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In 2003, Chrysler introduced the conceptual 300C at the New York International Auto Show. With its appearance, the “classic American car” received a new definition and other standards. This stunning conceptual sedan, which has completely new forms and is based on a completely new rear-wheel drive architecture, continues the proud tradition of the “lettered” Chrysler cars, but in a completely modern manner. The Chrysler 300C has classic proportions - a long bonnet, a short rear end and an expressive profile, complemented by 20-inch wheels. The Chrysler 300C concept also marks the return to the Chrysler brand after a more than 30-year hiatus of the HEMI engines.

The legendary engines that set in motion the "lettered" cars of Chrysler in the 1950s were redesigned and returned to the production line. Now this is a completely new, modern, powerful, economical and reliable 5.7-liter engine HEMI V-8. Universal Chrysler 300C Touring Concept was presented to the public in 2003 in Frankfurt.

Photo Chrysler 300C

The car on the filling repeats the sedan, and differs from it only in the type of the body and the possibility of installing the all-wheel drive system - Mercedes 4Matic. In the standard version of the car has a rear-wheel drive layout - on the Mercedes E-class platform. And the sequential five-step “automaton” is also borrowed in Stuttgart, for nothing that is called Chrysler in its essence - AutoStick. The concept car gave a fairly definite idea of ​​what the new rear-drive sedan Chrysler, which debuted in 2004, will be. The Chrysler 300C is a progressive car with a revolutionary design.

Its exterior is simple and straightforward in American style: the huge opening of the large-cell false radiator grille takes all the attention, and the massive and blunt nose of the car conveys the impression of exceptional power and brutality. This design decision - a tribute to Chrysler cars release the end of the fifties. Thanks to this detail, the 300C cannot be confused with any other car. A long hood and a short trunk, the raised lower border of the glazing with high doors and reduced side windows together form the distinctive and expressive image of a Chrysler 300C sedan.

Photo Chrysler 300C

Short front and rear overhangs emphasize the impressive wheelbase, and large wheels, located as if outside the body, create the image of a monumental car. The body panels are made of ordinary and high-strength steel, the hood and trunk lid are made of aluminum alloy. For the first time in the development of a new model, engineers took advantage of blowing a car in a full-size wind tunnel from DaimlerChrysler in Detroit. At the same time, it was possible to optimize not only the general contours of the body, but also minor exterior details. Work was carried out on the study of the aerodynamics of the underside of the car, also never before undertaken by Chrysler engineers.

Due to these measures, the aerodynamic drag coefficient of the Cd model is only 0.343. The overall dimensions allowed the designers to create a rather spacious interior with excellent space indicators to accommodate the legs of the rear passengers (maximum value - 1020 mm). Convenience of access to the salon is provided by large doorways, while the doors themselves swing open at an angle of 72 degrees.

Photo Chrysler 300C

The salon of the American car is traditionally comfortable: the driver's seat has electric adjustments in eight directions, the steering column and the pedals are equipped with similar devices (the range of longitudinal adjustment of the pedals is 76 mm). Moreover, the built-in memory allows you to save settings for two different drivers. Both front seats have a manual adjustment of the lumbar support, and the rear seat of the Chrysler 300C is equipped with three head restraints and a folding center armrest. In addition, it develops in relation to 60/40 or completely.

The devices of the front panel have gray dials with black numbers and black hands, and the dials are illuminated with a fluorescent light along the contour of the dials. The driver information device, the central display of which is located on the front panel, is an interactive system, the control keys of which are located on the upper spokes of the steering wheel. There are also function keys of the audio system.

Photo Chrysler 300C

The center console and the selector cover of the automatic transmission are made of plastic with aluminum coating, and the decorative inserts under the tortoise shell frame the door handles, adorn the handle of the automatic gearbox selector and the upper part of the steering wheel. As befits a premium sedan, the 300C has a rich basic equipment. The car, designed for the European market, has tinted windows that reduce heat transfer, they are thickened (up to 5 mm) on the front doors to reduce the noise level in the cabin. The two-zone climate control system is equipped with sensors that allow you to completely independently regulate the microclimate in the right and left zones of the cabin.

The system includes two light sensors located in the upper part of the control panel and allowing automatic adjustment of the air conditioning system depending on the light level. On cars that will be sold in Europe, the installation of a high-end Boston Acoustics speaker system is envisaged. It has six speakers and a 288 watt amplifier.

Photo Chrysler 300C

An even more powerful amplifier can be installed on request - 380 W, with an additional loudspeaker. Chrysler 300C buyers from Europe will be offered a choice of three engine options. As standard, the car is equipped with a V-shaped six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.7 liters and a capacity of 193 hp.

This engine was upgraded, which allowed to increase the torque at low speeds. The maximum torque value is 258 Nm at 4000 rpm. In the frequency range from 2100 to 3400 rpm, the torque value was increased by 10%. It is equipped with a four-speed automatic. Two other engines are installed on request: the V6, a volume of 3.5 liters (253 hp, 339 Nm), and a new, 5.7-liter version of the legendary HEMI V-8 (340 hp, 525 Nm) . The latter engine also boasts an all-time low fuel consumption thanks to the low-load cylinder shutdown system (MDS).

Photo Chrysler 300C

This is the first Chrysler engine with such a system. The MDS system shuts off half the engine cylinders in modes where the remaining four cylinders can provide the required power. Thanks to this, it was possible to achieve an improvement in the fuel economy of the car, depending on the driving mode, by 10-20%. This engine received a five-speed automatic transmission with AutoStick function, which allows you to manually shift gears (this is the first Chrysler passenger car with such a box). The front and rear wheel suspension is fully independent, multi-link. Due to this, the wheel is always perpendicular to the road, which increases the grip properties of the car when driving in a turn.

In combination with a rigid chassis design and optimum axle weight distribution, this suspension design provides an increased level of comfort and smoothness while maintaining high controllability. Car chassis tuning was made for European road conditions. Basic equipment 300C provides a high level of active and passive safety. To improve handling in the most difficult conditions, a new anti-slip system is installed, which operates at any speed (this system is installed on Chrysler cars for the first time), and the dynamic stabilization system (the company name is the ESP dynamic stabilization program).

Photo Chrysler 300C

Wheels with a large radius allow you to install large diameter ventilated brake discs: 345 mm at the front and 320 mm at the rear. If we add to this the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the system of emergency braking (Brake Assist), then the braking performance of 300C can be chosen as a reference. All these systems are already installed in the basic configuration. The Chrysler 300C also offers a rich set of passive safety features. Three zones of programmable deformation extinguish the energy of frontal impact in the body.

Dual front spars made of two types of high-strength steel transfer shock loads to the front shield cross member, which, in turn, redistributes forces to the side and lower bearing elements so as to preserve living space in the cabin. Structurally, the doors consist of two stamped panels. This feature of the design, as well as the use of internal amplifiers and tubular reinforcing beams ensures reliable protection of passengers in the event of a collision. The airbag electronic control unit uses four shock sensors to determine its intensity and direction.

In addition to the front adaptive airbags for the driver and front passenger, side curtain airbags are installed on the vehicle, which are attached to the supporting elements of the roof above the doors. All passengers are equipped with three-point seat belts. All passengers are equipped with three-point seat belts. The driver and front passenger seat belts are equipped with pretensioners with tension force limiters. The bearing elements of the rear part of the body are designed in accordance with stricter requirements prescribing body tests with a central rear impact at a speed of 80 km / h. An electronic device will help when reversing.

For this purpose, obstacle detection sensors are installed in the rear bumper. At the driver's service - sound and light alarm means, warning of possible danger. Exterior mirrors automatically rotate when choosing a reverse gear. Frontal visibility from the driver's seat is improved by installing two new sensors. The rain sensor will automatically turn on the front wiper when it starts to rain, and the light sensor will automatically turn on the headlights when it gets dark. Time does not stand still and the manufacturer continues to improve its car.

The new version of the Chrysler 300C 2012 model year was officially presented at the Detroit auto show in 2011. Over the years of sales, he has become a kind of style icon for luxury sedans of the premium segment. But time does not stand still and the manufacturer continues to improve the car and beyond. Model 300C has become even safer, more productive and more comfortable. The updated car retained the style of its predecessor, but acquired more refined features.

The high bonnet line, high profile, large grille, high glazing line are the main features of the Chrysler 300C 2012 appearance. Underlining the status of the car, there are chrome-plated elements on the body, such as moldings on the front bumper, door handles, glass framing and grille. The back is decorated with large vertically located LED headlights and a small spoiler with a third brake light on the trunk lid. Chrome exhaust pipes are elegantly integrated into the bumper. Technical equipment of the car remained mostly the same. However, the engineers included many revisions.

So, the engine capacity of 5.7-liter V8 capacity of 363 hp remains the same, but the new 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar capacity of 292 hp ousted two previous six-cylinder engine. Transmission remained the same - five-speed automatic. For Europe, the range of power units expanded 3.0 liter diesel engine MultiJet production Fiat.

Its power is 236 horsepower, and torque is 540 Nm. With this engine, the Chrysler 300C accelerates to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 7.4 seconds, and the combined cycle fuel consumption is only 5.9 liters. The level of emission of harmful substances meet the standards of Euro-5. Impressive dimensions (length / width / height - 5066/1902/1488 mm) are the key to a spacious cabin.

The interior of the novelty boasts an increased level of quality and improved finishing materials. For an extra charge, you can order Nappa leather upholstery of the seats, and the seats themselves are ventilated and heated. There are noble wood inserts and discreet strokes of chrome. The instrument panel has also changed, which is now highlighted in blue. Chrysler 300C has a rich complete set with all possible options already in the basic version. This is an advantage over competitors who offer some features exclusively for extra money. A choice of three speakers.

Native music Chrysler 300C 2012 has a capacity of 276 watts and 6 speakers. Two speakers with a diameter of 9 centimeters are located in the front panel, and 4 larger speakers measuring 6-9 inches are located in the front doors and rear shelf. The second option is the Alpine acoustics with 9 speakers with a total power of 500 watts and a subwoofer.

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