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The debut of the Citroen C5 was held at the Paris Motor Show in 2000. In the model range of the C5 company, two models Xsara and XM replaced at once. The car was produced in two body versions: hatchback and wagon (C5 Break). There were three options for configuration: X, SX and Exclusive. The Citroen C5 was easily recognizable in city traffic by its oval-shaped radiator grille with a large chrome emblem, huge slanted headlights, a heavily sloped hood and a large slope of the windshield. Exterior car could not refuse individuality, however, as the interior. The front panel is made in the form of intersecting arcs coming from the lower corners of the glass.

Their intersection outlines the center console, on which the air deflectors are located, just below - the radio tape recorder, and below it - the control panel of the climate control system. Car equipped with audio system with 6 speakers. The SX package also boasts a 6-disc CD changer. The trunk is quite spacious. There is a relatively large glove compartment in the cabin, and in the SX and Exclusive configuration there is a place for things under the seats and in the rear center armrest.

Photo Citroen C5

The first generation Citroen C5 has a fairly rich list of electronic systems: Parktronic, tire pressure sensors, automatic wipers, rain sensor, on a signal from which, when precipitations appear, not only the wipers clean the water off the windshield, but also the door windows and sunroof close automatically. The car used hydropneumatic suspension Hydractive III. It has two modes of Sport and Comfort, prevents roll in corners, nods during acceleration and braking, and also lowers the body when driving at high speeds, reducing aerodynamic drag and, consequently, saving fuel. “H” is the highest for replacing one of the wheels, instead of a jack.

“P” (200 mm) is used to drive on bad roads at low speed. "N" (160 mm) - standard for normal driving conditions. "B" (145 mm) - minimum clearance, recommended at high speed. Information on how high the body is at the moment from the road is displayed on a multifunctional display located in a niche above the center console. The control system based on the analysis of the condition of the road and driving style automatically changes the characteristics of elastic elements and shock absorbers. Thanks to this suspension, the Citroen C5 simultaneously has a high level of comfort and excellent handling. Safety also ranks last in importance among the characteristics of C5.

Photo Citroen C5

The security system includes front and side airbags for the driver and front passenger, as well as inflatable curtains. All pillows have two levels of disclosure - depending on the force of the blow. All seat belts meet the latest EuroNCAP requirements. The boot lid lock is locked at the beginning of the movement, and the doors automatically lock if they are not opened 30 seconds after unlocking. The line of power units offers two options: a 3-liter V6 petrol engine with a capacity of 210 hp, a 2.2-liter diesel engine with direct fuel injection with a capacity of 136 hp.

Both engines are paired with both manual and automatic transmission. In 2004, the Citroen C5 was easily upgraded. The changes affected not only the exterior of the car, but also its fillings. In the exterior, the main changes affected the front of the body, where a new hood, bumper, grille and headlights appeared. The rear part has acquired new lights, plastic body parts have become different, modernized rear bumper.

Photo Citroen C5

In addition, the rear part of the C5 has become more elongated, which gave the appearance of harmony and an additional 15 liters in the luggage compartment. In the cabin were used new materials. There is a new automatic climate control system with separate controls for the left and right sides of the cabin. The facade of the center console was decorated with built-in hi-fi class audio system. Technical changes were no less than external. There was a new hydro suspension and ESP of the latest generation. In addition, to improve the passive safety and noise insulation on the C5 steel was installed three-layer glass.

The car received all the most advanced passive safety systems, plus a new generation of stability control system. The line of power units is represented by three petrol engines and three diesel engines with the technology of direct fuel supply. Gasoline engines: four-cylinder capacity of 1.8 and 2.0 liters capacity of 116 and 140 hp respectively, a V-shaped 6-cylinder gasoline engine with a 3-liter capacity with 24 valves, a system of constant change in the phases of the gas distribution mechanism (VVT) and a capacity of 210 liters. pp., aggregated with a new six-speed automatic transmission.

Photo Citroen C5

As for the range of diesel engines, the Citroen C5 installs three types of Hdi diesel engines, which use the latest generation Common Rail fuel injection technology. The power of these engines varies from 110 to 138 liters. with., engine capacity of 138 liters. from.

aggregated new manual 6-speed gearbox. The quality of diesel engines such as Hdi from the point of view of environmental protection is improved due to the presence of a particulate filter (FAP). On all wheels disc brakes. The diameter of the front discs is 288, and the rear - 276 mm. If the braking occurs in emergency mode, then Emergency braking assistance is activated. It automatically mobilizes all the forces of the braking system, even if the driver has not fully squeezed the pedal, and with the help of the anti-lock system ABS and the system of optimal distribution of braking force on the EBD axes the car stops completely and safely as quickly and safely as possible.

Photo Citroen C5

Also in the composition of the standard equipment includes a speed limiter. When turned on, this system monitors compliance with the established speed limit and allows the car to drive in complete peace of mind, without worrying about constantly looking at the speedometer. In October 2007, Citroen introduced the fundamentally new generation of the C5.

The car is available only with sedan and wagon. The design of the previous model is outdated. The creators had to completely redraw the exterior of the car, while trying to preserve the features that attracted buyers. The grace of volumetric forms, the originality of the silhouette of the body and the modern design stylistics made the C5 appearance bright and memorable. The front bumper with a wide air intake and the original grille with chrome chevrons give the appearance of a certain aggression and sportiness. Slightly narrowed slanted headlights, coupled with a large hood with original vyshtampovkami add auto grace, as well as unusual fog.

Photo Citroen C5

The elongated roofline emphasizes the smoothness of the silhouette of the car, The large glass area of ​​the body with the third side opening provides excellent interior illumination. This generation of the C5 has retained a characteristic feature of the body design of the Citroen sedans - elongated front and shorter rear doors. When developing the C5 in a station wagon, the designers of Citroen sought to offer buyers a large amount of cabin and at the same time maintain the dynamic style of the car. Thus, the front of the C5 wagon looks just as pedigree as the sedan, and the rear has a more free and surround look.

With impressive dimensions, the body lines of the station wagon are smooth and balanced, and the interior is impressive with its internal space. Traditionally, the new generation of the model has grown in size: length - 4.78 meters, width - 1.86, and height decreased to 1.45 meters, thanks to which the C5 sedan began to look more dynamic. The length of the wagon is 4.83 meters. Thanks to the wide wheelbase (2.82 m), the passenger compartment turned out to be spacious and roomy.

Photo Citroen C5

The creators paid most attention to the comfort of passengers. The interior is decorated with high-quality and expensive materials, as well as decorated with brushed aluminum inserts. Interior noise insulation is similar to the larger Citroen C6, including laminated side windows and a windshield that protects against noise. Buyers of this generation Citroen C5 will have the opportunity to choose the type of suspension: in addition to the Hydractive 3 Plus “hydropneumatic” traditional for C5, the car can be equipped with a cheaper spring suspension.

The range of engines includes a wide range of engines: petrol fours 1.8 and 2.0 liters, three-liter V6 with a capacity of 127, 143 and 215 hp respectively, as well as four turbodiesel - 1.6, 2.0, 2.2 and 2.7 liters capacity from 100 to 208 horsepower. Depending on the type of motors are aggregated with 5 and 6-speed manual transmissions or 6-band automatic. The list of standard equipment includes an electronic stabilization system ESP, from 7 to 9 airbags (depending on configuration).

Photo Citroen C5

As additional equipment, bi-xenon headlights are offered, a system for determining the necessary parking space. The comfort input-output system pushes and pushes the driver's seat to the steering column. In expensive models there is even a “back massage” function. Guarding passengers' safety is the AFIL system (warning about the involuntary crossing of the road marking line).

When turned on, this system fixes (with the turn indicator off) the involuntary intersection of the line and road markings on motorways and highways at speeds above 80 km / h. In such a situation, on the side of the intersection of the road marking line, vibration sensors embedded in the driver's seat are switched on. Thus, the system informs the driver about the need to adjust the direction of the car. As an additional equipment on the new C5 model, the latest generation navigation system is installed, which combines features such as a GSM phone, audio system (radio, CD and MP3 player, saving music files on a hard disk) and a GPS navigation system.

Photo Citroen C5

The NaviDrive system includes a 30 GB hard drive for storing maps of the locality (30 countries) and music files. The Juke Box feature allows you to save up to 180 hours of music files on a disc, with partial or full copying from CDs or MP3s. The door of the luggage compartment of the station wagon is equipped with an electric drive, and to set the maximum height to which it should open, you can simply stop it during the ascent, the computer will remember this position and will continue to open the door to the specified height. The new C5 has a second-generation steering wheel with a fixed hub and control buttons.

The keys for controlling the functions of the speed limiter, cruise control, on-board computer and comfort (radio, telephone, control of the central display and others) are easily accessible and readable in the dark, thanks to the backlit icons. The steering wheel of the new C5 is also an important innovation from the point of view of safety: in its central fixed part there is a driver's airbag, which has an optimal shape and, in the event of an impact, more effectively protects the driver. By 2010, about 200 thousand sedans and station wagons of the C5 had sold around the world. As part of the Paris International Auto Show, Citroen made a world debut of the new generation C5 2011.

Minimal changes in design are related to the relative novelty of the previous generation Citroen C5, which has been released since the beginning of 2008. That is why the design engineers of the French automaker limited themselves to adding LED elements in the headlights and made a slight correction of the rear lighting. In the salon, the French did not touch anything at all. Among the new options is the eTouch satellite system for communicating with the service center and calling rescuers in case of an accident.

The most global changes touched the power units of the new Citroen C5: an innovative 2.0-liter 110-horsepower diesel engine-HDi with a turbocharger, based on micro-hybrid technology, is installed under the hood, which includes a stop-start system and an electronic generator that regenerates energy from the process braking. The latest turbodiesel unit is equipped with a robotic gearbox EGS6 with gearshift paddles for switching speeds. Also, the restyling Citroen C5 is equipped with a four-cylinder 2.2 HDi engine with 204 power (173) with a modernized third generation common rail injection system and an excellent torque rating of 450 Nm.

The motor is paired with a six-speed “automatic” and allows the updated Citroen C5 to accelerate to “hundred” in 8.3 seconds. The top speed is 230 km / h. The combined fuel consumption according to the technical passport is 5.9 l / 100 km for the sedan, and 6.1 l / 100 km for the station wagon. In addition, the out-of-date 1.8-liter 127-horsepower gasoline engine was replaced by an economical 1.6-liter 120-horsepower engine, working with a 6-speed robotic gearbox.

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