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At the Turin Motor Show 2000, the world debuted the car Alfa Romeo 147, which was replaced on the conveyor hatchbacks Alfa Romeo 145/146. Compared with them, the new 3-door hatchback has added a bit in size. Its length is 4160 mm, which is 65 mm more than its predecessor. The car looks more solid, without losing the main family feature - sportiness. First, the 147th was produced only with a three-door body, the production of the five-door Alfa Romeo 147 hatchback started in 2001. The design of the car body is made in the best traditions of Alfa Romeo: a hood with a V-shaped punching, round headlights, an elongated vertical grille, large alloy wheels with characteristic openings.

The rear door handles on the 5-door 147th are masked in the corners of the windows, as on the Alfa Romeo 156 sedans. The car has a rich list of main and auxiliary equipment, starting with the ABS, EBD braking force distributor and ASR traction control system and ending with the VDC dynamic stability control system, as well as an MSR device that regulates the braking moment of the transmission when the driver changes to a lower gear. The overall highest level of passive safety of the Alfa Romeo-147 can be judged by the presence of six airbags in a small car.

Photo Alfa Romeo 147

And on the most expensive versions, a navigation system with a 5-inch color display and a GSM mobile phone with voice dialing will be built into the center console! The interior of the car is unusual: it is offered in bright red colors, as if provoking drivers to an active driving style. The multifunction display located in the upper part of the center console, which displays the ambient temperature, time, on-board computer parameters: mileage, fuel consumption, etc., has the same color. At the bottom of the console on the two indicators red numbers of the air temperature in the cabin are also highlighted.

Climate control allows you to adjust the microclimate separately for the driver and front passenger. In addition, with the help of a solar radiation sensor, the installation maintains the desired temperature in the cabin. On request, the Alfa-147 is equipped with a mobile phone, a navigation system and a particularly high-quality audio system with six speakers. It should be noted maneuverability of the car. Power steering with an applied force of about 4 Nm facilitates control, especially when parking in crowded cities. To perform a full turn, two and a half turns of the steering wheel with a diameter of 280 mm are sufficient.

Photo Alfa Romeo 147

In addition, despite the small angle of inclination of the windscreen, a sense of the external dimensions of the car remains. The steering and suspension are fully consistent with the brand concept of the Alfa 147 as a car for dynamic people with a sporty character and driving style.

For Alfa Romeo 147, there are three options for 4-cylinder 16-valve gasoline engines with twin spark system (two candles for each cylinder, designed by the Italians at one time, a simple way to increase the mixture’s combustibility): 1.6-liter 105 hp ., 1.6 l - 120 hp, 2.0 l - 150 hp, as well as a 1.9-liter diesel engine of the latest Fyatov generation JTD with a capacity of 110 hp The diesel engine is equipped with a common rail system and a turbocharged with variable geometry. The most powerful of the engines, the 150-horsepower twin spark, can be combined with a manual 5-speed gearbox, as well as with a Selespeed transmission with a push-button switch on the steering wheel.

Photo Alfa Romeo 147

The suspension of the car is kept similar to the one used for the 156th series: double wishbones at the front and McPherson at the rear. Alfa Romeo 147 with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine in the "full" version develops 120 hp from this volume. But for some markets where, for tax and other reasons, less power is required, the Italians decided to deform the 1600-cc engine. Removed the variable valve timing mechanism and oil cooler, reconfigured the brains of the control unit, and the 105-hp economical option is ready. Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 Selespeed, unlike many other systems, only emphasizes the combat character of the two-liter Alpha.

The Selespeed system, which first appeared on the Alfa Romeo 156, and now on the two-liter 147th, is, as the Italians themselves say, a “robotic manual transmission”. There are no clutch pedals, as well as on machines with an “automatic”. A operates the clutch and shifts gears in a conventional five-speed manual gearbox, an electronically controlled hydraulic system with an autonomous electric pump. Transfers can be switched not only with the floor joystick, but also with the help of two keys on the steering wheel: the right key raises the gears and the left one lowers.

That is, both hands should always be on the steering wheel, and in the classical position "a quarter to three." There is also a City mode, when Selespeed shifts gears automatically, and everything happens just as well as on cars with regular “automata”. An updated version of the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA received a 3.2-liter 24-valve V6 engine rated at 250 hp and a 6-speed manual transmission. Thanks to this, 147 GTA in less than 6 seconds can accelerate to 100 km / h. Externally, this car is not too different from the standard 147th, but it allows fans of sharp driving to get full of adrenaline and get pleasure from precise handling and powerful engine.

Accordingly, the suspension is tuned in sports and the car received original aerodynamic parts. Italian but it allows fans of sharp driving to pump up adrenaline and get pleasure from precise handling and powerful engine. Accordingly, the suspension is tuned in sports and the car received original aerodynamic parts. Italian but it allows fans of sharp driving to pump up adrenaline and get pleasure from precise handling and powerful engine. Accordingly, the suspension is tuned in sports and the car received original aerodynamic parts.

ItalianThe engineers have completely reworked the suspension, so now the ground clearance is a few centimeters lower, and the suspension itself is significantly tougher.

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