribution to the improvement of the dynamics was made by the modernization of the 5-step “automatic machine”. He changed gear ratios, and most importantly - introduced a sport mode. At the same time, the updated Legend is more economical than the previous one. At 100 km it requires 0.3 liters less fuel.

To improve the manageability in the transmission, a new technology was used, including the Super HandlingAll-WheelDrive ™ all-wheel drive system, an updated steering system, more efficiently working shock absorbers, an oversized anti-roll bar and new 18-inch wheels with a more aggressive design. In the updated Honda Legend, to increase safety, a new system of active head restraints built into the front seats is used, which allows you to increase the degree of protection of the neck and head from injuries when you hit it from behind. Additionally, eight airbags and a seatbelt reminder system are standard.

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